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In Topic: Charles casserly on cam newton

Today, 11:12 AM

Passed on Reggie Bush too.

I'm no Casserly fan, but that was one instance where he made the right choice.




Gimick QB, or undersized RB, or prototype DE?


Not hard choice to make in that situation.

In Topic: Charles casserly on cam newton

Today, 11:07 AM

I wonder what his comments on Jemarcus Russel and Vince Young were 


Russell was noted by many to be a prototype, and having the best pro day they had ever seen.


I never thought that he was a great QB, but had the body and arm to possibly be one day...much like Cam.  Difference is, Cam seemingly loves football, and wants to be great.  Russell didn't.



As you Young, Casserly is the guy who passed on Young to draft Mario Williams.  That should tell you enough.

In Topic: How did you pay for your college?

Today, 11:03 AM

I'd rather enjoy my life for ~15 years before realizing "I'm in some sh*t now, but damn was I happy" than live my entire life, including my youth, tryna convince myself that I'm happy whilst mulling about in complacency.

I don't plan on joining the real world for a couple years anyways though, so my advice is only really for a certain type of person I guess. Depends on your goals and what you value I guess.

Edit: It's probably imperative to add that I don't plan on living in the US again until I'm at least 30 (10 years), so it's undoubtedly different if you're tryna be competitive in the American job force.

For example, working even the shittiest of jobs in Australia will get you much more than shitty American jobs. Hell, $18 AUD minimum for fast food workers in NSW. Sure, cost of living is higher, but you can still live super cheap and have a good amount of money left over for other things.

Now add a degree from a highly touted American university? Doesn't really matter what it is (assuming it's not like some visual arts degree or something), you can make a living doing what you love.. And in a place that you love.


This is an issue for almost all young people...until they learn what it really costs in the real world.


As a yute, I always looked at 50k as a huge amount of money to earn in a year, now I want to keep that much in my checking account.


Things are different, when you aren't on the teet anymore.

In Topic: What are your thoughts on "one and done" college basketball players?

Today, 10:54 AM

Do it like baseball.



Go to junior college and go anytime, go to a university, you stay 3 years, or you can have the option to go right after high school.

In Topic: Charles casserly on cam newton

Today, 10:48 AM

Prospect?  Yes, he is.


QB?  Impossible to say, but can be talked about again in 3 years.



Winston is a very very good QB prospect, but that doesn't always transfer to Sundays.