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In Topic: Hardy on Exempt List

17 September 2014 - 02:19 PM

Don't you act? Actors spent as much time in court rooms as they do on sets.

Never go to jail tho. ;)



Nah, I think you are talking about Fiz, please don't confuse us.

In Topic: Hardy on Exempt List

17 September 2014 - 01:45 PM

Have to be honest here.....If I had been accused of what Hardy has been accused of, I wouldn't have a job by the time the sun came up the next morning.



I don't like the way that this is going down, but such is life.

In Topic: Have drop back quarterbacks been exposed?

17 September 2014 - 01:41 PM

the best 5 mobile qb's are not in their PRIMES yet... so its really not a fair comparison



Uh....you bring up a good point.



Why are there so few "mobile" QB's "in their prime"?  It's because they rarely make it that far.

In Topic: Homeowners: Give Me (First-Time Homebuyer) Your Advice

17 September 2014 - 01:22 PM

Make lists of all the things you want to do.


Get in the house, live there for a month or two, then arrange the list you made before closing in order of when you want to now that you are really living there.



First few things for us were new paint throughout, pressure washing the house and deck, flooring in the bonus room to make it more usable, putting up new blinds, and getting the grass looking better.



Next up: Kitchen counters, new cabinets, and re-doing the master bath and closet.


And after that: HVAC and a new roof.





This is coming from someone in the biz, before you drop a ton of money into these things, figure out how many years you want to stay in the house.  That will change the importance of your rankings.

In Topic: Opposing coach sucks up to Panthers

17 September 2014 - 01:03 PM

I think Tomlin is a very good defensive coordinator.


I've been steadily losing confidence in him as a head coach for a while now.


I meant to comment yesterday on someone saying that he was a great coach, and has 2 rings.


He is in one of the most stable, and well ran org's in all of pro sports, and he is still struggling.

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