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In Topic: 17 year old dog can't walk anymore what should be my next step?

Yesterday, 11:27 AM

i plan on getting a house visit this week and having him put down. Im also getting a gravestone made for when i bury him in the back yard. losing a friend like him is hard i don't know if ill have another pet for awhie.


Tell them to hurry up if possible.  You are doing the right thing, doubt will creep in that you aren't, but stick with the plan.


And as for getting another, I haven't even been able to come close to doing that, and it's been 16 months.

In Topic: Panthers meeting with...a center from USC

Yesterday, 09:47 AM

Not a chance in hell. 


Kalil isn't going anywhere.  He is as important as a LT.  You have to have a smart man under center to make all those calls and still protect HIS QB. 


Cut Smitty, Let Gross retire, don't sign Ginn or Mitchell I was pissed but understood.   Let Kalil walk I would be furious at Gettleman.


You just don't let a quality center like that walk.  Take a look at how long former Tarheel Jeff Saturday was with Peyton Manning.


Kalil may one day be a HOFer.


I disagree with you, and I'm betting DG does as well.


Again, Ryan is going to count right at 22 million MILLION against the cap over the next two years.  To think that he is uncutable, is foolish.


DG does not strike me as the type guy to pay a C that kind of coin.

In Topic: Getting 8 hrs of sleep/night for more than a week

Yesterday, 09:22 AM

I have always NEEDED at least 8 hours.  It's not quite as bad now as it was when I was younger.


Plus I stay high on caffeine most of the time now.


Same here, for some reason, I feel that I need a little more sleep than a lot of my friends.


If I can get 8 though, it's all gravy.

In Topic: Getting 8 hrs of sleep/night for more than a week

Yesterday, 09:16 AM

I normally try for 8 per night, but can't always get it, but sure, I've done a week of 8's before.

In Topic: A sticky SALESman thread

Yesterday, 09:14 AM

Finally sold a deal where I am going to be knocking it out of the park for commish.....only took me 2 years to see some real $$$


Our fiscal just ended too......had a friggin kickass year- 150%


DAMN nothing sucks more than starting all over again at 0!!


In my biz, it's usually a little money in year 1, a little more in year 2, and by year 3, you are either out of the biz, or you are making a good living.

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