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#2995625 Something minor but interesting to note (Receivers)

Posted by Untouchable on 03 October 2014 - 10:55 AM

Incase you haven't noticed, Luck is killing it so far this season--13 TD passes so far I believe. The Colts are also a good team this year, mainly due to Lucks stellar play. I love Cam and we all know he is great, but the Luck hate gets a little ridiculous around here sometimes. Luck is a tremendous QB who is only getting better. Just because Luck is great doesn't mean Cam can't be great too.

My Luck hate doesn't have to do with Luck cause the man is damn good and getting better. It stems from the media's love affair with him and anointing him the best when his play suggested he isn't there yet.

#2991722 PFT: Bears might rather face Newton

Posted by Untouchable on 01 October 2014 - 08:46 AM

The sample size for a backup is so small. I never understand these proclamations.

#2692163 Munnerlyn to Vikings- 3 year deal

Posted by Untouchable on 13 March 2014 - 05:10 PM

:huh: 200_s.gif :rolleyes:

#2683321 Bucs Sign DE Michael Johnson

Posted by Untouchable on 11 March 2014 - 10:22 AM

Breaking news: NFC South scrambling to catch up to the Panthers defense

#2631507 Walter football latest mock-Robinson

Posted by Untouchable on 26 January 2014 - 02:22 PM

I'm a big fan of Robinson. I've watched all the games being a PSU grad. Speed has always been his the biggest knock. I've also noticed that while he rarely drops the ball, there is some wasted motion at the catch point as he's making sure he makes the catch. The athleticism and ability is certainly there though. I'm curious to see his official numbers (height, weight, hands, 40), but he's a favorite of mine at 28.

#2610630 OL, WR, CB

Posted by Untouchable on 12 January 2014 - 07:07 PM

WR, CB, OT, FS, and RB need to be addressed in my opinion. And before I get chastised, FS is because Mitchell (who I hope is retained) is a better fit at SS and RB is because the money invested there needs to be redistributed for some upcoming contracts.

#2394436 4th and long.... and going for it?

Posted by Untouchable on 22 September 2013 - 05:32 PM

It was good sportsmanship, doesn't matter what level of football you play.  Run the clock and end the game as quickly as possible when you are dismantling a team like they did to the Giants today.

#1744217 Joining The Mockery

Posted by Untouchable on 24 April 2012 - 09:44 PM

Not going to project a trade even though I expect more movement then we had last year...

1(9) Fletcher Cox- DT Miss State, 6'4" 298 lbs
I'm normally against taking a DT in the 1st because of the bust rate and ability to find quality late or in UDFAs but its time to take a risk on a position that hasn't really been invested in since 2001. Cox doesn't appear to be much of a risk though as he has elite athleticism, game tape to back it up and plenty of room to grow. Would provide an interior pass rush that has been missing for quite some time. The worry now is if he survives to the 9th pick. If he's gone you would have to look at Kuechly next and then possibly Gilmore, Floyd or Coples (assuming you did your homework on all 3).

2(40) Vinny Curry- DE Marshall, 6'3" 266 lbs
One of better pass rushers in the draft, he is a 3 year starter who's major negative is how he holds up against the run, which has improved every year. I haven't jumped off the Hardy bandwagon and I don't think we need a starter, mainly because of how Hardy started the year and the fact he was on the field around 90% of the time (CJ about 80%), but I do think we need another quality pass rusher to take some snaps away from our starters to give them a rest. Lavonte David as another option here. Possibly Trumaine Johnson as well.

4(104) James-Michael Johnson- LB Nevada, 6'1" 241 lbs
Building depth on defense from the inside out I'll take the fast, athletic and versitile LB from Nevada here who played both inside and out. Almost went with TY Hilton but I'm figuring he will be just out of range at this spot. Oregon St CB/FS Brandon Hardin should get a nice hard look too.

5(143) Bryan Anger- P Cal
Who cares about the measurables. Need a punter. Him and Butler are the top rated ones. Keep the with the investing in ST and pull one of them in these later rounds.

6(180) Coty Sensabaugh- CB Clemson 5'11" 189 lbs
Rising sleeper prospect with good speed. Wouldnt be opposed to taking him in the 5th if need be and drafting a punter here instead. (Alternative: Oklahoma DE Frank Alexander)

6(207) Robert T. Griffin- OG Baylor, 6'6" 336 lbs
Recent smoke surrounding this guy. Looks like good developmental OL and depth to me. Alot of movement in FA to get OL depth though so, in going with the theme, developmental LB here is a possibility as well (OLB Danny Trevathon or ILB Noah Keller maybe)

7(216) Derek Moye- WR Penn State, 6'4" 209
Tall, decently fast (clocked at 4.44 twice at pro day), developmental wideout.

In the end, the main focus is improving our DL, which should make the rest of the D look better, and building from the inside out. Not a fan of drafting a CB so late but we need to see what we have in Hogan as well. Also think offense should be drafted earlier then essentially the 7th round but couldn't find a player I liked to grab over the others. I will trust Hurney and Co. will have done thier research and as long as they grab some help at positions of need like last year I'll be happy.

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