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Yesterday, 04:01 PM

For commercial players, the 1200 is definitely the best, but there are a fair amount of professional ones that are better. I know a lot of DJs ended up using 1200s but I never thought they were quite as good as some others. The SP-10 came out in '69 then the 1100 and then the 1200. I actually prefer the 1100 to the 1200 for some reason, but they're both very similar.

just curious..about what age are you? What other tables did you prefer other than the technics?

I'm upper 30's and can count on one hand the number of working 1000 and sp10's that I've seen since 1995. (Not many 1100's too)

In Topic: A Record Collection Thread

Yesterday, 01:13 AM

I have a set of black 1210's made for the European market that I bought new in 2000, they play like I just cracked the box open and have never failed me.  I have never thought about another table since I bought these and never looked back.  I do remember reading that engineers from Panasonic in the 60's were given their own dept within the company to make one and basically knocked it out the park first swing.  setting the standard for their line of product for the next half century.  amazing

In Topic: A Record Collection Thread

Yesterday, 12:57 AM

technics> every turntable

In Topic: A Record Collection Thread

Yesterday, 12:55 AM

The Technics 1200 isn't the best. The SP-10 is by far the best. Much more expensive though.

yeah I forgot about that one.  those are for serious collectors and sound engineers.  the 1200s were the ones marketed to the masses after the sp10 I believe.  but my point still the same

In Topic: A Record Collection Thread

Yesterday, 12:14 AM

not for everyone, but these are essential and I will probably be buried with them along with my turntables.

As for turntables, there is only one.. the technique 1200 series. Not just for djing, it is the best turntable period. It was a game changer when it came out in the 70's and many have tried and failed to make a better one. They will last a lifetime, not joking.

Needles are important but don't break the bank. What you should be concerned with is the weight your needle is set to. New or lesser used vinyl should never be played with a heavy weighted needle. It will wear down the record over time and the sound quality decreases faster.