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In Topic: Hey remember that Obamacare thing?

Today, 05:53 PM


the problem for some is that when you set a standard then those who provided a higher standard reduce down to the required. There is no above and beyond. Since all are required to get insurance then it opens the door for companies to lower cost by going with the minimum standard. what was a benefit is now a requirement and that changes everything.

Exactly if it becomes required to buy something from my field what will everyone do? Charge too much for the very minimum requirement. Why wouldn't you? It HAS to be purchased. To make this work it just needs to be completely set pricing (set by the government I suppose) for whichever service you need regardless of the company you select your plan from. The whole system was broken due to greed from different areas, I don't think this fixed anything. Just shifted the greed.

In Topic: Hey remember that Obamacare thing?

Today, 10:44 AM

What's interesting here is I wonder how much the crap insurance your company is offering is a direct result of the ACA or is your company just cheap and decided to pocket a few more dollars at your expense? I'm familiar with high deductible plans like yours. Been on them for years but 6350 seems really high.

This is the first year I've had issues and have worked there 16 years so you tell me the answer to that question. Good plans (from what I've researched) are no longer affordable to small businesses. My employer foots half of mine and they used to do 75% but that is no longer a viable option. Like I said the middle seems to be getting squeezed to help those that for years refused to help themselves.

In Topic: Hey remember that Obamacare thing?

Today, 10:40 AM

You sound like you are in the coverage gap. This is a situation created by Republicans refusing to expand coverage for political purposes and is not a function of the ACA.

It's always the other parties fault and that goes both ways. It just needs to be fixed because I'm getting screwed.

In Topic: Hey remember that Obamacare thing?

Today, 07:12 AM

I cannot be without health insurance. The medication I HAVE to take cost 1700 dollars a month without it. My company offers insurance it is above the minimum requirement and under the affordable cost (9.5% of pre tax income or less ) I make too much money sorry :( , therefor I HAVE to take what's being offered. This plan covers NOTHING except primary care visits to ONE doctor. Everything else is completely out of pocket until I reached 6350 for the year. Except generic prescriptions which I was just recently able to switch to. Since my company meets the two conditions I cannot search for my own and the government will not subsidizes me since I make too much, again just barely mind you. The middle always takes the hit for the bottom. You don't think rates have gone up and coverage has gone down because in reality the middle, not the government, is subsidizing the low income/poor. In this country you should strive to be in the top one percent or be happy with someone else taking care of you. If you fall in the middle you're going to get fuged. I'm not sure how you could argue otherwise.

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Yesterday, 09:50 PM

Kb makes that play. Good call on Evans Tampa. LOL

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