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In Topic: Hornets @ Magic 6 PM EST

Today, 08:04 PM

Cliff made an adjustment. Give him a cookie. Dumbass.

Been screaming for this since like game two. The second unit blows. You can play two or three starters with them instead of giving up big leads the first 6 minutes of EVERY FOURTH QUARTER. only took him 60 games to make an adjustment

In Topic: Hornets @ Magic 6 PM EST

Today, 06:49 PM

Stephenson is atrocious

In Topic: Psssst..... It's March.

Today, 01:19 PM

Too many last night. No beverages today

In Topic: Tattoo Removal in CLT

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

i read this as "tattoo removal in clit"

also plz post pictures of your tat

Me too

In Topic: Make Your Picks

Yesterday, 08:51 PM

Yea duh a lot of people were high on Gabbert too foo

No not anyone with any sense. But you have none. Mariotta will suck in the nfl. Worse than rg3