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In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 09:37 AM

Your right. Maybe everyone should just relax until they build up a little more credibility. Wait til a group gets organized and does some real damage. Maybe to a business, or church or even a school. Until then, there is nothing to be concerned about.


LOL. So what do we do to stop it that we're not already doing?

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

Yesterday, 09:30 AM

How many need to be killed before you take them more seriously?


Taking a threat seriously and allowing yourself to be taken over by fear are two completely different things. A bunch of numb nuts 'patriots' open-carrying is not going to dissuade a crazy person. Neither will a police state.

In Topic: Meanwhile, in Canada

23 October 2014 - 09:21 AM

What mass shooting? The guy killed one guy and people had injuries from running away. If anything it was a failed mass shooting attempt.

In Topic: Terrorists Suck

23 October 2014 - 09:03 AM

These guys killed one guy, ONE! I'm sad for his family and for him, he obviously didn't deserve to go out that way, but still, people die due to violent crime every day. He was a cop and being a cop comes with a higher risk of death at the hands of criminals. The cover page of that news site is ridiculous.


Concentration camps were horrific, finding a basement full of dead kids would be horrific. That crematorium in GA, where the guy was just dumping bodies in a pond out back? That might be considered horrific.


Getting killed in the line of duty is only horrific for the guy's wife/gf/kids/family, but for everyone else how is it any worse than anyone else dying? Imagine if they ran a picture of every kid that dies in a cancer ward with the headline, "HORRIFIC day in _________!!!"


The one guy couldn't take out more than one person with two guns, and the other guy killed a soldier in the lamest way possible, with a car. Senile Americans accidentally kill people with their cars all the time, and manage to take out whole tables of outdoor diners/shoppers. This guy only got ONE. Amateurs.




In Topic: Props to Zod aka Igo

23 October 2014 - 08:35 AM

I saw Norwell at the mall last night with his wife/girlfriend and recognized him thanks to all the talk he's been getting on the Huddle. The guy is HUGE. He's listed at 6'6", but I'm 6'5" and he made me feel short. Hope he pans out.

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