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In Topic: Serious fugging question

Today, 11:24 PM

And your point is?


Who cares what the motivation is?  Show me the bottom line.


My employer does not care why I work for them.  I perform their expected duties, regardless of motivation and assess my performance related to outcome.


This is kindergarten stuff.

 You asked the question.

In Topic: Serious fugging question

Today, 10:27 PM

They should have shifted their philosophy and backed one of their own until the legal process was finished.

Hardy plays all 7 weeks we are 5 and 2 with a commanding 2.5 game lead and a front seat for a 1st round bye.

Explain to me, when Hardy is found innocent, why he would want o play for us?


The next bigger question that is coming to fruition is, why would Cam or Luke want to play for us?


Today was a REALLY bad day from an organizational standpoint.


I love the Panthers but this shiitstrom may have multiple implications.


There is only one reason Hardy wants to play for anyone. Money. 

In Topic: Serious fugging question

Today, 10:25 PM

It's not just draft picks. It's cap spending. It's smart moves and hiring the right style of coaching. Fortune favors the bold.


Right now our offense is taking up more cap space than our defense. Even with Greg Hardy making 13m to Rap. 


In contrast the Colts offense has the smallest cap figure in the entire league. Their defense is paid almost double.

In Topic: Why winning the NFCS is so important

Today, 10:20 PM

Well you keep playing to win because you hope something clicks. You hope you find a formula that works. Maybe a guy gets healthy and surprises us with good performances. 


But just looking at the state of this team now. This doesn't look like a team capable of accomplishing anything. Our defense is broken unless we make personnel moves. We haven't played well on defense since week 2. Something has to change. 

In Topic: The Traditional QB Still Rules the League

Today, 10:13 PM

Cam has been leaps and bounds better as a pocket passer this season. The Broncos, Patriots, and Colts all have better offensive personnel than us. More importantly they all have better offensive coordinators.


Some of the play calling and game management today was sad. Qb sneak on a 4th and long 1? How about let Cam pick a lane to run in rather than take what the offensive line gets him.

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