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In Topic: So I just had a minor heart attack...

Today, 06:43 PM

What happened to Dex. The guy is letting himself go. 


Trusting a woman with sports information?

In Topic: Who on the defense can have a monster game like Hardy last season?

Today, 06:14 PM

Can anybody have a similar impact on the game like Greg did last year to send us to the playoffs?


Can Luke? C.J? Kawaan Short? It's something that will definitely be needed


Thomas Davis and the refs. Thomas did a great job in coverage last time we played them but Levine Touloulou got away with an obvious push off. We need Thomas to dominate the tight ends and running backs so the secondary can focus on Julia and Roddy.

In Topic: NFL Playbook gives the edge to ATL

Today, 06:12 PM

This is not going to be  walk in the park. They have the ability to beat us. And we have the ability to beat us. It's time to deliver.

In Topic: Kony Ealy Development

Today, 12:04 PM

It's a jury trial, and the prosecution's witness is a coked up girl who has behaved quite erratically in the aftermath of the incident.  Given the presumption of innocence, and the likely quality of Hardy's legal team, I'm thinking it will be really hard for them to get a guilty verdict here.  If it was a slam-dunk, then Hardy would have settled out in September.


All they have to do is prove he touched. A push, a slap, a grab. It's all misdemeanor assault. They don't have to prove he violently beat her.

In Topic: IF we win, we will host either ARZ or SEA

Today, 11:13 AM

We need to redeem ourselves against Arizona and whoop their @$$es in the playoffs; Cam needs a signature playoff game/win


Signature win vs. Ryan Lindley? No one will be impressed by that.

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