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In Topic: LOL is Luke Trolling Peter King?

Today, 07:54 PM

He even has the Cam look on his face lol. But no I don't think Kuechly is trolling. It would be funny if he is though. What do they say? Mimicry is a form of flattery? Luke probably was just picking up a tip from his veteran teammate.

In Topic: The reason why D.G had to put Gaffney on waivers....

Today, 07:50 PM

Gaffney gets hurt. J Stews fault for also getting hurt. #huddlelogic

In Topic: Greg Olsen is an elite tight end

Today, 05:29 PM

Hey on a day like today. *** yeah Greg is elite.

If you search Greg Olsen images you get a surprising number of Jesus pictures.

In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Today, 05:01 PM

Did the panthers do something similar to this to get Tavarres King off waivers from Denver?

Totally different situation. King was waived because the Broncos wanted a different player more. We waved/injured Gaffney because he had a season ending injury. If he had cleared waivers Gaffney would have stayed with the Panthers and been paid his full salary. If King would have cleared waivers he would have become a Free Agent. Or, as it were, jobless.

In Topic: Pats claim RB Tyler Gaffney off waivers

Today, 04:58 PM

Yeah, that's why it stings right now... it's like, "if you wanted him, then why didn't you pick him, asshole?"

But there's also that thought of, "but... what if he does end up being really good?"

To be honest, when we picked him I was surprised, because I thought he was already gone by at least the 3rd round... I was surprised he dropped that far. It just sucks...

Yeah even if he was healthy it would have been work to make the team and become a star. I'm not 100% sure we don't get him back either. The Patriots could bring him in for a physical and waive him again in which case he should revert back to our IR. I think the only scenario where the Patriots get to keep him is if he stays on the 90 man roster until cuts.

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