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Today, 06:51 AM

Is 115 really that many? Two teams in the regular season have 106 on their active rosters and 90 active on game days. I would have been ok with 114 if it meant no Andy Dalton.

In Topic: PFF ranks teams by number of "missing pieces" from being a super bowl...

Today, 03:36 AM

It doesn't get much worse than Chandler. We basically need explosive WRs and OTs which are the most difficult to obtain excluding QB.


Over the past 6 years we've passed on several explosive receivers multiple times. OTs are difficult to obtain because they are scarce. WRs are difficult to obtain because we've done a crap job of pulling the trigger.

In Topic: PFF ranks teams by number of "missing pieces" from being a super bowl...

Today, 03:34 AM

2 Tackles, 2 WRs, 2 Safeties? Super Bowl?

In Topic: What traits are you looking for in the new WR'S.

Today, 01:23 AM

I want a receiver with good hands and the ability to separate. Obviously you want a guy that can do it all but I would specifically like a guy that can keep the safeties deep with game breaking speed. But getting open accomplishes nothing if the ball hits the ground so you need the hands too. 


I wouldn't mind a physical receiver like Brandon Lafell too. I think our offense lost something when he left. He could run physical reverses and block. He caught the ball too but the physical play was the best trait he had.


I wouldn't even mind a Tavon Austin type receiver that can be a special teams playmaker and a wrinkle on offense. 

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