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The Identity Of Our Offense

26 September 2014 - 09:06 AM

I was listening to Greg Cossel do an interview on the Mac Attack today and he was talking about the Kubiak system as if it were a biscuit recipe. All of the ingredients were clearly defined the order of operations tried and true.


And Jim did a great job jumping in with the important question, "what is the Identity of Mike Shula's offense?". Greg had a short pause and stumbled with his words a little before saying it's hard to answer that. The Panthers running game is part traditional with the power run and part read option. The passing attack is more Mike Martz and Air Coryell. 


Now these are all things we've known but to see someone with no bias towards our organization decipher that based off the film was striking to me. And the name Mike Martz rang a bell with me specifically. 


We all know Mike Martz as the offensive mind behind the greatest show on turf. We also know the Panthers have brought in John Ramsdell who was an assistant on those teams. Then we have Ricky Proehl who was a big part of those Rams teams.


So we have a traditional/read option run game combined with an Air Coryell passing attack all of this is led by a traditional power run coordinator. The Panthers are clearly aware this is a problem and they are trying to fix it by giving Shula a passing tutor in John Ramsdell. You have to admit, our passing attack has improved. We are putting up high completion numbers for good yardage and touchdowns. But we are also dysfunctional in pass protection and run blocking.


This begs the question. Are we tipping the defense by merging three offenses into one? Are we confusing our young offensive line by mixing offenses. If Kubiak's play book makes biscuits. Ours makes a bacon, pepper, ham, and tuna omelette. But we read the directions wrong and ended up with scrambled eggs.


At what point do we simplify things by running one offense with one expert? This is pro football, offensive coordinators that need help learning the passing game shouldn't even exist.

Feel Good Story About Ma'ake

17 September 2014 - 08:07 PM






A return to the NFL is unlikely. Ma’ake has reached out to Cleveland Browns linebacker Paul Kruger, who plays in the league with one kidney, but the brothers want to spend time with family and friends in Hawaii. Chris spent eight years in the NFL and Ma’ake played for 10, and they have businesses and foundations to tend to.

As if the family wasn’t close enough — while the brothers were preparing for surgery, they said different siblings would come from Hawaii to stay with them and cook and clean the house — they say ‘I love you’ more these days.

“We were raised in a tough atmosphere,” Ma’ake said. “But after this, I think we say it.”

Then he turned to his brother Chris and said, “I love you man.”



Ma'ake was never fully appreciated until he was gone. Glad he found success in Baltimore.

Saw Something Cool Today (Sponsorship)

14 September 2014 - 08:09 PM

I was watching the Panthers game with my nieces today and we made a deal. If the Panthers win, we get some milkshakes. So when the Panthers went up big they were begging Coach Ron to run out the clock (I joke but they were counting seconds). So we go over to McDonalds and I'm surprised to see a Hornets logo on the cups with the words "Official Coffee of the Charlotte Hornets". It caught me off guard. I don't think I ever saw that kind of partnership under the old regime. My nieces got excited because I've bought them shirts with the logo and we started talking basketball in September.


I know the name change also was sponsored by Mercedes so hopefully the Hornets can start turning a profit with the corporate partners BJ blamed for his ineptitude. 


I'm sure most of you already knew that McDonalds was a partner with the Hornets but I think it's a good sign. Now if we can only get Carrier Heat Pumps and Harris Teeter 3rd Quarter three point contests back!

How Should We As Panthers Fans Respond To Domestic Violence?

10 September 2014 - 06:07 PM

It's already well documented that the Observer thinks Hardy should be released and we as fans should turn our back on him. To me ostracizing Hardy is not the answer. Turning our back on our players is a negative message and the wrong message. Hardy hasn't even had his due process yet.


However the bigger issue to me right now is how the NFL has handled this Ray Rice situation. I think every NFL fan base should respond with a positive message. During the National Anthem I think it would be cool if every couple in every stadium held hands and raised them to the sky. Families could do it to. It tells the NFL how we feel about the people we love and it tells the rest of the country how we feel as well. It's a positive gesture that inspires people to be better partners without shunning those who are trying to improve themselves.


How do you feel we should respond?

Panthers Talk With Ron Rivera

09 September 2014 - 07:23 AM

Ron Rivera did his first post game radio show of the season. He said a lot of things I found to be very interesting and Roman Harper had some interesting things to say as well. I don't have a ton of time so I will try to highlight some points. I highly recommend listening to the podcast as you grind through Tuesday. It's about 40 minutes long.






-Pleased with young players in training camp. Pleased with development of offensive line.


-Disappointed with sloppy 4th quarter


-Expects 11 catches from Wide Recievers and he got them


-Reiterates sack was Derek Anderson's mistake


-Praises Kalil for leading the new O Line and helping them gel


-Feels good about the depth at O Line


-Running game helps the Tight Ends make catches


-It was very difficult telling Cam he was out. Cam did not agree and the conversation was long. Ron sat him for selfish reasons, he wants Cam to help him win the marathon.


-Talks in detail about things Kelvin can improve on. It;s a mouthful about route running, worth listening to.


-Panthers wanted to draft Philly but liked other guys more. They kept expecting him to get drafted. After the draft they got on the phone and recruited him. So Philly comes to Camp and he was the guy they saw on tape. Explosive, dynamic, return ability, fearless, can play gunner. Trying to find a role for him on offense.


-Jordan Gross talks about how the expectation is to win. Matsko (as told by Ron) talks about all the room for improvement. The Panthers are measuring themselves to a different standard. Last year they wanted to be relevant, now they want to stay relevant and be the team that everyone measures themselves against. The only way to do that is not accept mediocrity. 


-Talks about in the past they would have lost that game but they didn't panic. They have to hammer it out.



Roman Harper


-Hates the Falcons


-Says he brings calmness, leadership, physical play, be in the right spots, smart, and consistent. 


-He did not realize the athletic things our defensive line can do in coverage


-Charles Johnson helped him get that interception


-Defense is nothing like the one he played in last year. New Orleans always blitzed and always played man to man. Panthers play more zone, less blitzes. More variety in coverages, not just cover 2.


-Loves that the Panthers offense slows the game down. Saints are like a fast break.


-Talks in depth about baiting the Running Back into his gap. Interesting stuff to listen to. 


-Jordan starts talking about Roman hitting Steve. Roman is not sorry, thinks it helped kick up the rivalry.


-Talks about the interception in detail. Shocked that McCown threw it after fumbling


-Talks about playing too soft with the lead. Left plays on the field


-Decoud broke down McCown's tendencies for the defense


-Talks about the atmosphere in the locker room. Lot's of characters. Roman was nervous coming into a new locker room.


-Can't wait to beat Saints in the Superdome




The one thought I had after listening to this is we brought in Decoud and Harper from our division rivals. They have information on the three division rivals from the perspective of the enemy. It's great for comparing notes. It's great for self scouting. It's great for knowing tendencies and personalities. I can just see those two guys talking to Luke and Thomas in detail with new information and perspective.


They can also go to Cam and say "we saw you doing this on tape and we used it against you last year".




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