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In Topic: AAH that 49ers game is fap material

Yesterday, 10:50 PM

Peterson, Cro, Mathieu, and Bucannon make up the best secondary in the NFL! Scary.

Swing and a miss.

In Topic: Bears @ 49ers Game Thread: (0-1) - (1-0)

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

Dang, a lot of hate here... I mean I get cheering against him, but come on lol.

I can't speak for others but my hatred of him comes from how he's treated by the media. He's a constant douche on the field and is treated like a saint. Cam on the other hand shows a kid like enthusiasm for the game and the media roasts him as being immature and fake. When Kaep struggles it's someone else's fault, when Cam struggles it's just him showing a failure to lead.

In Topic: Bears @ 49ers Game Thread: (0-1) - (1-0)

Yesterday, 10:22 PM

Lol! Omg suck a penis Kapernick!!!

In Topic: Bears @ 49ers Game Thread: (0-1) - (1-0)

Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Haha love the bitch look on Kapernicks face

In Topic: Undefeated Teams After Week 2

Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Denver is winning, but they don't exactly look dominant. Typical John Fox coached team.

That "typical John Fox team" has had far more success than we have. Not saying I don't like our current staff, but it's loooong past time Panther fans recognize how good a coach John Fox was/is. The guy won a playoff game with The Golden Calf of Bristol. Discussion over.

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