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In Topic: You Can Only Sign One Player in Free Agency Who Would it Be?

Today, 04:11 PM

Walter Jones in his prime

In Topic: Let the Aints purge brgin

Today, 04:05 PM

new orleans doesn't have to worry about locking a franchise quarterback up and they're going for broke trying to win a super bowl so being in an insane cap situation doesn't hurt them as bad as the panthers. they know they're going to implode when brees is done and i don't think it's a crime to point that out. the broncos are about to go through the same thing.

nobody is trying to rationalize poo captain edgy. we have a good general manager and it's not up for debate so nobody really needs to get defensive anyway. everyone watched the saints and their gold studded roster miss the playoffs while the shoestring panthers held together with duct tape won the division and a playoff game.

That good GM has done the exact same thing everybody is hoohing and hahing about New Orleans doing.

You can't put a consistently successful team on the field if you have loads of cap space. Signing good players to "win now" is a pretty common tactic across the league which yields wins, whereas the prevailing (and accurate) philosophy is that you can simply reorganize cap when you need to.

Hey guess what we also just cut an overpaid, aging, average RB and as I recall everyone here celebrated.

In Topic: Let the Aints purge brgin

Today, 09:54 AM

Pierre Thomas oh man how will they overcome this debilitating blow to their offense

Lol at how desperate some of you are to rationalize why the Panthers don't sign good players in free agency like other successful NFL teams.

In Topic: Daredevil's "Kingpin"

Yesterday, 08:00 PM

Perfect Kingpin look.

In Topic: New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Yesterday, 05:24 PM

Will be played by the same guy

Don't think this is true. Paul Bettany, who has voiced J.A.R.V.I.S, is playing him I believe. James D'arcy played Jarvis on Agent Carter which was amazing, btw.