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17 October 2012 - 03:52 PM

When the video ends and gives you more choices, pick the one in center of bottom row, lady with big bewbs, it's a compilation of broadcasters messing up and hilarious. The first 45 seconds are ok, but it gets hilarious after, on the last one about 25 seconds to go, they show a report of a lady stripping, then cut back to the guy at the desk who quickly pulls his hand up from his pants. Gotta watch!

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17 October 2012 - 03:02 PM

Which is the ONLY reason your Taints won the super bowl in 2009.

Getting a bunch of turnovers and just barely squeaking a win over the worst performing teams in league with QB getting worse every game is not the same as multiple score wins and steamrolling opponents for 13 weeks straight with QB breaking accuracy record and playing at a high level every week and over 118 passer rating 8 of those weeks. 2 around 100, and just 3 games a little under 100.

Even the Atlanta Falcons sportswriter agrees with me, weird.


In Topic: Odds to win the superbowl - NO vs CAR

17 October 2012 - 02:36 PM

This might be affecting those odds:

Saints. Vs. Panthers
8th Vs 25th scoring offense
1st Vs 22nd Passing offense
4th Vs 23rd total offense

Brees last two game after real refs returned
64/99 816 yards 64.8% accuracy 7 TDs 1 interception 8.24 yards per attempt. 109.0 and 110.4 passer rating

Newton pass two games
27/53 356 yards 51.8% accuracy. 2 TDs 0 interception. 6.91 yards per attempt 56.8 and 119.3 passer rating

In Topic: So Im here

16 October 2012 - 07:37 PM

look, i hate the falcons.

i was rooting for the tornado in 2008.

but pat you are so full of poo that it's coming out your ears if you think atlanta would be 0-6 right now if it wasn't for turnovers.

Broncos game - 13 points off of 4 picks, game was won by 6 points when Broncos comeback ran out of time

Panthers game- forced fumble recovered by Panthers, negates first down run by Cam that would have let them kill clock

Redskins game - RG3 gets knocked out winning 10-7 and getting a drive. Defense knocks him out and swings momentum and Falcons score, Cousins gets them back in game, two interceptions kill any comeback.

Raiders game - Raiders better team statistically the entire game, they throw on 3rd instead of running and killing more clock and pick6 is difference in game. Raiders move down field and score, but play quarter prevent coverage allowing short completions underneath. Without 6 points from pick 6, final FG doesn't win.

Compared to last year, defense is much worse overall and offense is slightly worse and both are not as good as 2010 season. The biggest difference is 10 interceptions, and 9 forced fumbles with 7 recovered, that's 17 extra possessions!!!

In Topic: 2012 Falcons = 2009 Broncos?

16 October 2012 - 01:34 PM

Reading up on the DC Mike Nolan and found something interesting. In 2009 he was hired as new DC of Broncos. They went 6-0 into the week 7 bye with wins over teams like Chargers and Raiders.

Then after the week 7 bye, the team went 2-8 to finish 8-8 and miss playoffs!

The one big blowout win was over Chargers, a team with the same QB, scheme and HC he faced repeatedly in past, I wonder if this is why this was their only big win. The Raiders are under a new staff, so it wouldn't have been as big a help having previous experience with Chargers.

Honestly, the Falcons might be 6-0, but they don't look near the formidable team the 2010 Falcons were and we all know how that ended up.


You forgot to mention the part where Biga3723 posted this on Saintsreport and you copied and pasted the entire thing!


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