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In Topic: why are so many atheists retarded in the modern era?

Today, 02:26 PM

i drink a bunch of listerine and read thomas sowell before every post with the hope of fitting in around here

You might wanna try Krocodil and Dr. Suess. works just as well

In Topic: Explain to me why Jim Harbaugh may get canned

Today, 02:23 PM

This is Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones revisited in the NFL.

I left Stanford after building the program from the depths and leading Stanford to  successful Bowl games only because this opportunity presented itself.

Management/ownership is now committing suicide and the 49ers will again sink into the depths of the NFC West.


I look forward to the next challenge.

Do you think Krapperneck will release a " how's my di#k taste, " video when you leave?

In Topic: why are so many atheists retarded in the modern era?

Today, 02:16 PM

Do you lather yourself in peanut butter and hot bologna, while wearing your grandma's lingerie from the fifties, before you post?

In Topic: The Warren Commission has been vindicated!

Today, 02:13 PM

Wow! A real magic bullet! Oh wait...., these have been around since the JFK assassination.

In Topic: Ok, now I want to see the movie.

Today, 02:05 PM

On one hand, I have heard that the attacks bear simiilarities to preivious NK attacks.  And they are certainly an interested party  in this.  On the other hand, notifying Sony prior to releasing the data is not normal behavior for a national authorized attack.  But that could be an attempt to throw off investigators.  And of course, they could have outsourced the attack.


Fwiw, compared to government agencies, banks, etc... Sony pictures is probably a soft target.  Can't imagine they would spend the money on security that a big bank or a government agency such as the FBI might on security.  Although they probably will now. 


Btw, never ever put stuff in email that you wouldn't want others to read.  Especially when its one of your bigger stars and you are calling her a minimally talented spoiled brat.  If you feel the need to say something like that, then best do it in person, in a private place.  Or better yet, keep it to yourself. 

I feel like Sony isn't putting up a fight at all. I really think the stars involved cancelled their appearances upon executives direction. Not out of fear for their lives. All speculation of course. But it seems by announcing the attacks beforehand as well as the xmas threat, is like a ransom situation.

 After seeing how quickly Sterling was taken down. If you were a powerful exec? With something you'd like to hide? would you not go to all lengths and costs to protect whatever it is that you may have to hide? Let alone the threats on the employees and their families. But when Homeland security says there seems to be no credible threat. It just seems that Sony would want to protect their investment. Especially, seeing how this film was going to be their big holiday blockbuster. 

 Maybe they really are afraid of retaliations from this group? But I get the sense that they are protecting future interest at this point. And maybe we have entered a period where extortion is the new wave of internet hackers? Like I said, its all speculation. But it does add a certain level of intrigue into the story. But if there is no Xmas dump? And it goes back to business as usual at the Sony corp? It'll have to make you wonder!

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