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In Topic: Hardy on Exempt List

Today, 01:56 PM

 After a few days of round the clock coverage, I have taken the time to reflect upon all that I've heard and have come to a conclusion I have not yet heard expressed by anyone. To mean this is all the product of the players union. Who have been willing to defend these guys relentlessly against the Nfl regardless of the charges, guilt, or repetitiveness of the charges. Everyone wants to blame someone. But no one's actually pointing to the group who best represents these players. If they hadn't cloaked these players with sense of untouchableness over the years? I doubt they would feel so comfortable carrying on the way so many of them do in the off season. And it didn't start recently. This has been going on since Micheal Irvin was doing coke and holding hookers at gunpoint while they pleasured him orally. Firing Goodell, is only a symptom of the real problem. It's very clever how the union has stayed invisible through all of this though!

In Topic: It's about to get even worse

Today, 01:22 PM

Seriously! Am I the only person here who believes that Matt Ryans wife beats him? And I'm not joking.

In Topic: Should the government intervene with the NFL's policies?

Today, 01:20 PM

It's like saying if I get in trouble out in the world, that my boss should be held accountable. I think the police should be all up in AP's business right now. Because what he did to that youngin' is unforgivable. But unless the NFL buried info or hid facts from the public? Or obstructed evidence in investigations? They cannot be held accountable for what the thousands of players employed by the league are doing everyday even in the off season. 99% of these guys are college educated, and everyone of them over the age of 21. They are their own men and should be held accountable just as the rest of us adults in this world. AP shouldn't play football again. Not because the NFL bans him. But because justice is served and he will be too old to play when he leaves prison.

In Topic: It's about to get even worse

Today, 01:12 PM

I've noticed the media hasn't much to say about McDonald at the 49ers. They didn't care when the cornerback made comments about homosexuals in the locker room either. what's up with that? Maybe Goodell needs to wear a 49ers starter cap to all his pressers?

In Topic: Mitchell vs. Cotchery

Today, 11:26 AM

Mitchell should give up some good yardage on penalties. Probably get a fine from the NFL on his locker Monday afternoon? Cotchery could probably get him ejected from the game if he tries hard enough?

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