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In Topic: What are your thoughts on "one and done" college basketball players?

Today, 12:07 PM

Heard someone on the radio say that "one and dones" are ruining college basketball for the fans because it's, essentially, a new team every year.  It's getting harder and harder for anyone but the die hard fan to know the players, thus ruining it for the casual fan.  I have to agree.

I can't agree with this. For 1 the NCAA is extremely competitive. Butler went to back to back championship games with no 1 and dones. Florida was a favorite last year with 7 seniors. Louie doesn't deal with a lot of 1 & dones and neither do msu, va, or Wisc. In fact, UK, Duke, UNC, and Kansas get the bulk of em' every year. But NCST took down a #1 seed this year. Wich St and VCU are dancing around the final 4 every year.

 But as a fan of the game I like to see our entire roster fight for every second they play in a game. Regardless of their name or hype, they have to earn minutes, against talent equal to if not better than their own. Plus 1 & dones do not guarantee success. I know plenty of Duke fans that were happy to see Rivers go. Ucla has had nothing but failures with their pursuit of 1 & done success. Hell my own Wildcats got beat in the first round of the NIT by Robert Morris 2 years ago.

 So as far as a competitive edge and value of the individual games, or the overall tournaments, I see no major impact of the 1 and done era.

In Topic: NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

Today, 10:23 AM

Even moreso, is the fact that the only threats Duke really faced(Izzo & Pitino) were slated to face each other. Therefore Duke would only have to deal with 1 of them.

In Topic: What are your thoughts on "one and done" college basketball players?

Today, 10:16 AM

I think if a kid is good enough to go straight to the NBA and make a reasonable impression? Then yes, let them go. But once a kid joins the NCAA he should be required to sign a 2 year(if not more) agreement. But to suggest these kids that go 1 and done never commit to their education is a bit far-fetched. Many student athletes finish their degree even after being drafted. 

In Topic: the movie "it follows" is amazing...

Yesterday, 01:31 PM

Looks good.


The whole passing it to someone else concept seems a lot like "The Ring".

Or VD? Very scary.....

In Topic: Anyone going to watch "Going Clear" in a few on HBO?

Yesterday, 01:29 PM

I had a room mate in Louisville. he had divorced his wife because they got into a brutal fist-fight over who was the more "clear" scientologist. they'd spit on each other all the time. they would cuss each other right in front of their kids. And it was always about scientology. They didn't fight over bills, affairs, or in-laws. Nothing but scientology. And they tried selling that crap to everyone they met, like those nuts at amway.