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In Topic: Brees back in cover of SI

Today, 05:42 PM

Falcons message board seems to blame Ryan for every loss. Either that or Harry Douglas. Though it could just be trolls trolling trolls

In Topic: Brees back in cover of SI

Today, 04:37 PM

So if I play with ropes like that I can do this?










Man that O-line protects so well.


For shame, you missed my favorite!



In Topic: Now at Harris Teeter

Today, 03:53 PM

any type of blue gatorade is fuging disgusting

In Topic: Sydney rice retires after 7 years

Today, 03:28 PM

owes favre everything he's got

In Topic: USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Today, 01:49 PM

if shula struggles AND the team doesn't do well, i have no doubt that the FO will be quick to shitcan him

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