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In Topic: Is your opinion of the Gettie changing?

Yesterday, 07:38 PM

Badly handled the Steve Smith situation, and is 50/50 on FAs (was gold last year, was poo this year, but salary cap and all that hindered it)


He is an excellent drafter though, as one would expect from a former scout.

In Topic: Matt Ryan wears braided belts from Stein Mart

Yesterday, 04:09 PM


What is blank doing?

In Topic: Would you be okay with a Cam Newton for Drew Brees Straight up Trade?

24 December 2014 - 04:25 PM



There is no team in the league that would take Newton over Luck. Not a single one.

In Topic: Oh no, it is gonna happen

23 December 2014 - 05:16 PM

Ok. Stop. Just stop, all of you.


I know, logic has no place in here but ..........


DeAngelo broke his hand just a few weeks ago. Broke his hand. How can you measure if he's healed enough to play? How??!! By letting him play as close to game play as possible. Which is during practice. Practice. Coaches need to know before Sunday if he could play or not, at what level he'd be, should he be active or not.


You're all derps. Using any occasion that you can, it seems, to bash a Carolina Panther player. It's uncalled for. You're not just complaining about his play, you're slamming his character as well. He wears Panther blue & black on Sundays, he bleeds Panther blue as far as I'm concerned.


And if there's any DeAngelo gossip that "All Pro" huddlers have been told, then tell the rest of us. Because otherwise it's just bowling balls under the table and doesn't count for crap.


I'm not an all pro, but I'll bash players if they suck. Harper, Bell, and D-will are all terrible.

In Topic: Oh no, it is gonna happen

23 December 2014 - 04:18 PM

DWill practicing has everyone here noticing it.................could it be the Atlanta staff will have to do the same?................not a bad tactic..


Dwill still have real value in the open field........just keep him out of the up the middle trap plays..........


fozzy is better in the open field


d-will is just useless

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