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In Topic: Joe Barksdale still available, was just worked out by Falcons

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

I don't see the point signing another RT. Can he play LT?


Barksdale, Remmers and Williams would be EXCELLENT depth at RT. Oher will be a 1-2 year band-aid at LT. Cut the scrubs, keep these guys. Hope for La'el.

In Topic: Panthers looking for new special teams coach

Yesterday, 12:01 PM

Sorry to hear. I hope he gets better and can return soon.


As far as our Special teams, this may be even better to pick our cream of the crop (whoever is out there still) versus promoting from within.

In Topic: La'el Collins has begun visits

Yesterday, 10:06 AM

People are missing some facts and simple logoc here.

1. No team is going to pay more for the guy. All teams will pay the exact same, which is roughly $500k per year for 3 years.

2. We don't have a 1/32 chance. This isn't roulette. Different teams have different factors involved that will help them or hurt them. Do they need a LT? Could he potentially start day 1? Is the team rising as a whole? Is it a warm climate like Miami with no income taxes? Are there former teammates and friends on the roster? We don't know how high he holds each factor but one could assume that being a starting left tackle is priority in order for him to get that big payday after A few years.

In Topic: Mel Kiper was only 22 percent accurate with his picks

Yesterday, 09:46 AM

22% is probably decent. When one player takes someone else, it sets off a whole chain of events of teams switching their would be pick.

In Topic: La'El Collins may be in play after all

04 May 2015 - 05:56 AM

My question is: can he play left tackle? If Gettleman/Rivera don't think he's a legitimate left tackle, then I can't see him being brought in. We just drafted Daryl Williams to be the right tackle of the future and guard is set with Turner and Norwell. So unless they feel Collins can be the guy long-term at left tackle, I wouldn't look for him to be signed.

You do realize he's literally cheaper than any other lineman on our team? He will cost peanuts.