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In Topic: Panthers will support RFID tags in shoulder pads, real-time player position data

Today, 02:23 PM

In Topic: Official 7/31 Practice Thread

Today, 09:52 AM

@CarolinaHuddle Brandon Williams punishes lb Allen with a massive block. Allen leaves the ground. #Panthers


Well there's your Denicos Allen update for the people who were asking.

In Topic: Wide Receiver Projections - Week 1

Today, 03:54 AM

Steve Smith had 6 catches on 7 targets and a TD against Seattle... what are y'all talking about Ginn was the only WR with a catch?  But yeah, other than Smitty and Ginn (who only had 1 catch like was mentioned) no other WR had a catch.


Olsen had an uncharacteristically terrible game against Seattle.  Dude was getting open and Cam was sending dimes his way and he kept dropping the ball over and over.  Man I remember being so mad about that.  Other than Deangelo's fumble and that dumbazz TO on special teams... Olsen's drops were really the difference in that game.  Cam was rather fuging sharp that day despite the statline.

In Topic: Melvin White: From Undrafted to Inspiration.

Today, 01:39 AM

Granted, I am biased, but am I the only one worried about Gettleman's age and apparent lack of concern over his own physical well-being?

The guy is great and keeps impressing me with his apparent ability to see things others cannot.

Seems like if given a few years to work his magic, would could be perennial contenders for a looooooooong time to come.

I just don't want his fattass keeling over next week because of a colon blockage or sumshit.


Someone get the 63 year old Bobby Hill (pants and all) into the gym.


Lmao nah, you're not the only one.  I still remember the first time I saw a picture of him from the chest down.  Dude is built like a cartoon character.

In Topic: Boomer Esiason's most overrated players...guess who's number 1

Yesterday, 11:24 PM

Isn't Boomer the one who randomly bashed Cam during a CBS pregame show last year? Then Shannon Sharpe cut him off and started telling at him and pretty much called him an idiot.

Pretty sure it was old Boomer.


Yeah, that was Boomer.  I think Marino, Sharpe, and Cowher all kind of set him straight because Boomer started to go off the deep end for a second.  It was a bit of an awkward moment.  The dude visibly got upset because they thought Cam was good.

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