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In Topic: Top Selling Throwback Jersey's by State

26 March 2015 - 12:45 AM

A little surprised Walter Payton is over Michael Jordan in Illinois.


I mean Payton was still the fuging man... but come on... it's Michael Jordan.

In Topic: Joe Montana NFL Football 16... AKA NFL 2k16... Madden's tyrannical monopo...

25 March 2015 - 09:53 PM

Apologize to everyone else for dumb fugs derailing the thread.


Lol you're the dumbass that derailed the thread, you're just one of those types that can't handle any sort of dissenting opinion so you can't even see it.  All I said was some throwaway comment that I thought 2K's MyPlayer was the best sports mode around right now and you replied with some condescending remark.


That's why I dropped the whole thing back on the beginning of the 2nd page (yet you continued page after page), because it's not even worth wasting time trying to argue with you.  This isn't a conclusion just drawn from this thread, but yet multiple threads I've seen you in.  Don't hurt yourself on that high horse.

In Topic: We sign Ball, Bucks sign Sterling Moore

24 March 2015 - 06:08 PM

Why did the title get changed to saying we signed him if we haven't signed him yet?

In Topic: Thomas Davis will get an extension, plus more not mentioned in tweets

24 March 2015 - 05:56 PM

Hardy was never better than CJ.

CJ is the one who was always double teamed, which helped Hardy even more. CJ also played '13 with a bum knee after that Patriot chop blocked him. Not to mention that nearly half of Hardy's 2013 stats came against the worst LT in football while playing week 17 against a terrible 4-12 team.

Those stat stuffing games against ATL's terrible OL really raised the hype and myth around Hardy.

But this year will be different. Hardy doesn't have CJ in Dallas to take on double teams and leave him with 1 on 1 coverage. He's going to be the one getting double teamed.


Dude, that's a load of crap.  CJ wasn't "always" double teamed... Hardy was the one facing double teams more often than not.  Hardy and Star were the two most double teamed players on the line in 2013.  In 2012 you have an argument, but not 2013.  Hardy also VERY consistently got pressures and QB hits (near the top of the league in fact) WHILE going up against LTs, who are generally the team's best pass protector.


I hate when people bring up that "but he feasted on bad LTs!" argument.  That's what the fug elite DE's do.  Julius Pepper did it, Jared Allen made a career out of it, and the list goes on.  You can't hold completely taking over a game against Hardy.  Even when Hardy wasn't getting sacks he was consistently causing disruption in the backfield forcing bad throws or closing up running lanes.  You sit here and use the argument that CJ was injured in 2013, but at the same time ignore that fact that during Hardy's back-to-back games where he got 7 sacks... CJ was injured... and Hardy was facing double teams like crazy.  That logic is circular as hell.


Hardy is also way better at playing the run than CJ, even in 2012.  Hardy is damn near just as effective from lining up and rushing the passer from inside as he was outside, which allowed us to dial up all kinds of pressure on 3rd downs.


He's also younger.


Just to sweeten the pot even more, Hardy also had the speed and athleticism to drop back into coverage and actually be effective in certain blitz packages.


CJ is the man, but Hardy as he was in 2013, is a better player than CJ even before he got leg-whipped.  Player to player, Hardy is more valuable.

In Topic: Thomas Davis will get an extension, plus more not mentioned in tweets

24 March 2015 - 05:18 PM

Just want to add that CJ is still awesome and extremely underrated.  If it wasn't for Hardy's off field problems, you couldn't go wrong with either... but off field issues are sadly a factor, and CJ is the better player to hitch your wagon too, but as a straight up player, Hardy is better (or was, don't know how he'll be after so much time off).