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#2237016 DREAM TEAM vs 2012 USA MENS TEAM

Posted by ZB1224 on 20 May 2013 - 10:48 AM

92 would hammer 2012 down low, and the physicality alone would throw many of today's stars off their games IMO.


Oh yeah, 2012 Kobe ain't coming close to guarding 92 Jordan.  Not in his damn dreams. LBJ would have to guard him to control Jordan at all.  Then throw in the fact that LBJ played the 4 and even the 5 a lot for the 2012 team, and matchup problems come everywhere then. 2012 would have to rely on Kobe/Durant and Co. bombing 3's on the 92 team.  It may be closer than some originally thought, but still not that close IMO.


Honestly Jordan alone would command a double team and that would leave some great shooters open, or even a big. People act like LeBron is this great defender that can actually defend all 5 positions well, but it just simply isn't true. I know that he looks the part of a very good defender, but his chase down blocks and big size just has everyone fooled. MySynergy records all defensive plays that a player is involved in and has LeBron ranked in the 100's, with his isolation defense being below average. Not to say that LeBron is a trashy defensive player, because he's not, but if you throw him on prime Jordan then LOL I would feel pretty bad for him. 

#2237013 Trade Scenario?

Posted by ZB1224 on 20 May 2013 - 10:43 AM

Would love this trade.  I think Derrick Williams has been completely misused by Minny and that if you play him as a stretch PF he will be much better.  He is 6'9 250, he should not be playing big minutes at the 2 or 3



No disrespect, but he is 6'8/240 and if you think he should be playing the PF position I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that you haven't seen him play much.

Williams lacks a post game (similar to Mullens) and makes his living ideally from 15 feet and out (unless he finds a lane to drive)

His ideal position is at the small forward spot.


I usually find myself agreeing with ya, CP8789, but this time I am going to have to disagree and side with thatlookseasy. 


Derrick Williams is a bit of a tweener, but he doesn't have the skills to be able to play the 3 consistently. He is definitely more effective at the 4 until he develops his handle a bit more. You can ask any T-Wolves fan and they'll tell you that he's definitely best at the 4. Post All Star break, he was the starting PF and got solid minutes at about 30 mpg. He put up 15 ppg, and 6.3 rpg. He also shot about 45% from the field and 34% from three. When Derrick Williams was given 30-39 minutes (an average of 35) he put up 19 ppg and 8 rpg. I watched a good amount of T-Wolves games this past season (big fan of Rubio), and I noticed that in the 2nd half he started coming into his own. He developed a nice pick and pop game, but also has the athleticism to get to the rim and throw it down.


He hasn't exactly lived up to his #2 spot, but he has shown flashes of promise, and he would definitely be a better option than the smaller 6-7 Anthony Bennett, and a better option than the super passive, Ben McLemore (when we should be able to resign Hendo for a decent contract). Obviously if we get the #1 pick then we keep it and take Noel (even though I feel like Noel's ceiling is that of a Marcus Camby -- which isn't horrible, but probably not deserving of the #1 pick). If we do get the #2 pick or lower then I would definitely consider trading it for Derrick Williams and their 1st rounder. I'd also like to see if they'd throw in their 2nd round pick too. 

#2235752 Looks like the Hornets are officially back!

Posted by ZB1224 on 18 May 2013 - 12:51 PM

I still don't quite understand why someone would support the Hornets, but refuse to support the Bobcats. It's still our local team. I mean, I definitely do want the Hornets back, and would probably buy more Hornets merchandise (only have a few Bobcat things), but that's only because I like the color scheme a lot more. I'll always support my local teams. 

#2235748 DREAM TEAM vs 2012 USA MENS TEAM

Posted by ZB1224 on 18 May 2013 - 12:45 PM

And yes, I know this was posted a LONG time ago, but since it was propped back up I just wanted to offer my thoughts on it again after the amazing season that LeBron had.

#2235747 DREAM TEAM vs 2012 USA MENS TEAM

Posted by ZB1224 on 18 May 2013 - 12:44 PM

I would take the '92 team, although I do think that it'd be a close series. If Kobe was in his prime then I'd probably take the 2012 team in a 7 game series. I feel like Pippen would neutralize LeBron. That would be the biggest matchup. I also feel like an older Kobe would be neutralized by Jordan's defense. PG would be where the 2012 team would have an advantage, playing against older, less athletic players. The main strength of the '92 team would be the presence of their bigs (Barkley, Malone, Ewing, and Robinson). Even with Pippen neutralizing LeBron's scoring (to a degree), LeBron would find a way to make an impact with his defense, rebounding, and playmaking. All in all with everything considered I'd take the '92 team in 6 games. 

#2218859 Jason Collins comes out as gay

Posted by ZB1224 on 30 April 2013 - 05:18 PM

It strikes me that it does not require much courage to come out of the closet when your NBA career is basically over.  He is old and barely played this past season.  If Lebron James came out that might take some courage with what he could potentially lose but Collins really has nothing at stake.

Nope, in fact he is a bit of a pansy for waiting this long, amirite?

#2218087 Jason Collins comes out as gay

Posted by ZB1224 on 29 April 2013 - 10:05 PM

Not sure if your serious neither. So buzz off fly. You don't like my opinion on something like this. Then don't post a comment and move on. Plain and simple.

If you are going to be hostile about your opinion, then maybe you shouldn't post it. I was seriously wondering if you were serious or not, because that post had "bigotry" all over it in my opinion. It honestly looked like you were trolling because of how much hate I saw in your post. I won't bash your opinion, and I never intended to do so, but will you stop and consider that the only reason it is a big deal is because people like you make it out as such? I mean, things like "they have the same rights as anyone else", "get a life", "I just don't see why gay people don't get the picture", etc. They aren't asking for "special attention". The only reason it gets special attention is because people make it out to be a big deal because being homosexual is against their beliefs (be it religious or otherwise). Lastly, I don't know why you are "tired of hearing about it", because he is the first active male athlete to come out of the closet (so to speak), so it's not like there are cases of this happening every day as you say.

Anyways, everyone will have an opinion, and I won't put mine over yours or anyone else's. We will just have to have our differences.

#2216465 Jets to cut Tebow...could there be a place a the Panthers's roster?

Posted by ZB1224 on 28 April 2013 - 08:37 PM

I hate when people act like The Golden Calf of Bristol has no talent as a QB. Obviously he isn't a very good QB, but he has done well in his limited time at QB. Don't act like he can't play at all lol.

#2197035 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 17 April 2013 - 08:36 AM

I don't even see a problem with it......

#2190417 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 10 April 2013 - 12:14 AM

Vintage Kobe performance tonight.

Vino essentially outscored the entire Hornets team in the 4th qtr en route to a 23 point (4th) qtr.

Pau was also HUGE in the 3rd qtr as he had a stretch of a few minutes where he just took over the game with his scoring and passing.

#2189777 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 09 April 2013 - 12:12 PM

LA will bounce back in 2014. But they will not compete for titles again until the Kobe era is over. This offseason is PIVOTAL to the direction of the franchise. Tough coaching and personnel decisions.

I agree with you, but disagree with you at the same time.

I'm not sure that we will compete for a title next season unless we are somehow able to get younger, more athletic, and better defensively. Hopefully you aren't implying that Kobe is to blame. Kobe has played his heart out this season and is basically playing all 48 minutes during this last stretch. Dwight is looking closer to 100% (but still not quite there yet), but other than that we in pretty bad shape. This season has been completely derailed by injuries. I can't really think of another season where a top tier team suffered so many injuries. Nash has been hurt half the season, Blake was hurt 1/3 of the season, Hill has been out since early in the season, Kobe is beat up, but still playing, MWP just has surgery and has been out for a couple of weeks, Pau has been out half the season, and Dwight has been recovering from major back surgery all season. Despite the age of this team I don't think that anyone could have objectively predicted that we'd have this many injuries to the core of the team.

I still have hope that we'll make the playoffs, but even my hope doesn't have me thinking that we are anything other than a 1st round exit :/ I just hope that we can tool up for next season and put some talent around a healthy core of Kobe and Dwight. I don't even know what to do with Nash or Pau. I don't just want to throw Pau away or anything. I respect him too much. Nash on the other hand? Meh, respect him, but he's not a big net positive to the team unless we bring back to Triangle... wonder if there are any coaches available that will run the Triangle ;)

#2180503 Bobcats Looking At Jonny Flynn

Posted by ZB1224 on 29 March 2013 - 12:11 PM

Flynn is absolute garbage, anyone thinking he still has "potential" hasn't been paying attention. His 2011 season was literally one of the worst in NBA history. He is clueless on defense, isn't a facilitator, can't shoot, and hasn't shown the same burst ever since his injury (not that he ever really understood how to use it anyway). Couple that with his small size and he brings basically nothing to the table. Considering all the PGs that went after him, he's one of the biggest PG busts ever. He's not even a competent player in australia, which is quite literally a bush league. If he's brought in to only sit at the end of the bench, fine, but as a player that's all he is and all he ever will be.

His rookie season was better than Kemba's rookie season. His sophomore season was about on par with Kemba's rookie season (look at the percentages, the per 36, etc). Flynn has had injury troubles and that's the main reason why he didn't develop. He had a solid rookie season, and then majorly regressed during his sophomore season and has only gotten 29 games in very inconsistent minutes since. I'll give ya that he's an awful defensive player; was one of the worst defensive PG's starting in the NBA his rookie year.

It's pretty clear that you have somewhat of an agenda against him. Perhaps he beat your favorite team in college? I'm not sure, but the part that I put in bold was the single most ridiculous thing that you said. He's an All-Star in Australia and he's putting up 17/6 in 33 mpg. Obviously he's not tearing the league up and taking it by storm, but to say that he's "not even a competent player in Australia". Yeah ok lol.

*P.S. I'm not a big Flynn fan, and have never really cared for him, but I'd like to bring him in for a 10 day.*

#2159553 2012 Los Angeles Lakers Thread

Posted by ZB1224 on 12 March 2013 - 09:01 PM

Monster game by Dwight tonight though!

#2126868 Kemba Walker

Posted by ZB1224 on 06 February 2013 - 01:04 PM

Warning: This is a very long post with lots of stats. I'm actually very sorry for such a long post, but I had a lot to say and just got out of class with a long class debate.

Kemba Walker has had a marvelous individual season despite the team having another very poor season. There has been much debate on here about Kemba Walker being a top 10 PG. Some think that he is a top 10 PG, while others think that he is simply a top 20 PG at best and is a stop gap to our future PG (looking at you Chuck). I for one fully believe that Kemba is a top 10 PG and I honestly wasn't sure that I'd ever say that. As we all know Kemba struggled very badly last season (as did the entire team) and I thought that at most he'd be a Jason Terry type off the bench if he improved his jump shot. Well, Kemba has done more than that. I am about to present you a detailed breakdown of how Kemba Walker has improved from possible 6th man to a top 10 PG in the NBA.

*stats updated as of 46 games played

MPG: 27.1
PPG: 12.1
FG%: 36.6
3PT%: 30.5
FT%: 78.9
RPG: 3.5
APG: 4.4
TO: 1.8
Usage: 25.23
APER: 17.04
At Rim %: 49.4 (2.7 attempts per game)
3-9 Feet %: 28.8 (0.8 attempts per game)
10-15 Feet %: 37.7 (1.0 attempt per game)
16-23 Feet %: 34.0 (3.7 attempts per game)


MPG: 35.3
PPG: 18.0
FG%: 43.2
3PT%: 34.9
FT%: 79.7
RPG: 3.5
APG: 5.7
TO: 2.3
Usage: 25.05
APER: 20.69
At Rim %: 54.0 (4.9 attempts per game)
3-9 Feet %: 32.0 (1.1 attempts per game)
10-15 Feet %: 40.5 (1.8 attempts per game)
16-23 Feet %: 44.03.3 attempts per game)

As you can see Kemba has improved drastically his sophomore season. Not only has his mid range jumper improved from below average to top tier, but he is attacking the rim more aggressively, as well as converting more around the rim. I think that this stems from a few things. 1. Coaching, 2. Improved confidence, and 3. He has put in work to get better.

Kemba's actually being used in the offense less this season than he was last season (probably due to having Sessions and his ability to play off Kemba and visa versa). His usage rate isn't exceptionally high for a PG either. Some point guards of similar skill level: Jrue Holiday - 27.27, Stephen Curry - 24.96, Brandon Jennings - 24.59. These guys all have high usage rates, but nothing like Westbrook or Irving for example (Sessions actually has a higher usage than Kemba).

Let's look at some of the PG's that are ahead (or around) of Kemba in terms of assists per game, but are also around the same skill level in terms of overall game.

Kyle Lowry: 5.8 in 27.6 mpg (DeRozan, Bargnani, Davis, but overall the supporting cast isn't much better)
Stephen Curry: 6.5 in 38.0 mpg (Lee, Thompson, Landry, Barnes)
Jrue Holiday: 8.9 in 38.3 mpg (Turner, T. Young, Richardson, N. Young, Hawes)
Mike Conley: 5.7 in 33.6 mpg (M. Gasol, Randolph, Gay, Arthur)
Brandon Jennings: 6.0 in 36.9 mpg (Ellis, Sanders, Dunleavy, Ilyasova)
Damien Lillard: 6.5 in 38.6 mpg (Aldridge, Batum, Hickson, Matthews)
Ty Lawson: 6.9 in 34.4 mpg (Iggy, McGee, Faried, Gallinari, Miller, Brewer, Chandler, Koufos)

and for Kemba: 5.7 in 35.3 mpg (Sessions, MKG, Henderson, Gordon, Taylor, Mullens, Biz)

I really only see 2 PG's that are better playmakers than Kemba Walker is. Jrue Holiday and Kyle Lowry. Jrue averaged 4.5 apg last season so he's taken a MASSIVE jump and he's clearly ahead of Kemba Walker, although Jrue also turns the ball over at an extremely high rate (4.1 turnovers per game). Kyle Lowry has about the same amount of assists per game in about 7-8 mpg less. Kyle Lowry is truly unappreciated and is a top 10 PG imo. Kemba Walker has so little to work with compared to other PG's with a similar amount of assists per game. Kyle Lowry probably has had slightly more to work with, but nothing to write home about (well, that was before they were able to get Rudy Gay). I can't help but to think that Kemba would average more assists per game than most of these guys if he had the same or a similar supporting cast.

My last argument for Kemba is that defensively he has been a top PG this season. Kemba Walker is averaging 1.9 steals per game, 0.4 bpg (very solid for a PG), and is holding his matchup to 39.5% shooting (per mySynergy).

If I had to rank PG's based on play this season, my list would be:

1. Chris Paul
2. Tony Parker
3. Russell Westbrook
4. Kyrie Irving
5. Rajon Rondo
6. Jrue Holiday
7. Stephen Curry
8. Kemba Walker
9. Kyle Lowry
10. Deron Williams

Obviously Kemba still has to keep working to get better (especially on his playmaking), because there are some guys who I think could potentially put up seasons as good as Kemba (namely Lillard, Wall, and Bledsoe), Rose coming back from injury, and players getting back to form (D-Will).

#2126807 My Early 2013 Mock Draft

Posted by ZB1224 on 06 February 2013 - 11:52 AM

Yes I agree.

But like i said in the past, only thing is I think Kemba isn't that no.1 piece you build your franchise around. He's a piece you build around someone.

He's not Kyrie, Rose or CP3 who if he goes down, is going to hurt a lot of "w" in the win column. Atm, he's good but not great. I will not argue that he's a Top15-18 PG, but I'm not stupid enough to say he's a Top10 no matter what the stats say.

I agree that he's not Kyrie, Rose, or CP3 and not the cornerstone of your franchise. He's an extremely good 3rd option on a championship team right now imo. It's definitely not stupid to think that he is a top 10 PG. Pretty much EVERY stat says that he has played like a top 10 PG this year. I'm probably going to make a Kemba Walker thread here in a bit where I will give a detailed breakdown on his season this year and his progression from last season. I know that I can't change your mind, and I'm really not trying to as there's no point in trying, but it's not fair that he's playing like a top 10 PG, yet you can't acknowledge him as anything more than top 18.

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