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In Topic: on paper, our new RB Jordan Todman is an upgrade over Fozzy

Yesterday, 04:45 PM

Just setting up to take BPA in the draft, like Gettleman has said all along.

In Topic: A Message From Kony Ealy

Yesterday, 03:32 PM

An improved Kony Ealy and a sober Frank Alexander makes for a much improved d-line in 2015.

In Topic: Who do you side with in this video, bicyclist or driver?

Yesterday, 01:30 PM

Most drivers can't figure out that the left lane isn't for slow speed cruising, so I don't expect them to know bicycle laws. I stick to green ways.

Man, now that is something that drives me crazy.

In Topic: Panthers top 5 draft targets

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

If Gurley is there, he'll be the pick.

Only chance he makes it that far down the board is if teams are concerned about how his recovery is going, though.

I expect him to be taken by a team like San Diego at #17.

In Topic: If it came down to Peat or Perriman....

29 March 2015 - 04:33 PM


Not only would he be BPA over Perriman, but also at a position that is very valuable in the NFL.

WR is one of the most overrated positions on the field. I honestly won't be very excited if a WR is the pick at 25, especially Perriman. I'd much rather take one in the 2nd or 3rd round.