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P.Thomas to miss 2 to 3 werks.

Today, 07:20 AM

Per "around the NFL". The Saints up against the ropes at 2-4 and now Thomas out with a bad shoulder (J.G banged up also). We have them at home in two weeks. If there was anytime to right this ship it starts first with Seattle, then the Saints the following week. The opportunity is right there for them...let's see if they take it or roll over and tap out.

2-3 weeks....sorry.
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R.R: " no personal changes despite big loss"

Yesterday, 11:56 AM

Per S Reed. So I guess he is determined to let the carnage continue. I was hoping that with some of the rookies healing up, they would get the chance.I don't watch the coaches film, but I watch enough to know the suckitude in that secondary is legendary.I guess another week of the three stooges running around in circles will be happening Sunday.

By the way, I take this to mean the same starters that have been blown up for 30+ points a game several times this year...not new signings.

Follow up...Bene will get his starting job back at nickel ASAP (when healed up, maybe this week). So that's improvement big time if you ask me. Godfrey crapped the bed for the last time I guess.

"Defense should be good enough"?

19 October 2014 - 04:26 PM

What does this statement by Rivera even mean. Explain it to me because I just don't get it. I would expect "this is unacceptable and this defense is not playing close to expectations" or something to that effect. Well Ron, this defense is not good enough. Hoping for some fire and anger in his post game presser, but not to be. After your defense goes from 2nd to 31st, some emotion would be welcomed.

R.R.: considered signing Peppers during off season

15 October 2014 - 02:49 PM

Per his presser. As usual,they couldn't afford him. Would have helped a great deal with the Hardy mess. Him and C J.would have been interesting. Peppers said he did consider coming back...but I guess money talks when your nearing the end of a career. Would have been nice to have him this year.

Time to reshuffle the deck.....youth over age

13 October 2014 - 04:49 AM

When a team has very little pass rush and a slow secondary,it's a recipe for failure. I would venture to say most of the secondary will be gone next season. Bene,Boston,Norman should be on the field as soon as they HEAL and should be worked in as starters. Let them cut their teeth this year and see what they got. This team needs to develop a core in the secondary and can not clean house every year. The secondary has to play soft and off the recievers due to lack of speed and closing ability. Watching them get sliced up week after week is painfull. The free fall of this unit has been sad. Time to get the young guys in there and let them develop. Can't be much worse then what they have right now.

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