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In Topic: Listen up Bucs fan

06 September 2014 - 10:52 PM

One of the first things I said busting on Bucs fans was that they can't go 10 seconds without bringing up some super bowl that happened forever ago that nobody cares about anymore.



So what do bucs fans do to respond, show up and start talking about that super bowl of course.


That was a nice tongue-in-cheek write-up you did ( I really enjoyed it). 


But as witty as your little diatribe was, it doesn't hide the fact that: In essence you are attacking Buc-Nation for having the ONE THING that you and your little flea-bitten pussy cat friends crave so much...




What kind of New Age Reverse-Psychology books are being distributed nowadays to make you think that we can't SEE your jealousy huh?   :cool:


To add even more salt to your puddy-tat wounds to be licked, you are actually bragging about attending a Superbowl in which you lost...  Really???    :lolu: 


I mean thanks for reminding me, because I had forgotten (no one remembers teams that LOSE Superbowls). But you are proof that people remember Superbowl winners!  


That's why over a decade later, you are still writing about it...   :geek:



SMH...  "Poor wittle Puddy-Tat still licking his wounds??? Awww poor baby..."




In Topic: Gerald McCoy Best DT in NFL?

06 September 2014 - 10:16 PM

It doesn't matter though. Star manhandled a Pro Bowl caliber center in his debut and was instrumental in our defensive line being so dominate in 2013. Lotululei straight up played like a veteran in his rookie campaign.


Ok, we'll compare notes on the two of them after the game...  ;) 

In Topic: Gerald McCoy Best DT in NFL?

06 September 2014 - 10:01 PM

Star is way ahead of McCoy after their respective rookie years

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McCoy was injured during his 1st and 2nd year (biceps tear on each arm), so rookie comparison stats are not a good gauge.