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In Topic: Why can't Godfrey go back to Safety?

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

Waiting to see who's a better option other then Godfrey from the football gurus.........barring the second coming of Jesus himself being cut he's the best option on the roster at ss healthy so far

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The debate stopped because Godfrey and Decoud are better than any other combination of DeCoud at free safety and any other player on our roster playing Strong safety.

They may be able to play Harper on obvious running downs but otherwise Godfrey offers the most versatility.

Decoud can handle the coverage over the top.

In Topic: Former Panthers Draft Pick Tim Shaw Diagnosed with ALS

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

I knew a guy who passed a couple of yrs ago who up to that point was the longest tp live with ALS. Like 16 yrs or so.
It always seems to get people who are very good athletes.

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I wonder why that is? I knew a guy that went to school on a track scholarships that passed away from ALS. Weird correlation.....

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In Topic: Even MOAR Kelvin Benjamin praise

Yesterday, 07:40 PM

Melvin White is my prediction for breakout player of the year, I think he'll be a top 10 CB by seasons end.

I have noticed that teams are not really throwing to his side.

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In Topic: Friday night huge test for Kelvin and WR core

Yesterday, 06:52 PM

I want to see Cam knock out Brady. Tag team match perhaps?

Make it fair at least....

Brady would have to play Cam in checkers or connect four to win :)

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In Topic: tweets from practice

Yesterday, 06:27 PM

Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview 1h
Former #Panthers RB Armond Smith arrested … for stealing a leaf blower

Hate thieves with a passion


Plus they caught him on camera. So glad he isn't on this team anymore.

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