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In Topic: USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Yesterday, 08:28 PM

I really hate the faith put in Ron Rivera. People think he changed his philosophy or something which frankly isn't true. Someone just showed him some relative value chart of going for it on 4th, or going for TDs deep in opposing territories, etc. These things aren't daring or innovative; they're logical.

And even if he's changed on 3-4 plays a game, he's still letting shula call the most horseshit offense in the NFL for the rest of them.

I hope they implode this year and they bring in Gus Malzahn.

Malzahn for offensive coordinator in the NFL ??? That heavy read option would not work here. I get your point somewhat but you went way to the left. He would have some innovative ideas but some of those same innovative thoughts would not translate due to the speed of the game and NFL player discipline to gaps.

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In Topic: Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

Yesterday, 03:35 PM

Also, when you hear the term 'the next Cam Newton', you already have an image of what type of player that could be. But 'the next Andrew Luck' doesn't bring much to the imagination. He has yet to define what type of player he's gonna be. He doesn't have anything he's great at.

Exactly, great point. Cam won the Heisman, and went undefeated to win a JUCO championship with Blinn as well as division 1 championship at Auburn. I think most realize it's just a matter of time before we surround Cam with the right pieces to seize a NFL championship.
We aren't quite there yet on offense but it is coming. I expect we will see progress on offense this season in the run game and slow improvement in the pass game.

In Topic: Winston says Benjamin blessed to play with Cam

21 July 2014 - 11:59 PM

Cam has a lot of street cred among players of all level. It's weird that I never read a young player think highly of Andrew Luck.

I think it's because Luck hasn't won anything yet. He is a very good young quaterback that should go far but he didn't win anything in college and hasn't really won anything substantial in the pros yet.

Most of the other young quarterbacks get their credentials because of championships or top college honors such as the Heisman.

In Topic: If You Are Cho: Does Hendo Stay?

18 July 2014 - 01:39 AM

We signed Roberts we don't need 3 pg.

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Especially with Lance on the squad now. He is a really good ball handler and likes to get in a groove by putting the rock on the floor occasionally.

In Topic: TJ Warren

18 July 2014 - 01:33 AM

Charlotte already has a pair of starting wings who can't shoot the ball. Warren would've been a terrible fit.

For some odd reason this is the year I think Kidd-Gilcrest takes the jump with his midrange to 17 foot jumper. I think 3 pointers are still a ways off.

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