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#3175398 PIE! PLAYOFF WIN!

Posted by hitman80 on 03 January 2015 - 08:41 PM

Davis and Kuechly are ballin!  Go Panthers!  I swear I was supposed to be born in Charlotte, loved this team since its inception.

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#3159560 First repeat Champions in NFC South History PIE

Posted by hitman80 on 28 December 2014 - 07:44 PM

Freaking awesome!!

#3125093 Can you hope again?

Posted by hitman80 on 08 December 2014 - 12:36 PM


Saw your post and immediately thought of this:


#2619671 Zod, Get Ahead Of The Curve: Give Me A Windows Phone App

Posted by hitman80 on 17 January 2014 - 12:59 AM

ITunes denied our app because we were discussing things trademarked like the NFL

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I'm glad there aren't any other forum apps that have discussions about trademarked things...oh wait. How in the world can apps for Reddit get approved which discuss (and show) far worse than simple trademarks. I like the iPhone but man I hate Apple sometimes.

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#2572502 Division Championship PIE

Posted by hitman80 on 29 December 2013 - 04:28 PM

Whoop whoop. Another week, another heart attack.

#2564445 Huddle App Update

Posted by hitman80 on 24 December 2013 - 04:16 PM

Any news on the iOS app?

#2561136 Every time that Jimmy something guy slum dunk at our field, I wanna slap that...

Posted by hitman80 on 23 December 2013 - 01:53 AM

He also added to his classiness by screaming "Suck my D@&$" to the end zone fans.

He left a loser.

Heard it loud and clear on the FOX broadcast. Can't stand him.

#2516071 Huddle App Update

Posted by hitman80 on 27 November 2013 - 12:19 PM

Been waiting on the iOS app.  Great news!


Posted by hitman80 on 24 November 2013 - 04:59 PM

I think I had a mild heart attack…for the second week in a row.

#2496465 Free pie!

Posted by hitman80 on 18 November 2013 - 11:47 PM

Freaking awesome.

#2496358 I'm Exhausted

Posted by hitman80 on 18 November 2013 - 11:43 PM

I just dry humped my tv!!!

My eyes caught a glimpse of your avatar and then I read your comment. God, the image, get it out.

#2496202 I'm Exhausted

Posted by hitman80 on 18 November 2013 - 11:36 PM

My arms hurt. I was trying to punch Brady as he walked off the field yelling at the ref.