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Cam vs RG3 Top 100 Plays of 2012

30 July 2013 - 05:21 AM

Hey boyzz, I don't really think this is worth its own thread so I apologize, but there isn't any thread even remotely related to this that I can stick it in without bumping something ancient.  Just thought this was funny though and worth sharing.


I've been somewhat keeping up with this "Top 100 Plays of 2012" countdown on NFL.com and noticed RG3's 76-yard touchdown run against the Vikings somehow made it all the way to number freaking FIVE.  That run looks pretty familiar though right?  Cam's long TD run against the Falcons was almost identical (72 yards vs. 76 yards, both TD runs along the left sideline) and where is it on the list?  Number 87...over 80 spots lower.  I couldn't care much less about this dumb NFL.com countdown, but I thought it was a pretty darn perfect portrayal of RG3 vs. Cam in the eyes of the media...and just a funny thing to take note of.


RG3's run wasn't even anything special...he was basically untouched the whole way.  No fancy jukes or broken tackles.  Cam obviously didn't break any tackles either but I would give our play the slight nod just cause of Steve Smith hustling down there and blocking 3 defenders by himself...and that sweet Cammy Cam dive into the end zone!


Anyways, 4 yards apparently is the difference between the 87th and 5th best plays of the year.  I'm not saying Cam's play deserves to be in the top 10, but I would probably put both around 40-60.  Cam's run was definitely the most exciting play of the year for me personally, especially since it put us up 23-0 against probably our most hated rival, but I can't honestly say it was one of the best plays of the year from a neutral standpoint.


Here's the link if you guys wanna check out both plays closer:



Cam: #87

RG3: #5


They're grouped in ranges of 10, so you'll have to click the tabs near the top to find each play.

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