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They Gambled. They Lost. It's That Simple.

11 November 2014 - 09:11 AM

Everyone wants to find effigies to burn and jobs to be lost and players to be cut and rabble, rabble, rabble.


It boils down to one very simple reality: the front office (assign blame between coaches and GM as you wish) lacked the fiscal resources to address all areas of need and decided that the offensive line could hold up if necessary. It was a fatal gamble and they lost. There aren't any real schematic answers that fit with the offensive roster we currently have: we lack the offensive line to establish the running game and play action schemes our core philosophy is built around and other, less line-intensive schemes such as a dink-and-dunk WCO are entirely unsuited to the receiving corps we have.


So keep in mind between all of your hell-raising that before amputating every limb off the patient one should wonder if their broken ankle might be the cause that keeps them from walking.

Pete Prisco Sings Cam's Praises

17 October 2014 - 01:01 PM

All these Cam accolades make me feel weird. . .



When I sat down to talk with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton last summer, I noticed a real change in him, a maturing man who seemed light years away from the Newton of his first two seasons.

Then again, as some of the recent NFL happenings have reminded us -- like Adrian Peterson -- the small glimpse into the players' football lives only gives us a chance to make snap decisions about who we think they are as people. But when I left the interview with Newton that day, I thought he came off as a more reflective quarterback, one more willing to take on the responsibilities of playing the marquee position in sports.

The notion that he was a player who didn't care, a quarterback who could only succeed in some gimmicked-up offense to take advantage of his legs, with a look-at-me attitude of a player who would never lead a team the right way seemed something he wanted to disprove -- and would disprove.

Fourteen months later, I think we're seeing just that, which is why we are watching a different Newton play quarterback. His numbers aren't outrageously gaudy, but Newton is playing one of heck of a brand of quarterback for the Panthers right now.

Yahoo Sports: Is Cam Most Underrated QB?

15 September 2014 - 03:00 PM


There was an enormous bandage on Cam Newton's side as he walked through the locker room after Sunday's 24-7 victory against the Detroit Lions. It was in the shape of an X.

"X marks the spot!" joked one Carolina Panthers teammate.

Newton grinned. That teammate was right. A huge target has been on Newton since he got into the league as a flashy No. 1 overall pick in 2011. He's been criticized for his sideline demeanor and scrutinized after a difficult second season in the league.

On Sunday, the target was physical, too. Newton has been limited by a sore ankle and a hairline rib fracture – hence the bandage. He couldn't even play in Week 1 at Tampa, and so he went out onto the field Sunday to face one of the league's best defensive fronts without ever having thrown a meaningful pass to any of his current receivers. Newton is known as a mobile quarterback, but all he could really do against Ndamukong Suh and the Lions was stand in the pocket and throw.

He was fantastic: resilient, efficient and sharp.

Terrific Brandon Williams Piece via BBR

10 September 2014 - 07:21 AM



He was once broke and broken, working for pennies in Portland while mending a shattered dream, so Brandon Williams can't help but smile at his own story.

"I know, rags-to-riches right?'' the 26-year-old says, sitting in the Carolina Panthers locker room. "But if I wouldn't have gone through what I did, I wouldn't appreciate what I have now the way I do.''

He is in his second year as a reserve tight end with the Panthers, a long shot story that nearly didn't happen, right up to when the doctor standing between him and a contract died of a heart attack.

He always dreamed he would be a professional football player, but doctors at the University of Oregon abruptly ended his career because of what they believed was a dangerous spinal condition.

Instead of a career headed for stardom, as a coach at Oregon forecasted, Williams dabbled in basketball, playing half a season for Portland Bible College, while also pursuing his passion for law enforcement. He applied at Portland Police, who suggested he get experience. So he worked security jobs ranging from $9.50 to $11 an hour.

"He was a very viable candidate for us, but the best thing we ever did was not hire him,'' says George Burke, a commander for the Portland Police Bureau who served as a mentor for Williams. "Because his story is just short of a miracle when you think about it.''

An Actual Reaction Thread That's Not Retarded

22 August 2014 - 10:01 PM

Lord, the Huddle is so predictable.


1, 1A, 1B, 1C. It's preseason.


2. See #1.


3. We played our dress rehearsal Sunday against the Chiefs. The Patriots played their dress rehearsal tonight. We did not do much in the way of game-planning, hence the consistent failures on 3rd downs as our base defense held up nicely but succumbed to some well-designed 3rd down plays.


4. The Panthers obvious offensive focus was on passing plays no matter the coverage. Cam called no audibles and they did not give him a called running play. He also did fine overall, but was clearly not ready to pull the trigger on receivers other than Benjamin since he seems not to be able to anticipate their breaks. It's all timing that has to be ironed out, and soon.


5. Kuechly left the game long before most of the defensive starters, and a lot of the late coverage lapses came when Klein tried to handle the MLB duties on his behalf, including a few blown plays by Klein himself. It happens, but they were clearly trying to get A.J. some more experience at running the defense since he is also the primary backup for Keuchly.


6. Chandler Jones is a not a scrub, and Byron Bell only got beat badly by him once on an inside move, and it looks like he was expecting help from Silatolu.


7. Our OL depth is just bad; not necessarily from a lack of talent, but just sheer rawness and inexperience.


8. Swole Bones continues to make great plays, even when he's chasing down interceptors from half a field away.


9. I'm really getting concerned about Cam and Cotchery. They just don't seem to be in the same area code offensively.


10. Bersin has to make this team, he's just doing everything the right way. King helped himself again as well.


11. Fozzy continued to run hard, but the holes weren't there.


12. Philly Brown got a chance to show some moves, even if flags negated the gain.


13. Kelvin Benjamin is still beasting, and the Patriots eventually went to rolling coverage to him. This is exactly what we wanted from him; a player that demands double teams and opens things up down the middle for Olsen.


14. That Tom Brady guy might actually be pretty good, and we barely squeaked past this team last year when it mattered. We played a good team half-assedly in a meaningless game and the scoreboard reflected that. It hurts the pride but it's irrelevant beyond that.


15. Coaches love these kinds of games: much of the scoreline can be attributed to mistakes, not being physically outplayed, and mistakes can be corrected. So in an exhibition you took a quality teams best shots and get lots of film to take back and correct issues, and you get to bust your team's ass a bit in the process.


In summary, keep calm and stop Huddling.


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