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So...How do you play it?

11 April 2015 - 06:46 PM

Let's say Peanut comes to camp ready to take over that #2CB slot. Putting Norman at #1, and Bene' in the slot. That is 3 pretty darn good CBs. How do we play it?

Conventional wisdom would dictate putting Norman on the #1WR, and let Peanut take the #2. As Josh has shown the ability to do well against good competition, this seems to make a lot of sense. If Peanut can hold his own. And if Bene' shows any growth, this would seem to be an ideal situation.

Now, even as good as this sounds. Players get beat, mistakes happen, and big plays are the results. Which means, we would still most likely have to keep both Safeties back on most plays. On most plays, 2 high Safeties would be over-kill, cuz Norman and Peanut will do their jobs well. But just for insurance sake, keeping both Safeties back just makes sense.

But...let's flip the script. Let's put Norman on the #2, and Peanut on the #1. We give Peanut Safety help over the top, and let Norman blanket his guy. This allows one of our Safeties to roam. He can blitz occasionally. Or he can cheat in coverage on Bene' or Peanut. Point being, With only 1 Safety deep, you can get creative with your schemes.

Best case; Norman can shut down most #2 WRs. And Peanut, with Safety help, should limit what a #1 can do. Making the need for 2 deep Safeties rather superfluous.

I know it sounds backwards to flip Norman and Peanut. I was just thinking it would give us more flexibility.

tl/dr version. Read it anyway you lazy potlicker.

Lion's may be in trouble at RT and CB

10 September 2014 - 11:00 PM

At RT Hilliard is out, and Waddel didn't practice today with a sore calf. Which he has a boot on.

At CB Bentley is out. They actually brought in Champ, and that guy who supposedly went awol from the Jets.

In their places Rookies will be asked to take their places. Reynolds at RT, and Lawson in the secondary.

Hopefully CJ can have a field day, as the Lions love to use only their 5 linemen and send everyone else out in pattern. If CJ and company can get pressure, it may cause the Lions to leave someone in to help in protection. Any way you can limit the number of receivers Matt has, is a win for us.

Lawson, and any scrub they bring in to that mess they have back their is only going to help us. They are a train wreck in the secondary. If we can keep their front four off of Cam, our passing game should prosper. The Lions will blitz, but they don't make a habit of it. And Cam can be a beast against the Blitz.

We need to run the ball well, something the Lions are sketchy at. It not only opens up play action, but it slows down their pass rush. Unlike our front four that stops the run on the way to the QB, theirs has a tendency to rush pass the RB as they rush the passer.

If we play Panther football, we should win. At this point in time, they are playing better under Caldwell. But these are still the Lions. Don't let Megatron go off, and keep the running game in check is still a good way to get the win.

tl/dr version. The Lions are hurting in the secondary and RT. If we can take advantage of those 2 weaknesses, we should get the win.