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Lion's may be in trouble at RT and CB

10 September 2014 - 11:00 PM

At RT Hilliard is out, and Waddel didn't practice today with a sore calf. Which he has a boot on.

At CB Bentley is out. They actually brought in Champ, and that guy who supposedly went awol from the Jets.

In their places Rookies will be asked to take their places. Reynolds at RT, and Lawson in the secondary.

Hopefully CJ can have a field day, as the Lions love to use only their 5 linemen and send everyone else out in pattern. If CJ and company can get pressure, it may cause the Lions to leave someone in to help in protection. Any way you can limit the number of receivers Matt has, is a win for us.

Lawson, and any scrub they bring in to that mess they have back their is only going to help us. They are a train wreck in the secondary. If we can keep their front four off of Cam, our passing game should prosper. The Lions will blitz, but they don't make a habit of it. And Cam can be a beast against the Blitz.

We need to run the ball well, something the Lions are sketchy at. It not only opens up play action, but it slows down their pass rush. Unlike our front four that stops the run on the way to the QB, theirs has a tendency to rush pass the RB as they rush the passer.

If we play Panther football, we should win. At this point in time, they are playing better under Caldwell. But these are still the Lions. Don't let Megatron go off, and keep the running game in check is still a good way to get the win.

tl/dr version. The Lions are hurting in the secondary and RT. If we can take advantage of those 2 weaknesses, we should get the win.

Okay...about that Oline.

10 April 2014 - 04:21 AM

I just thought I would try this thread starting thingy out and see if I can make a difference in a fellow Huddlers life.

So here's my 1st ever Hubby gonna set you right thread. Where to start? The obvious ones like Cam, he gon' ball like nothin ere seen this year. Or that Defense? Sheew! Those 2 alone should warm your cockle shellz. But nah. Too easy.

No siree Bob. I want to start with that oh so important Oline. And when you start to start talking about the Oline, you start with Kalil. Not the biggest of Centers in the game, but that is his only flaw. He is now the absolute anchor of that line. And considered one of the leading Cs in the league.

2 things I really like about Ryan are his technique, and his leadership. He has to fill those leadership shoes without Gross for the first time in his career. But he couldn't of had a better role model, or mentor, than Jordan. Does he get near the respect, for both himself, and his fellow OL as a group with Gross gone? That is going to say a lot. Although I cannot perceive of a reason Ryan cannot lead that group. Teamed with Cam, and Keek. You have 3 or your 4 units covered.

Technique. What do they say? Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach. I see Ryan as tactician. Every move designed to learn and grow. Those types of analytics can be taught. I happen to think it was Ryan, Gross, and Coaching that made our Oline not suck. I absolutely believe he is coaching his mates as hard, or harder probably just as more motivation, as the coaches are.

Can Ryan assume command of the Oline corp.? That is a question worth pondering. If he can? We have the potential to be more than capable of executing a productive running game.

Now could be the time for Bell to shine. Take over that alpha dog in training role. Bring a new and bigger attitude to match his size and ability. He is pretty much a vet now. If he comes in ready to lead, or maybe Ryan has a talk with him, and something clicks? Any and all scenarios where he has a break out year? Hellz yeah it could happen.

Let's start by judging what we want to do. Run the ball. This is right in Bell's wheelhouse. He has the size, and length, to move guys around. He has the ability to wall off an alley without getting in the way. He stays with his man longer, consistently, than anyone I've ever seen. He may not get to the second level very well, but this, in the run game, is his only real flaw.

Bell just may be a good candidate for Lt. Maybe with being a 4th year vet. He may be ready to take on that responsibility?

Amini, and KugZilla are 2 more big guyz. 1, Amini, was looking to be coming into his own before injury shortened a promising year. If he can cam (oops, fuedian slip maybe?)come back looking like a 3rd year vet!? Teamed with Kalil, that is a pretty promising start.

Amini has enough size, and strength to win his share of battles up the middle. He has the speed to get to both the outside, and to the second level. Throw in that if he has you. You goin where he wants you. He can lead the sweep, or he can come across and run the trap. He can do everything you want your RT to do in the running game. With the size to still be a factor in short yardage.

If Amini comes in a year better than what last year projected to be. He is going to be more than capable handling the job.

Chandler just has that feel good story with a happy ending kinda guy. He is going to take to RT like a that sailor did to my sister in law last weekend. Athletic is the word that seems to be the starting point with him. Inexperienced, at least at the RT position, is a given. But the kid has done damm well everywhere they have put him.

His size may not make him an ideal RT, but in 2 TE sets, with KugZilla beside him. In most situations, all he has to do is not lose the war. For the basic 1st, 2nd, and hellz, any damm down running plays, he can use his size, quickness, and athleticism to his advantage. Giving him ample opportunity to win his share of battles. But, like Kalil, he is a tad undersized for what you would like to be in those short yardage situations.

I played Short Stop my whole career. When I moved to softball I moved to 1st base. Best position on the fugging field. I wish I had played it my whole career. My hope is that is what happens for Chandler. He has the on field jitterz out of the way. He has learned he can hang with the big boys. Maybe RT, where his athleticism can be an asset will bring out the best in him?

Chandler is a big question mark. I cannot argue that. But all indications are. This kid gets it. RT just fits his skill so well.

If we had to go to war tomorrow. I could live with this group. Room for growth? Sure. But a pretty good starting spot.

tl/dr version/ Thanks for listening. Don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses. Thanks, and good night.