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In Topic: Remember the Massacre

Today, 05:03 AM

google search did however reveal like the only other place on the internet that "the oklahoma city retribution" appears



Burning children alive at Waco fulfilled a Biblical prophesy, it seems. Just the beginning. Janet Reno and her FBI were senseless tools of destiny. The FBI went on to poison its own case against the Oklahoma City retribution, thus writing the script for blowing away ever more children.


an amazon review written by some crazy person for some crazy person book about janet reno and hillary clinton

In Topic: Rand Paul

Today, 02:41 AM

If someone is holding hostages at gunpoint after already killiing a couple, do the police have the right to take him out via sniper?  Drone?


As an extension of law enforcement, using the same laws that are in place already, what is the difference?


The "no due process" part was where I thought you were off


weaponized drone? in a hostage situation? congratulations on killing all of the hostages, sheriff arpaio


and btw rand paul didn't specify that it was a hostage situation in his weird back peddle. what if someone is trying to break into someone's home? it looks like he has a weapon! are we just going to rain hellfire on the next henry gates?

In Topic: Remember the Massacre

Today, 02:31 AM

there's no way that's not already the name of some white power punk band somewhere

In Topic: Remember the Massacre

Today, 02:30 AM

the oklahoma city retribution




the oklahoma city retribution




the oklahoma city retribution




the oklahoma city retribution




the oklahoma city retribution


In Topic: white nationalist domestic terrorist kills 3 in kansas

Today, 02:17 AM

So you think biscuit is worthy of your engagement. Interesting.


well yeah, i don't think he's too stupid to dress himself in the morning so i hold him to a higher standard than, say, madhatter. probable rapist or not, i think he is "worthy of my engagement"


i genuinely believe that, as phillyb has posted about before, there are ppl out there who are just too goddamn dumb to understand that they espouse racist or sexist or classist views. i mostly ignore those ppl. the difference is phillyb seems to think that extends to ppl of average and above average intelligence. i think relatively smart ppl should be prepared to support their dumb posts and if, hypothetically, a relatively smart person suggests that there are inherent difference between races, it will get my attention

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