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In Topic: Is it time to start worrying about Charles Johnson?

Yesterday, 11:31 PM


In Topic: Josh Norman

Yesterday, 11:27 PM

Cason, White, and Benwikere blow him away. Not sure we have any other guys at CB since Godfrey jumped to S.

Cason getting beat like a drum every play try again

In Topic: Josh Norman

Yesterday, 11:18 PM

I get that people like him because he's physically gifted and we have this affinity for unheralded players and whatever. I'm not trying to poo on anyone's player crush. But he's an old rookie, he makes the very same mistakes he made when he first arrived and appears to have the instincts and football IQ of a tree stump.


No one on defense exactly covered themselves with glory today, so not trying to pick on just him, but I really don't see why we keep him around.

whos better than him?

In Topic: Josh Norman

Yesterday, 11:13 PM

Philly should have fell on it first his fault all the way around 

In Topic: Why we lost...

Yesterday, 11:10 PM

philly brown 

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