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In Topic: Cams press conference, yeah this guy really looks like a "me me me" p...

21 September 2012 - 12:49 AM

Those are arguably 2 of the top 5 QBs in the NFL history being used as the measuring block....

Plus Brady had a top tier D and wasn't asked to be the current Brady

Cam had the best rookie year ever. I think it's unreasonable not to expect him to struggle in his second year. That said, I was only responding to the claim that there's more pressure on Cam than on those two in their second year. That's just blatantly false.

Yeah and golden boy Peyton was playing with a first round pick RB in James a WR that was entering his prime in Harrison and a veteran head coach he had prior exp. in N.O. Plus he played in a weak AFC East division.

And Cam has two first round RBs, a first round TE and one of the best WRs in the game. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages. As I said above, I was just responding to the claim that Cam has more pressure in his second year than they did in theirs.

In Topic: Cams press conference, yeah this guy really looks like a "me me me" p...

21 September 2012 - 12:26 AM

Everyone on the team knows Cam is a winner. Cam is expected to be Aaron Rodgers/Tom Brady/Peyton Manning etc in his 2nd season even though these players were not even close to being under the kind of pressure/responsibility in their 2nd season.

I think Cam is getting a little more grief on this forum than he deserves, but Peyton Manning was leading a 13-3 team in his second season and Tom Brady won a Super Bowl in his.

In Topic: Kuechly

15 September 2012 - 03:08 PM

Well, agree to disagree. I'm sure you guys have little interest in talking about a Buc, so I'll just say what I originally intended...I think Kuechly will be very good.

In Topic: Kuechly

15 September 2012 - 02:35 PM

Barron needs work in pass coverage. He was shaky all preseaon as it.

This just isn't correct. He didn't play in game one or four, played one series in game two and in game three, they held the Patriots to one rushing touchdown in the first half and he had an INT for a touchdown.

Also, to all the responses, I acknowledged Steve Smith's toughness. I think it's most likely just a coincidence that he wasn't involved in the game plan after the big hit.

In Topic: Kuechly

15 September 2012 - 12:01 PM

There might not be. Steve Smith is one of the toughest players in the league, so there probably isn't. Big hitters have gotten into the heads of receivers pretty much throughout football's history, though.

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