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#2871237 Carolina beard challenge

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Yesterday, 10:52 PM

Oh it's selfie time

That was my master plan mass huddle selfies.....

#2871096 Am I the only one who thinks the Panthers will be even better this season?

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Yesterday, 08:55 PM

Idk about a better record but deff a better overall team that will go further in the playoffs! 12-4 will be tough to equal or better but I don't think records are the tell all be all! I wouldn't consider a solid 11-5 or 10-6 a step back

#2870908 So this just happened

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Yesterday, 06:20 PM

Yea deff ordering at least 2 combinations of these

#2870906 Trai Turner seems like a vet according to J. Jones.

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Yesterday, 06:19 PM

I feel we will be converting a lot of 4 and 1s and goalline situations for years to come...our interior oline is gonna be beastly

#2870545 Lookin at our Schedule if we can even crack 10 wins this is a super bowl lock

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Stop looking at how "scary" other teams are and start looking at how scary we are to teams. Our defense is BIG TIME! A stout d always gives you at least a chance. Factor in that we have Cameron Jerrell Newton at the helm and we always have a chance! It's the NFL man every week is tough!!!

#2865445 Cams ankle is not right!

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 26 July 2014 - 10:24 AM

There was one throw where he really gunned it in on an out route and came up a tad gimpy but that's soreness which is to be expected other than that he was running around like a little kid and his throws were on point! Ankle is fine stop trying to write for espn and make something out of nothing

#2864464 The Fan Fest Thread!

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 25 July 2014 - 01:36 PM

No...we aren't doing anything today. I was thinking of going to the French Quarter or Mellow Mushroom because they have good beers, or just sucking it up and hitting the Dog House.

Let me know what you end up deciding....

For sure I'll Prbly just end up at the doghouse...I put in to have Mondays off of work and school specifically to be able to go to cans on Sunday nights haha

#2863806 Lets revisit the Hardy situation...

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 24 July 2014 - 07:38 PM

I agree with this...I love the kraken but we've seen what kind of decisions have been made regarding players with even a hint of attitude not to mention staying constantly in the media in a negative way...I feel the scenarios you laid out are spot on and he will have a monster season playing for big money next year....you know Rosenhaus will be in his ear about the contract he will get him next season if he shows out...ealy will get in yen rotation and learn from him, he's the future and I feel it's a bright one!

#2862158 Now at Harris Teeter

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 23 July 2014 - 03:34 PM

Haha I won one of these from the panthers on twitter yesterday!

#2862156 Sydney rice retires after 7 years

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 23 July 2014 - 03:34 PM

as a Gamecock fan this saddens me I'm a huge Rice fan and was hoping for a good season from him..

well we still have Clowney and several others to pull for


Really really hope Latimore gets his shot!!!! He deserves it more than just about anyone in the NFL

#2862147 Sydney rice retires after 7 years

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 23 July 2014 - 03:28 PM

Yea mort was saying staying in good health was more important than football to him, and apparently he's opening a few restaurants! I think we as fans take for granted just how taxing this game we all love can be on players!

#2861964 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 23 July 2014 - 01:03 PM

I really hate the faith put in Ron Rivera. People think he changed his philosophy or something which frankly isn't true. Someone just showed him some relative value chart of going for it on 4th, or going for TDs deep in opposing territories, etc. These things aren't daring or innovative; they're logical.

And even if he's changed on 3-4 plays a game, he's still letting shula call the most horseshit offense in the NFL for the rest of them.

I hope they implode this year and they bring in Gus Malzahn.

I will disagree on coach Rivera, him and McDermott put together one hell of a defense, but as far as Shula goes, I agree he is trash!!! I would love to see what are offense could be with a more innovative mind calling the plays

#2861628 Training Camp Coverage - You Tell Me

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 23 July 2014 - 07:08 AM

Starting Friday I will be attending every practice for a week.

I will once again be posting photos in the patent pending daily story time threads as well as conducting player interviews and twittering here and there.

So I have a few question for you all.

1. What do you look forward to most about training camp coverage

2. What do you least enjoy about training camp coverage (tweets, photos, redundant interviews, etc)

3. Do you have any particular positional matchup that you find most intriguing

4. Who are your dark horse players?

1. LOVE the camp pics!!! I'll be attending a couple practices next week as well but the pics are always great!

2. Personally I don't like the redundant politically correct interviews....ask them some crazy questions to mix it up haha

3. Really interested In the Chase Blackburn/ AJ Klein battle and of course the chandler/bell scenario....and also if Melvin white takes the next step this year the whole secondary will be interesting to watch

4. Dark horse if you wanna call it that is bene benwikere, super interested to see how he develops, and also Robert Lester, again not really a dark horse as he was productive last year

#2858059 Defensive challenge first four games of 2014

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 19 July 2014 - 02:55 PM

Bucs- New QB, new Head Coach, new system....their recieving core is scary, VJax is a stud and Mike Evans was a beast in college, along with their new giant TE, they will pose some problems, however i feel being the fist game of the season for the QB and head coach our defense is just too much for Josh McKown who i feel was more a product of the system in Chicago...the offense cant come out and lay an egg though, Lovie knows defense, we cant fall behind early.


Lions- i will admit im scared to see what megatron does. I feel this is the game that most concerns me early. Getting pressure on stafford will be HUGGGE! we cant let him sit back there and dish it to calvin and ebron. Their defense doesnt really concern me, Kahil and the interior oline will have to have a big day on Suh but as far as the secondary goes hopefully kelvin has a coming out party


Steelers-the biggest thing im worried about here is getting thrown out the game for talking poo to the idiotic yellow towel waivers that are sure to infest the Bank. Antonio brown is a stud, but other than that i dont see much to worry about. They will prbly try to establish the run with Bell and Blount  but our dfence shut down better backfields! Big ben will have to make some magic happen to avoid playing from his back the whole game. Dont let antonio get behind our secondary and contain the run


Ravens- Smitty will be fired the fug up to thrash us, but lets be honest i dont see him lighting up the scoreboard or running free past any of our guys! jacoby jones is a speedster and torrey smith is solid but once again neither one jumps out at me and says we should worry! Flacco got his big money and laid anaegg last year! once again defensive pressure will ruin him, i expect a repeat of last years preseason game when it counts this year! no revenge for smitty! maybe some blood for the fight he will no doubt casue, but much love to smitty i will be in Balitmore to see him one last time!


Just a few thoughts on each game, i really hope we start fast this year and dont get down early! i see us coming out of this stretch 3-1, with detroit being the only snag but who knows at this point, i feel we have a better recieiving core all around tthan last year and the secondary, imo, is a bit better if not on the same level as last year! im really interested to see what Goddfrey can bring to the CB position

#2854364 Lance Stephenson signing and it's big picture impact

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 16 July 2014 - 04:19 PM

Ok understand this it's a simple concept, we actually learn in sports marketing classes in school, marketability draws interest and exposure...we get more nationally televised games because we re good and people want to see cam play....Johnny football hasn't played and nfl snap but is one of the most talked about names in sports, he's marketed his self, you can bet that the browns will be on tv more due to people wanting to see him play and he isn't even the starter yet, pair that with the cavs and Lebron , Cleveland sports will be one of the most talked about and analyzed topics in the next few months, which I garuntee will make it easier for the browns to acquire more FAs....people wanted to see lance play in the playoffs #1 due to his playmaking abilities and #2 his antics, more national exsposure draws more national attention, more fans from other areas, and most importantly makes it a more desirable location for players who want more exsposure....this isn't a football or basketball only topic...it's about the culture of CLT sports as a whole, once again lance isn't a tier 1 superstar but with the exception of maybe al Jefferson he's the biggest name on the roster! Cam is despite what the media might say, a legit superstar! You can expect this to have an impact in coming years!

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