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#2862156 Sydney rice retires after 7 years

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Today, 03:34 PM

as a Gamecock fan this saddens me I'm a huge Rice fan and was hoping for a good season from him..

well we still have Clowney and several others to pull for


Really really hope Latimore gets his shot!!!! He deserves it more than just about anyone in the NFL

#2862147 Sydney rice retires after 7 years

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Today, 03:28 PM

Yea mort was saying staying in good health was more important than football to him, and apparently he's opening a few restaurants! I think we as fans take for granted just how taxing this game we all love can be on players!

#2861964 USA Today: Five reasons to believe in the Carolina Panthers

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Today, 01:03 PM

I really hate the faith put in Ron Rivera. People think he changed his philosophy or something which frankly isn't true. Someone just showed him some relative value chart of going for it on 4th, or going for TDs deep in opposing territories, etc. These things aren't daring or innovative; they're logical.

And even if he's changed on 3-4 plays a game, he's still letting shula call the most horseshit offense in the NFL for the rest of them.

I hope they implode this year and they bring in Gus Malzahn.

I will disagree on coach Rivera, him and McDermott put together one hell of a defense, but as far as Shula goes, I agree he is trash!!! I would love to see what are offense could be with a more innovative mind calling the plays

#2861628 Training Camp Coverage - You Tell Me

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on Today, 07:08 AM

Starting Friday I will be attending every practice for a week.

I will once again be posting photos in the patent pending daily story time threads as well as conducting player interviews and twittering here and there.

So I have a few question for you all.

1. What do you look forward to most about training camp coverage

2. What do you least enjoy about training camp coverage (tweets, photos, redundant interviews, etc)

3. Do you have any particular positional matchup that you find most intriguing

4. Who are your dark horse players?

1. LOVE the camp pics!!! I'll be attending a couple practices next week as well but the pics are always great!

2. Personally I don't like the redundant politically correct interviews....ask them some crazy questions to mix it up haha

3. Really interested In the Chase Blackburn/ AJ Klein battle and of course the chandler/bell scenario....and also if Melvin white takes the next step this year the whole secondary will be interesting to watch

4. Dark horse if you wanna call it that is bene benwikere, super interested to see how he develops, and also Robert Lester, again not really a dark horse as he was productive last year

#2858059 Defensive challenge first four games of 2014

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 19 July 2014 - 02:55 PM

Bucs- New QB, new Head Coach, new system....their recieving core is scary, VJax is a stud and Mike Evans was a beast in college, along with their new giant TE, they will pose some problems, however i feel being the fist game of the season for the QB and head coach our defense is just too much for Josh McKown who i feel was more a product of the system in Chicago...the offense cant come out and lay an egg though, Lovie knows defense, we cant fall behind early.


Lions- i will admit im scared to see what megatron does. I feel this is the game that most concerns me early. Getting pressure on stafford will be HUGGGE! we cant let him sit back there and dish it to calvin and ebron. Their defense doesnt really concern me, Kahil and the interior oline will have to have a big day on Suh but as far as the secondary goes hopefully kelvin has a coming out party


Steelers-the biggest thing im worried about here is getting thrown out the game for talking poo to the idiotic yellow towel waivers that are sure to infest the Bank. Antonio brown is a stud, but other than that i dont see much to worry about. They will prbly try to establish the run with Bell and Blount  but our dfence shut down better backfields! Big ben will have to make some magic happen to avoid playing from his back the whole game. Dont let antonio get behind our secondary and contain the run


Ravens- Smitty will be fired the fug up to thrash us, but lets be honest i dont see him lighting up the scoreboard or running free past any of our guys! jacoby jones is a speedster and torrey smith is solid but once again neither one jumps out at me and says we should worry! Flacco got his big money and laid anaegg last year! once again defensive pressure will ruin him, i expect a repeat of last years preseason game when it counts this year! no revenge for smitty! maybe some blood for the fight he will no doubt casue, but much love to smitty i will be in Balitmore to see him one last time!


Just a few thoughts on each game, i really hope we start fast this year and dont get down early! i see us coming out of this stretch 3-1, with detroit being the only snag but who knows at this point, i feel we have a better recieiving core all around tthan last year and the secondary, imo, is a bit better if not on the same level as last year! im really interested to see what Goddfrey can bring to the CB position

#2854364 Lance Stephenson signing and it's big picture impact

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 16 July 2014 - 04:19 PM

Ok understand this it's a simple concept, we actually learn in sports marketing classes in school, marketability draws interest and exposure...we get more nationally televised games because we re good and people want to see cam play....Johnny football hasn't played and nfl snap but is one of the most talked about names in sports, he's marketed his self, you can bet that the browns will be on tv more due to people wanting to see him play and he isn't even the starter yet, pair that with the cavs and Lebron , Cleveland sports will be one of the most talked about and analyzed topics in the next few months, which I garuntee will make it easier for the browns to acquire more FAs....people wanted to see lance play in the playoffs #1 due to his playmaking abilities and #2 his antics, more national exsposure draws more national attention, more fans from other areas, and most importantly makes it a more desirable location for players who want more exsposure....this isn't a football or basketball only topic...it's about the culture of CLT sports as a whole, once again lance isn't a tier 1 superstar but with the exception of maybe al Jefferson he's the biggest name on the roster! Cam is despite what the media might say, a legit superstar! You can expect this to have an impact in coming years!

#2854251 Lance Stephenson signing and it's big picture impact

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 16 July 2014 - 03:05 PM

I know this is the football forum but I think this news and signing has a bigger picture impact than some people may think...The Queen City is an amazing destination but not exactly a large market, with Cam emerging as an icon in a positive light and now a big name NBA player coming to CLT I think this will have a big impact on future FA signings in both sports when we get out of cap hell, and help to make CLT a more desirable location for big name athletes! People want to come play and be surrounded by other big name athletes! Granted this is only the beginning, we haven't even scratched the surface but I feel this is a huge step in the right direction for CLT area sports as a whole! Success breeds success! I for one am excited about the future of both our franchises!!!

#2842755 App problem

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 08 July 2014 - 10:54 AM

I have the app downloaded on my iPhone but I always log in with Facebook online, however the app doesn't give you that option and my Facebook username and password doesn't work...any suggestions?

#2774678 2nd Round Pick Kony Ealy DE

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 09 May 2014 - 09:00 PM

Bottom line Gman is the man for this reason! He sticks to his guns regardless of what we the homer fans think or say! We needed a guy like him in our Front office, someone comfortable being uncomfortable! Get used to it, and learn to love it! Our Dline looks a lot like and is prbly better than both Giants Dlines that Owned the patriots in both superbowls! Gman knows that magic formula well and is implementing it here! Tough physical football but, most I'm importantly being HEALTHY in the playoffs! As If opposing O coordinators weren't scared enough! Keek, TD, and Aj will hardly ever get touched now! Suck it the fug up cry babies! We just got a stud DE!

#2771636 Post your literal photo reaction when the Panthers picked KB.

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 09 May 2014 - 10:31 AM

My genuine reaction at my friends house! I've been saying KB since the title game!!! Just thought there was noooo way we would pull the trigger on him!!!!!

#2762378 Eric Davis: "Draft a big large human being"

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 05 May 2014 - 06:08 PM

I'm in full agreement with ED, I just don't see there being a tackle there at 28 that I would have to have, which is why I honestly will not be surprised at all if we take a CB going by BPA. I'd be stoked if fuller was there idk if that will happen though....either way I'm so ready for Thursday night and all this speculation to be over!

#2762043 Updated the OP - Panthers AT Bucs, Panthers AT Ravens

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 05 May 2014 - 02:03 PM

Haha I wanna go man but I'm so broke. If I do end up going we can room together no homo.

Haha no doubt and I got rid of my tom Brady loving gf sooooooooooooooo it'll make for an interesting trip!!!!

#2762018 Updated the OP - Panthers AT Bucs, Panthers AT Ravens

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 05 May 2014 - 01:42 PM

I wanna go so bad! Please someone pay for me! I'll leave the woman at home!

Dex bro I'm Deff going you gotta come!!!!! Purchasing this by next week!!!!! Letssssss fugggggggginnnnn goooooooo!!!!

#2745064 Playoff Game 1: Charlotte Bobcats @ Miami Heat

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 20 April 2014 - 04:24 PM

Kemba and MKG need to go the rest of the way it's the playoffs

#2726549 Loucheiz Purifoy

Posted by Your GFs favorite huddler on 03 April 2014 - 11:39 PM

I don't know to be honest. Rivera and McDermott are a fan of zone schemes. Zone tends to prevent the big play from transpiring. That said, Purifoy is a good tackler and we could see more man-to-man in the near future. We run hybrid formations anyway. In my honest opinion however, Fuller makes more sense.

Is be happy with either pick honestly I'm all down for taking a solid secondary player early!

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