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Thoughts from game one...

09 January 2014 - 06:15 PM

I re-watched game one against the 49ers, and I picked up on some things that really had me thinking about the divisional match-up.


1.  I hope Chase Blackburn plays up to the level AJ Klein did in the first meeting.  Klein played almost mistake free.  He played fast and stout at the point of attack.  When he dropped into coverage, he didn't get beat once.  It was easy to see because obviously they were game planning to try and expose the rookie.


2.  We really had some big miscues on the o-line by Chandler, and I believe that he has progressed on the basic mental assignments that he struggled with in that game.


3.  There were some crucial drops that stalled some promising drives.


4.  We completely owned Kaepernick.  He looked horrible and the only play they didn't make was the drop by the TE towards the end of the third.  Other than that, we dominated their offense and kept them super uncomfortable.


5.  If we make the plays we didn't(i.e. pass drops, int drops, and routine 0-line blitz pick-up), we will dominate this game. 


Kaepernick is still a one read QB who only excels against terrible defenses.  I am not worried about their gameplan as our defense matches up against their offense better than any defense in the league.  Why would we struggle against Michael Crabtree when we have faced far superior recievers all season?  Analysts should be choosing Carolina!

Godfrey has no place on team next year....

11 November 2013 - 12:29 PM

With the emergence of Mike Mitchell, Robert Lester,  and Quentin Mikell we do not have need for Godfrey and here are the reasons.


1.  At this point in time, there is zero justification for his contract.


2.  Mitchell has blown one obvious assignment this season.  That was the play over the top to Brian Quick in the St. Louis game.  I only list this because the corner kept motioning that he was expecting help over the top.


3.  Lester has made all of the pass plays designed to go right at him this year ala the first pass of the Cardinals game.


4.  MIkell has played exceptional and helped bottle up two great TEs.


5.  You can count on your hand the number of deep completions this entire year.  Now think about the times you remember Godfrey being out of position and see if you can keep it under ten fingers.


6.  Mcdermott talked about how complicated his scheme was and how he hasn't had to scale it back this year with this defense. 


I believe like alot of Hurney's deals, we overpaid for Godfrey and he has not earned his contract.  Most importantly, our defensive resurgence has happened without him and the mistakes are just not there like they were with him on the field.

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