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In Topic: Game Grades - Seahawks at Panthers

10 October 2012 - 07:47 AM

Cam Newton playing like garbage *Lord Bless Him*. Deangelo Williams what are we paying you for???. Johnathan Stewart needs to be our main runningcback. Steve Smith and Brandon Lafell need some help. Why we ain't throwing the ball to greg olsen and we need jeremy shockey back. Ron Rivera go sit down somewhere and for you to be a defensive mind coach you sure is soft. We need a new GM becuase the one we got is either slow or just dumb as hell. Why the hell did we get Mike Tolbert if we ain't gone use him. Stop running with cam a the goal line and give it to Mike Tolbert. Damn use your brain cells. Stop playing soft coverages with our cornerbacks tell them to press a motherfuger. "At time like this its hard to be a panther fans but thats my number 1 team" smh