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#2957247 PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Posted by unicar15 on 16 September 2014 - 09:04 AM

Hardy put himself in a bad situation but at this point it's "he said she said." The primary witness for the prosecution it sounds like is someone making a phone call from a different unit. Holder didn't go to the hospital immediately following the incident and there are no injuries on file (again just what I heard). That said...if the NFL suspends Hardy for something based on ESPN outcry and he is found not guilty by a jury he is going to have a mega lawsuit against them and ESPN for defamation among other things...

ESPN IMO has done a piss poor job of covering both sides of this story. But then again...if you did that you just wouldn't have as juicy a story. I have no clue if Hardy committed a crime or not...that is what is supposed to be determined during a trial. Seems like that is something that society has basically thrown to the side in certain issues.

#2795882 Hurney on ESPN Insiders now

Posted by unicar15 on 21 May 2014 - 03:12 PM

"See, in this league, you need running backs. Lots of them. Make sure you pay them outrageous contracts so your team can be in cap hell for at least four years."

The hilarious thing about this is that Hurney did this...signed in excess, huge contract RBs at a time where 99% of the rest of the league realized RBs were becoming obsolete and dime a dozen. It is the clearest illustration of his incompetence as a team-builder. 

#2755851 Who's the big slider?

Posted by unicar15 on 29 April 2014 - 01:47 PM

We see it every year...not all as high profile as the famous Rodgers drop but they are drops nonetheless.

My prediction is that Ebron drops. Who knows if we pull the trigger but I think he's gonna end up being there if we want him. Who else drops?

#2751411 Captain takes jab at the Panthers and Dwill on twitter

Posted by unicar15 on 25 April 2014 - 12:20 PM

Hope our team is reading all of this. Ridiculous disrespect...especially for Cotchery who had over 1000 yards and 10tds.

#2736858 Trade Up For MIKE EVANS?

Posted by unicar15 on 11 April 2014 - 08:30 PM

Trading up in this draft for a WR is about the dumbest thing you can do. The talent is ridiculous.

#2734096 D-Will in shock over loss of receiving corp

Posted by unicar15 on 10 April 2014 - 09:59 AM

Williams is a tool and with a little luck he'll be gone next year. It shows the lack of competitive spirit that he has with him acting scared before he even takes a snap with these guys. The fact that he said he doesn't feel any pressure despite his feeling that our offense has downgraded is a joke. Most players would say that they see it as an opportunity to rise up and take more of the burden if necessary. Not Deangelo...he has gone from one of my favorite players early in his career to damn near the only Panther I legitimately wish was not on the team.

#2733612 Ed Dickson visiting the Panthers

Posted by unicar15 on 09 April 2014 - 09:03 PM

More big targets for Cam, the better. He needs big targets. I think Dickson's hands issue is overblown. He's been a solid player in the past.

#2721959 Can Byron Bell really play left tackle and Cam survive?

Posted by unicar15 on 31 March 2014 - 08:11 AM

Still love how fans think they know more about evaluating and developing talent that professionals who do this for a living....and one who was very successful at it in NY.

I typically agree...but the right side of our line was a trainwreck last year. Cam is only going to be a better pocket passer if he actually has a pocket to stand in. Unfortunately at this point it looks like we are either going to have Bell or a rookie starting on that side. I don't see any good LTs getting cut before the season.

#2704175 Cotchery to Visit Monday!

Posted by unicar15 on 18 March 2014 - 07:44 AM

A WR corp of Britt, McNutt, Benjamin, Olsen, King would be serviceable IMO. I wouldn't mind that lineup at all.

#2688145 What the Mike Mitchell signing says to the league

Posted by unicar15 on 12 March 2014 - 05:36 PM

Or it says that one very good defensive end is worth more than several solid players at other positions. Not sure if I agree, but I do think that is what Gettleman believes.

The reason our defense was good resulted from the front seven. The secondary is a plug and play unit. Doesn't matter who's there as long as they have some kind of playmaking ability (aka not Haruki Nakamura).

#2685286 the reason behind all of this BS happening is...

Posted by unicar15 on 11 March 2014 - 07:53 PM

Looking for a scape goat. Can't continue to blame Hurney. He didn't cap Hardy at 13 mil and had he not pissed Smitty off, maybe he restructures

Those are both ridiculous points. Hurney royally screwed this franchise with his dumbass contracts. DG is doing what is right...for the first time possibly since their start the panthers are being run by a competent GM.

#2680638 So what now at LT?

Posted by unicar15 on 09 March 2014 - 07:59 PM

If Oher is our starting left tackle we are screwed.

#2680340 Hakeem Nicks: "I can see myself catching passes from Cam Newton" (amo...

Posted by unicar15 on 09 March 2014 - 02:46 PM

I don't see anyone giving him a long-term deal with the talent pool in the draft. Just not gonna happen if he wants to go to a smart, well-run team.

#2679804 Some interesting info on Hakeem Nicks

Posted by unicar15 on 08 March 2014 - 08:13 PM

Please sign him.

#2679290 Panthers Interested In Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks

Posted by unicar15 on 08 March 2014 - 12:49 PM

Decker is going to be overpaid badly...I'll take Nicks on a 1-2 year prove it deal for 3-5 million.

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