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#2798928 Manziel Not Impressing

Posted by mcdougal on 24 May 2014 - 10:49 AM

Yeah, but what you're forgetting is, Seattle's and Francisco's offense is predicated off of their running, NOT THEIR PASSING GAMES. 


So most of the success that those guy will have, is because of the threat of their running games. 


Take Marshall Lynch and Frank Gore off those teams, then see how well those guys will throw when it's a staple of their offense?


Remember, despite what you said. Both Seattle and San Fran ran the ball much more than they threw. They're running teams, not passing ones. 


And it is/was clear, that both Kaepernick and Wilson were spoon fed along their first NFL seasons, by heavily relying on their running games, and utilizing many quick throws to offset their lack of reading defenses and responding to pass rushes. 


Not saying Wilson hasn't progressed and gotten better. He has. However, they're are many things which he doesn't have to carry the burden with in Seattle. Kaepernick's even worse. At least Wilson can scramble and buy time, then hit a receiver (albeit with a circus catch). RG3 and Kaepernick, usually bolts in that type situation. 


Yes, Luck is over rated indeed. However, it's usually the case, 'the more you throw, the worse your percentages are (especially if you're losing big)'. As I stated, it doesn't happen with Kaep and Wilson as much, cause they have cushy run games, offensive lines and defenses to rely on. And how often, were those guys ever behind big in games?


It doesn't matter what their offense are predicated off of. The fact of the matter is both Wilson and Kaepernick...when asked or required to throw the ball more--whether by game plan or in-game circumstances...generally arises to the occasion.


One could argue that their better days are days in which the running attack is LESS featured in their respective offenses.


And Minnesota's offense is predicated off of the running game. It doesn't stop their passing attack, when needed or required or desired, from being mediocre at best.


Young Brady benefited from a solid running attack...didn't stop young Brady from lighting you up when needed or required or desired.



The same argument I had on another board. Everyone predicated that if you took Mike Vick and threw him into an offense (Like Andy Reid's) that Vick would NEVER succeed. Then Vick's second year in Philly happened.


You CANNOT make predictions on what QBs will do (especially young ones) in differing offenses. The BEST we can say is that Wilson and Kaepernick are generally efficient within the confines, boundaries, and limitations of their team's offensive system.


For all we know, you put Wilson in Denver's offense and he throws up 7000 yards and 80 tds.

#2798887 Manziel Not Impressing

Posted by mcdougal on 24 May 2014 - 09:43 AM

Can someone explain to me why Bradford, Gabbert, Ponder, or Tannehill are never talked about as examples of one-read, poor pocket presence, difficulty reading NFL coverages, and other "catch phrases" that the Huddle likes to throw out? (God knows Luck can do no wrong so I won't even bring him up)


Whether you want to talk about RGIII, Kaepernick, or Newton (I guess the only reason Wilson's name doesn't get brought up more often is because he won a Superbowl) ANY ONE of their seasons as PASSERS shows they are more capable than ANY of the prior mentioned QBs.


And it's not just the Huddle it is all over the internet--if someone wants to use an example of young "QB struggling" with mental aspects of the position--95% of the time either RGIII, Kaepernick, or Newton is used--and not say Weeden or even Cousins.


And finally, none of the bias that normally sticks to "running" QBs sticks to Manizel as far as passing. Lord have mercy, look at the profile of Manizel: short, undersized, uses his legs a lot, not particular strong arm, from a completely college spread option offense...AND we had fanbases BEGGING for their team to draft Manizel. When The Golden Calf of Bristol struggled, I never heard anyone (except Stephen A. Smith) suggest that the reason could be partly mental--ie he is not smart enough to understand pro-style concepts, and that he got to the NFL only because of his physical traits. 


I wonder if Braxton Miller has a big year if he will get the Newton/Young treatment or the Manizel/The Golden Calf of Bristol treatment. 

#2781040 We didn't do Cam any favors, and if this is it we're gonna have some...

Posted by mcdougal on 11 May 2014 - 03:29 PM

I think DG is entitled to build the team he see fit. It is his job that is on the line. 


But as I said, DO NOT expect Newton or the offense to carry our team anywhere. This is a defensive team first led by our front 7. We will go as far as they carry us. So on offense, we must not turn over the ball, or otherwise put the defense in a bad spot, and generally get out of the way.


I look forward to another year where our defense ranks in the top 5, and carries us to the post-season.

#2779954 2014 Panthers vs. 2013 Panthers

Posted by mcdougal on 10 May 2014 - 10:28 PM

You would have to be a complete homer not to see the downgrades and unproven players supposedly filling holes.


If I had to bet I wouldn't take us winning more than seven games, not in our division.


I agree in part. There is certainly a lot of homerism going on here.


PEOPLE, for the love of God, we drafted the 5th WR with the 28th pick! To expect him to come in and catch 1000 yards, and 10+ TDs is BEYOND delusional! We have major holes in the OLine, and question marks at WR, and at RB...our QB is often our leading rusher...and we have an OC that most top 25 college programs would not hire in the same position.


This team is all-in on the DLine and defensive. We will make it back to the playoffs with that group having the most production.


I predict our defense will arise to the challenge and we will win more than 7 games...but it won't be because we scored 30 points on the Saints...but because we were able to hold the Saints to 10.

#2768833 General Round 1 Draft Talk

Posted by mcdougal on 08 May 2014 - 09:16 PM

onna be honest i dont want cooks. worried about hit durability and ability to play on the outside. too risky in the 1st


I really want Benjamin. I just don't believe in small WRs especially for Newton.

#2768670 General Round 1 Draft Talk

Posted by mcdougal on 08 May 2014 - 08:56 PM

I really just want someone to take Manziel so they will stop talking about him like he's The Golden Calf of Bristol


That won't stop them from talking about him.

#2763777 Panthers meet with Ryan Shazier

Posted by mcdougal on 06 May 2014 - 04:01 PM

We all should be willing to give DMan the benefit of the doubt. It's his expertise. But tell you one thing...I will be bumping threads like these should we go defense, and then can not score 10 points a game.


Because you know the exact same people talking about how this would be a great pick, will be the first to complain when we fail to throw for 300 yards and put up 30 points.

#2760984 Kelvin Benjamin

Posted by mcdougal on 04 May 2014 - 10:07 AM

I'm curious specifically what these motivational and work ethic issues are.  Are they the same ones that Cam supposedly had?  Are Benjamin's coaches confirming he's regularly tardy and doesn't properly keep up with the playbook and tape study?



As I read yesterday, most draft experts talk themselves into a dizzy, and then everything becomes an echo chamber, and everyone tries to over think the other expert because they want to be the one that called it!


When all this talk about Bridgewater being the No. 1 pick, and how he would have to really bomb during the college season in order to fall out of the top QB spot, I said last year that the media will find a way to bury him even if he had a great season. Well, he had a great season, nothing to indicate their opinion should change yet as of yesterday, Bridgewater's ceiling was as a backup QB, according to some reports. LOL! These are the same experts that claimed that his last game (where I think he put up 400+ yards on UM) proved that he should be the No. 1. No further games have been played-yet now we get a 180 and he is a 4th round prospect.


If we wait long enough, we will hear how Aaron Murray/Zach Mettenberger/David Fales is really the best prospect in the draft-and Clowney shouldn't even be taken before the 3rd round!


Literally a bunch of geeks sitting around trying to out over dramatize each other.

#2758002 Ashley Fox article on Cam Newton

Posted by mcdougal on 01 May 2014 - 10:17 AM

So you're not willing to accept the fact that cam faces a disproportionate amount of criticism from his own fans?

Naturally ever qb of every team gets critiqued and sometimes thrown under the bus by his own fans. It's just way worse with Cam. You really think that cam gets it no worse than any other qb?

People aren't saying cam shouldn't get shredded after losses. He should. People are saying he takes a large amount of unwarranted criticism. The huddle isn't a good place to see that bc in general the mods and community shun people who are too blatant and expose their thoughtless hatred too often. Not everybody who points that out is wrong or is a 'kid with a chip on his shoulder' like you often say.

A significant percentage of Carolina Panthers fans still hate Cam and always will. Your clean cut socially neutered pseudo logic won't change that.

I get it. Your knowledge of football is paramount. ...but your take on social issues could use some field study.

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I will say it again. And this is just ONE example of many.


Cam Newton was criticized for HOW he threw the game winning touchdown pass that secured our playoff spot, and gave us the inside edge for the No. 2 spot and a first round bye.


Not just one outliner Huddler, but a group of Huddlers, that created both Threads AND Posts criticizing Newton--and one particular Huddler even stated that we should bring in a QB next year that would push Newton for the starting job next year (only one poster suggested this).


That week the Huddle was littered Threads regarding Newton's performance and about 1/2 were of the critical nature.



That VERY week, Tannehill and the Dolphins (my second favorite team) lost to BUF in a shutout fashion, and basically ENDED their playoff bid, and there were NO threads on the Dolphins board even mentioning the name "Tannehill."


He can bury his head in the sand all he wants, but I PROMISE you, there will be MORE threads being critical of Cam after he wins, than there will be of MOST QBs after they lose. And I look forward to pointing them out to him as the year progress (hopefully, we win a ton of games so I can show him a ton of examples from all across the NFL)

#2756040 Ashley Fox article on Cam Newton

Posted by mcdougal on 29 April 2014 - 04:10 PM

Know how I can tell you've never been to those boards? :lol:


Bradofrd, Tannehill and Stafford have all been bashed by fans on their own forums (go look; it's not hard to find) but the most ridiculous of those suggestions is that Bear fans never criticize Cutler.  A pretty solid portion of them wanted to keep Josh McCown as the starter last year and this year and were pissed when they didn't.


Every fanbase has people that don't like the QB, including the best of them.  Heck, even Peyton Manning has people ready to dump him for the next guy up after last year's Super Bowl.  This is why you have the old saying "the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team".


It is true that some fanbases have more quarterback critics than others, but I don't see the Panthers having a higher percentage among the bunch, and definitely not the highest.  If you believe that, go to a Cowboy board and start a talk about Tony Romo or look back at prior Jag fan discussions about Blaine Gabbert. 


I pointed out to this board the very week after we had secured a playoff spot, and defeated the Saints, that there were MORE threads criticizing Cam than there were Dolphins thread even MENTIONING Tannehill-after Tannehill played god-awful and cost the Dolphins a playoff spot. The very same week.


In fact, I linked the Dolphins forum, and pointed out---in great detail--that the only critical post I could find was buried in a thread, and thread that was buried on the second page of the forum towards the bottom.


There were NO threads titles which would even hint at being critical of Tannehill. This was the SAME week our QB just threw us into a playoff birth. 


And that is the point. On EVERY single major publication regarding Newton--be it from NBC, CBS, ESPN, Observer you will find PANTHER fans (in addition to fans of other teams) stating how they are Carolina fans..."but Newton is overrated and not a very good QB and it would be a huge mistake to sign him long term" etc.


And that when things are good relatively good...


You honestly don't remember how many thread there were on here the Monday and Tuesday after we won against the Saints talking about how "Newton's touchdown pass wasn't even a good throw" and how moving forward we needed to bring someone in to "push Newton for the starting job"?


And this was right AFTER the biggest win of the season.

#2756024 Ashley Fox article on Cam Newton

Posted by mcdougal on 29 April 2014 - 03:53 PM

Two words, Donald Sterling. Not all panthers fan like the type of QB they have. They can all eat poo and get use to the new norm. Like Charles Barkley eloquently uttered about the NBA(which also applied to the NFL), "this is a black league". Unfortunately the NFL doesn't have people as ballsy and with the cache as Barkley to remind people of that once in a while. They haven't figured that 'great' QB of theirs will most likely be throwing or handing off that ball to someone who belongs in a race that they hate. The NFL and NBA are a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people and they're all welcome to follow another sport.



If true, it is quite a sad state of affairs. I mean if you don't like your team's QB because of his race then why in the world are you still watching and consuming the NFL product?


Isn't there a more appealing sport that you could become a fan of? NFL is something like 70% minority...go be a fan of another sport's league if you hate minorities enough to trash your own team's QB on account of his race.

#2754816 Ashley Fox article on Cam Newton

Posted by mcdougal on 28 April 2014 - 05:29 PM

I hope this idiot isn't one of you:


lol go to a Dolphins board, you will never see one of their fans attempting to throw Tannehill under the Bus, same with the Bears and Cutler, or the Rams and Bradford, or the Lions with Stafford...


But we have PANTHERS fans talking about how overrated Newton is...


BTW, its worst on the Observer.

#2754800 Ashley Fox article on Cam Newton

Posted by mcdougal on 28 April 2014 - 05:20 PM

Every year is a new year that Cam has to "prove himself." Lazy Journalism is lazy.



I've said this before, Newton will NEVER be able to prove himself. If he has 10 games with 100+ QB rating and 1 game of sub-40 QB rating, those that say the needs to "prove himself" will claim: "See, I told you Newton was not a good QB!" And proceed to mention the 40 game above all else.

#2736657 Trade Up For MIKE EVANS?

Posted by mcdougal on 11 April 2014 - 05:40 PM

So if he not a transcendent Calvin Johnson like talent.. why would we trade up for him?  A great deal of his big plays were breakdowns (Manziel doing Manziel things).   Mike Evans excelled in jump ball, block out situations.  However to say he is worth trading up from 28th to inside top 8 for ....you guys can't seriously think he is worth that?  



Put it like this..


Is Mike Evans worth


Lee, OBJ, Cooks, Benjamin (1 of those guys will be there at 28) + possibly a descent LT prospect in the second and a 1st round pick next year?


How can you guys even entertain a thought like this!!!


I am with you about trading away too much. If Evans drops to 15th I would think about it, but trying to get into the top 10 IMO isn't worth it.


If he falls to past like 18th I am definitely doing it. 

#2736653 Trade Up For MIKE EVANS?

Posted by mcdougal on 11 April 2014 - 05:36 PM

Evans benefitted from playing for A&M.



And I could argue that Watkins benefited from playing at Clemson...

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