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In Topic: Why don't we try out Micheal Sam?

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

He actually played very well in preseason, he notched 3 sacks in about 6 quarters of playing time. It's just that the Rams were stacked at DE and the guy he was competing with for the final roster spot graded out as the best DE in the preseason. I said before the season started that he's worth a look but the Panthers are also stacked at DE and don't have room for him either. Now with Hardy and Alexander gone I'd say he's more than worth a spot at least on the practice squad just to see what he can do.

Just thought I would point out that two of Sam's 3 sacks came in last minute garbage time playing against Martin Wallace, a guy the Panthers just signed off the street to the practice squad. It's kind of hilarious, actually.

In Topic: Lester Re-Signed To Practice Squad Along With Former Browns OT Martin Wallace

Yesterday, 11:16 PM

Martin Wallace is the guy who gave up 2 of Michael Sam's 3 sacks this preseason against the Rams. They were both in last minute garbage time. Hail Mary, no threat of run situations. That being said, Wallace looks glacially slow. If you give up consecutive sacks to a player who can't stick to a practice squad, there is a good chance you are terrible.

In Topic: Why don't we try out Micheal Sam?

Yesterday, 07:51 PM

Not to mention the bible thumping owner and military family head coach



If Michael Sam had not come out as gay, no one outside of a few people in SEC land would have even heard of him. He is just another in the incredibly long list of good college players whose skills just do not translate into the NFL. 


I firmly believe the announcement of his sexual orientation was premeditated and a response to his play at the senior bowl as well as a counterbalance to what he and his agent knew were going to be disappointing combine numbers. 


If he truly, as he has said, just wanted to be known as "Michael Sam, football player", why did he need to make his sexual orientation an issue on the eve of the NFL draft???


Everyone knows there are gay players in the NFL and no one really cares, especially coaches and GM's, most of whom would sign Satan if they believed he could play. 


People have used the word "courageous" in reference to Sam.


I think "courageous" would have been to attempt to make a squad on his own athletic merit and then come out as gay. 

In Topic: Why don't we try out Micheal Sam?

Yesterday, 07:13 PM

Michael Sam followed up a disastrous Senior Bowl with an even more disastrous NFL combine. He is small, slow and incredibly weak for a defensive lineman. He can't possibly play linebacker because he is so unathletic.


At the Senior Bowl, he was immediately placed with the linebackers because of his size. He lasted one practice at LB before being sent over to the Defensive Line. That's how bad he was.


if you saw him in preseason, basically every time he lined up against a legitimate NFL player, he was blown out of the play. 


He was a one trick pony college player and that trick probably isn't going to be enough to land him a roster spot in the NFL.



In Topic: Cam was off today

19 October 2014 - 09:33 PM

It took two spectacular catches on screen passes or Newton would have been under 50% completions today.


The problem with the national media is that they can actually see these things on tape. 


No one is blaming Newton for this loss. He was 17 of 31. Lack of consistent accuracy continues to hound him.


After today's game he is going to be around 28th or 29th in the league in completion percentage on the season.


That's just the reality.

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