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#3060418 Fourth and a long one with minutes to go in OT in Cincinnati

Posted by Zaximus on Today, 09:07 AM

There is still no guarantee we score a TD given we convert. If we don't get the fourth down we are 3-6 for sure.


But there are a 99% chance of Bengals marching on us to get their own field goal or TD.  It happened all-game since the first quarter.  Anyone could see that, except Rivera.  The defense doesn't get BETTER in OT than it was in the 1st quarter magically.  You do not kick the FG there.  We just got lucky they missed theirs.

#3060190 Why is Jerry Richardson always sleeping during Panthers games?

Posted by Zaximus on Today, 07:22 AM

He doesn't care.  I can't believe he does.   I'm not even sure he's alive at this point.  Maybe some "Weekend at Bernie's" action going on here, or is he a cardboard cutout with a Bojangles cup sitting beside him?


I think money matters more to him than winning, regardless of what anyone tries to tell me on here.


You want to see an owner that cares?  Watch MJ jump onto the court after a REGULAR season win Wednesday with his players.  


I'm not calling for the dude to pass, I just wish someone else made all the decisions for this team or at least someone running it that held people accountable.

#3059168 It's Over

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 10:26 PM

We need a new coaching staff. We are years from fixing this. So disappointed. This may not change till new ownership.

#3058933 We aren't as good as the Saints

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 10:11 PM

We really have to start begging for rivera. He is bad. Going for the field goal down two touchdowns at the end of the game against brees? I haven't hated a panthers team this much in a long time.

#3055272 Proudiddy's Observations... ITT, Diddy Eats MKG Crow, Heartily

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 02:03 PM

Lance said his favorite things are defense and dishing the rock.   People think just because he has a personality and did some goofy stuff over the years he's one of those selfish guys but in reality one of the LEAST selfish in the NBA.

#3055249 Proudiddy's Observations... ITT, Diddy Eats MKG Crow, Heartily

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 01:49 PM

Big props to MKG/Price.  It shows a lot of determination for a player to work so hard to fix a shot like MKG did.  He put his ego aside and wanted to be better.   


Henderson will be traded, and I'd rather Hairston get those minutes.


Lance only had 7 points but had 13 boards and 8 assists.  That is why he is such a valueable player, even when his offensive is off he can contribute in other ways, such a multi-dimensional player.   Just look at the production we got from our starters.  



#3055146 Terminator: Genisys

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 12:54 PM

I think T2 holds up really well for a movie that is over 20 years old, I still love watching it.

#3054744 Hornets win.... Panthers, you are up

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 07:55 AM

Nice seeing a pro team's owner actually have some emotion during a game.  And a regular season game at that.  

#3054740 MJ's Reaction to the Kembas Shot

Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 07:50 AM

No one can ever deny MJ's desire to win, in everything.  He didn't become an owner to make money, he was already.  I love having an owner that actually wants to win, it's a nice change of pace around here.


Posted by Zaximus on Yesterday, 07:38 AM

Crazy.  Jordan was more excited about a regular season win than Jerry Richardson gets about making the playoffs.  It speaks volumes and you know the players love having their owner courtside with them and celebrating.   I'm not sure a Panthers team comes back from a deficit like that and kudos to the fans for sticking with it, I'm not sure BofA would have kept that many people in the seats.


Welcome home Hornets.  

#3052899 Marvel movie announcement.

Posted by Zaximus on 29 October 2014 - 11:53 AM

Cummberbatch is also the voice of Smaug.


Necromancer too I believe.


I think he's the perfect choice, Marvel doesn't make stupid casting choices.

#3052716 Marvel movie announcement.

Posted by Zaximus on 29 October 2014 - 09:56 AM

Who could play Dr Strange? Who could pull that off? Julian McMahon?



This guy:



#3051416 Marvel movie announcement.

Posted by Zaximus on 28 October 2014 - 02:57 PM

I'm kind of getting super hero movie fatigue. Would like to see more creativity from Hollywood.


Boo this man!



I've waited my whole life to see Black Panther and Doc Strange movies.



I wouldn't mind seeing a Marvel movie every 4 months or so honestly.

#3051223 So... anybody here still think Ron will eventually lead us to a Super Bowl?

Posted by Zaximus on 28 October 2014 - 01:10 PM

Honestly, no.  I really don't think we will as long as Richardson is running the show.  We seem to field the same kind of team year in and year out, play hard 3 and a half quarters then give up the game at the end because we're playing not to lose.  

#3051204 Spiderman Connected to MCU

Posted by Zaximus on 28 October 2014 - 01:03 PM

speaking of the MCU reports are saying Benedict Cumberbatch is close to singing on to play Doctor strange.




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