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In Topic: Miller and Vickerson fined for hits on Cam(None of which were penalized durin...

17 November 2012 - 12:54 PM

Good Luck with that John Fox thing.

Thx I guess having Manning locked up for the next 5 years was a good idea, good luck with that ron rivera thing btw. Seems to be going really smoothly for you guys.

In Topic: Miller and Vickerson fined for hits on Cam(None of which were penalized durin...

17 November 2012 - 12:47 PM

Miller's low tackle was not flagged.

yes it was,
The 15 yard penalty was given to him for a low hit

In Topic: Peyton Manning Sound FX

16 November 2012 - 08:14 PM

just think it's funny that some fan of some other team on some forum out there in donkey land was sitting there fuming about how some team somewhere is saying things about their team.


I am hardly fuming about anything your team and its fans have said about the team I enjoy watching. You get all butt hurt when I come and shed some of my opinions on my team and yours as well. A great example is the von miller/ kevin vickerson thread in which you guys said neither play was called during the game, when clearly they were. At least the other guy I was debating with sheds some of his knowledge and opinions as opposed to being a jagoff about it. Plus its not like I was in here trolling after a win going "scoreboard" and "your team sucks," I actually enjoy watching all teams and felt like debating some people after the garbage that was spread all over the Denver boards by Carolina fans.

In Topic: Peyton Manning Sound FX

16 November 2012 - 08:09 PM

1) Complaining about a late hit is a lot different than asking for suggestions and acting like a child everytime something goes wrong.
2) Your oline is in shambles with its best player out, I was deflecting some of the blame off of Cam due to the lack of talent he has in front of him. I could care less if you brought it up because I did.
3) It shows a clear lack of play calling knowledge and overall lack of common sense if your OC was calling it in that situation. And I would hold out hope for ownership to get a big name guy in here to replace Rivera seeing as how Carolina is not the historic franchise that others are. I dont agree with coaches overlooking it, but I think it will happen because lesser franchises get passed up consistently for jobs with a bigger brand.
4) When on earth did I ever say you should cut Cam? Clearly you dig deeply in order to satisfy your need for childish arguments and assume things rather quickly. Since day 1 in the NFL i have failed to see him turn into a leader of men, I am not saying it won't happen, but there is no proof that he will turn it around. The specials I have seen on him and his pressers don't do him any favors when it comes to looking mentally fragile.
5) Marvin Lewis has always been an average HC in his tenure with the bengals. He was a solid DC with the ravens which is exactly what Rivera was with Chicago and San Diego. He was great when he took that Bears unit to the superbowl and he did wonderful things in San Diego for a few years with his players.
6) Clearly you gm has issues if he is allowing a coach to give that much input into his drafting. A hc already has too much responsibility and every year there are countless examples of coaches given too much power in terms of drafting duties (Shanahan, Holmgren, Fisher) and they continuously fail. If that was the case in Carolina than there is nobody to blame but the gm for lack of a backbone.
7) Who the hell spends that much money in a backfield and expects to win football games? Seriously how can you devote that much money to guys when there are clearly many other needs on a team and justify it?
8) Fox is going to the playoffs this year and the Broncos have a legit superbowl shot over the next few years with the core group of players they have under contract. Maybe winning multiple AFC west titles and potentially superbowls will change your outlook on him as a coach. If your team was allowing him to do co-gm duties while he was coaching maybe that took away from his main job, and in the end there is nobody to blame but ownership for that.

In Topic: Miller and Vickerson fined for hits on Cam(None of which were penalized durin...

16 November 2012 - 06:33 PM

i agree. the only thing worse is a rival fan who hides until his team wins and then registers to talk poo about the "delusional homers".

You should head over to the Bronco forum where about 30 of your buddies made the worst predictions of all time and failed to show up after the game like a man. And never have I once made fun of the beatdown we put on last weekend, as I believe every team goes through years of rebuilding and the NFL is always in a state of flux. I have only posted things that were either A) wrong information about the broncos or B) reasons why I think your team is not in a great place and C) how over the top people continue to defend Cam when some of the blame should be shouldered by him. I could be immature like many of your fans though and just troll with the "scoreboard" card but I would really not enjoy going down that road.