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Bigger Problem: Offense or Defense?

20 November 2012 - 06:20 AM

Which of the two do you guys think is the bigger problem for us this season? I know that there isn't really much to say for either sides of the ball here, but I would have to go with the offense being our weakest point right now. As bad as our defense as been at closing out games this season, i think our offense is worse. Not only is our running game virtually non existing, but it also doesn't intimidate anyone. Without our running game we are just airing it out half that time, and aside from smith we have yet to really solidify a number 2 WR (not saying LaFell can't step up).

I just think that as bad as our defense has played in closing moments of the game, they have kept us in plenty of games, it is our offense that seems to choke whenever they need to pull a win. They can't convert when it matters, cant run when it matters, cant catch when it matters. The defense can't hold off a team forever when they are constantly going back after our offense keeps getting 3 and outs.

Just wanted to see what everyone else thought, Feel free to share.