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In Topic: The reset button needs to be hit in 2015

Yesterday, 05:58 PM

This OP is aids.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 05:01 PM

the domestic abuse thing has very little/nothing to do with my feelings on whether or not hardy should have been tagged.

i don't think it was the right call because that was way too much money being spent on one position and i felt from the beginning that it would come back to bite us in the ass more than letting him go would. hardy and johnson take up 21% of the total cap and 50% of cap used on the defense.

adding to that, he has an overly risky lifeztyle that he refuses to get under control that the organization has to be getting tired of and it was only a matter of time before it bit him in the ass. i mean the guy has a right to live how he wants, but the panthers don't have to be pying for it. there's several things that he had done which would have resulted in a firing from many corporations, but we were going to give him $15mil for another year of it. granted the chances of us signing him to a long term deal were virtually nil i think largely because of those two reasons, but i stillthink the hard but better decision would have been to let him walk and improve at least the OL.

If the rice video never leaks he plays and gets paid the 13 he earned as a top pro bowl de.

Only looks worse than it actually was because he has to sit of some trumped up media bs.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

We tagged hardy before his legal troubles and before post ray rice NFL. If that video never leaked hardy would have been playing the whole season. Don't blame dg for that. It was the right move at the time.

Everyone loves to look back and say they were calling for one thing when that move only looks good now because of poo that happened which no one could foresee happening

In Topic: Conservatives Aren't Funny Ex # 289371972389173

30 September 2014 - 09:17 PM

OP makes point, conservative posters immediately swoop in and confirm it

it's funny when women we don't like get old so we can make fun of them

Lol you're right liberal shills are totes the funniest ever!! Lmao rofl jajajajaja

In Topic: Top 4 reasons for current losing streak

30 September 2014 - 03:23 PM

I would like to see more quick short passes to help the fact we have no run game. We need to see show philly/avant quick slants to get us away from having 3rd and long options. Make the offense more up tempo. We saw cam kill it in a faster paced offense against Detroit. I think that would go along way to make up for the poor oline play

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