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In Topic: Far-right extremists have killed more people in the United States than Muslim...

Yesterday, 11:17 PM

9/11 was right wing terrorism, too.

So al Qaeda wasn't behind 9/11? Because that's what they are trying to contrast here

In Topic: white nationalist domestic terrorist kills 3 in kansas

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

gs is actually a pretty huge narcissist. it explains a lot

I tend to think the opposite. I think he hates himself which explains a lot

In Topic: Brandin Cooks Surprises His Mom

Yesterday, 08:08 PM

Don't worry, this kid can afford to take care of Mom. He's going to be very very good.

Hasn't played a down of nfl football yet. Let's hold off on that

In Topic: Cyrus Kouandjio revisted

Yesterday, 04:37 PM

Both Martin and Cyrus played LT in college and both project as RT's at best in the Pros. Martin is not a road grader but a "technician" type guy. Same thing was said about Kalil.

I just don't think there is a LT starter for us unless we are picking top 10.

Bell will be the starting LT even if we take a later round guy who will have to develop.

If Martin(short arms) or Cyrus(questionable knees), can play RT, according to our coaches, then we might pull the trigger.

I still have the hope, more now than ever, that the QBs are not going fast and furious at the top of the first and there could be opportunities for a trade down to a Jacksonville or Houston at the bottom of the first. Hoping that anyway.

I still go back to how the NY Giants drafted over the last 12 seasons. Only like 3 or 4 OLineman total were drafted in all those years in the first 3 rounds, so they were not big on taking big guys early. They were big on WR's and DB's.
Who knows if we will follow that path.

Uh I've seen a bunch of places that both can be starting LTs and I have especially seen Moses being said he can start day one as LT not sure where you are getting your info from

In Topic: Your Vote for Young "Break-Out" Panther Player of the Year

Yesterday, 12:08 AM

I think Melvin white makes huge strides in his second season

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