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In Topic: Julio Jones - the problem child

Today, 04:42 PM

Gordon, Evans, Patterson? In Norman's window of excellence they haven't been that impressive.

Sunday will be it. Not sure there is a WR hotter in the game. That will show of the recent hype is deserved....at least how I view things.

And yeah, that INT was sick.

Gordon and Evans.

Also Norman is great in run support. We honestly havent played much good competition if you really look at it. This Sunday with Julio will be his biggest test. Jj is on a tear right now

In Topic: Julio Jones - the problem child

Today, 04:07 PM

Big difference.

I said I couldn't remember him playing.

Other stance was he started and shutdown Megatron all game.

Reality was he didn't start and played 22% of the snaps. I'd say my misremembering was much closer to what occured.

Norman hype would mean more if he did it against better competiton....and had shown consistancy.

He has done it against dysfunctional....not upper echelon.

Julio has now entered a zone where despite playing for Atl.....if Norman cools him off then THAT will be something

Agreed on the last part. Norman is coming into his own there is no denying that. But the dysfunction you are talking about doesn't apply because those receivers were stil producing against competition. We just need to see more from him. It's not a bad thing to be excited about how he's played. That pick yesterday was one of the best I've ever seen.

In Topic: At stake: NFC South Title/ Playoffs vs Top 10 draft pick

Today, 10:42 AM

If we win the superbowl a la Giants style CRA will say it doesn't count we got lucky

In Topic: 2015 schedule: Seattle would be playing in Charlotte AGAIN (if season ended t...

Today, 10:09 AM

i'm already afraid of odell next year

In Topic: Kony Ealy Development

Today, 10:05 AM



kony sack at 1:20

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