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Today, 11:37 AM

dont see this happening

In Topic: Censored news: Black women kills 12yo white boy with torch...

Today, 01:53 AM

This reminds me of the time Mr. TD went on a rant about injustice after claiming he was charged for a sweet tea refill because he was white.


wait killerkat is mr. td?

In Topic: Censored news: Black women kills 12yo white boy with torch...

Today, 01:25 AM

My reply to the charge that the Ferguson movement was because of the race of the cop and victim:



Let that marinate. People would bring up black on white crime during the Zimmerman trial, asking "Where the outrage is for this case, black people/ liberal media!?" ad nauseum. I guess it's time for round two.


It did not occur to them that when black people are even suspected of a crime, we are locked up and the book is thrown at us, you can look up any statistic you want. When whites do the same, they are given the benefit of the doubt and will get let off or pay less of a price. Especially if you are police. We knew that the investigation would be a farce because we've seen it before a million times. Police corruption has even been documented within the same department in Ferguson before.


Black folk are not mad at white people because of a crime committed, it's not that simple. If people actually believed justice stood a chance then there would just be friends and family mourning him instead of rallies. But we actually know how it goes.


personal anecdote:


this is an asheville project in 2008: This was just a WALK THROUGH



"Why do they need a semi-auto assault rifle? As one pig put it, 'it's my peace maker.'"





The local DA Ron Moore was elected and served for over 24 years in Asheville and two judges were indicted a couple of weeks ago for:


Ronald Moore, District Attorney, 28th Judicial District, Asheville:
5 Counts, Giving False Information to federal investigators
10Counts, Conspiracy to Violate and Violations of Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act
5 Counts, Violation of 18 USC § 1346 by Scheme or Artifice to Defraud
2 Counts, Violation of 18 USC § 242, Deprivation of Civil Rights Under Color of Law

Julie Matthiessen Kepple, a Buncombe County District Court Judge:
2 Counts, Lying to Federal Investigators
2 Counts, Obstruction of Justice, Violation of Honest Services Obligation of Public Officials,
  by spoliation, destruction, and/or removal of evidence from official court files
5 Counts, Subornation and Conspiracy to Suborn Perjury in a Court of Law, Buncombe County

Samuel A. Cathey, a Statesville, NC District Court Judge:
5 Counts, Lying to Federal Investigators
2 Counts, Alteration and/or Forgery of Official Court Documents
2 Counts, Violation of 18 United States Code § 242, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law



A co-worker of mine grew up in those projects after moving from DC. He told me about Ron Moore getting indicted and told me of the unbelievable sentences that were handed out to black people for first time drug offenses compared to other white people he knew. They threw the fuging book at these people.


Come to find out this guy was as corrupt as they come as evident by the charges. This is in a TINY city comparatively speaking. Imagine what is going on elsewhere.


is this what you were talking about with censored news KK?

In Topic: Censored news: Black women kills 12yo white boy with torch...

Today, 12:49 AM

^ dont forget satanism in sandy hook





OP is a fuging idiot to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In Topic: Censored news: Black women kills 12yo white boy with torch...

Today, 12:43 AM

lmfao so fuging stupid

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