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#3100598 Emperor Obama?

Posted by TheRumGone on Yesterday, 02:32 AM

good god this guy ^ cannot have a fully formed brain

#3100515 When hating Rivera, remember this...

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 11:53 PM

trust me it would seem a lot worse publicly if we were the redskins or dallas.



it's really fuging bad here

#3099900 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 01:46 PM

You go into a seaosn with Godfrey and a rookie competing for a starting nickel job.....and that is asking for trouble. Especially early on. Means unless your rookie comes out ballin and stud healthy.....you are destined to suck

Yes, all kinds of "deals" are made in the NFL. From moving in drafts, adding unspectacular players from other teams that are sitting bc of great depth, etc. Look at more teams, it happens.

I think Dave has to earn his hype. Said it day 1. He hasn't earned our confidence yet. I don't think that is crazy. What he did to his QB this year(if you assume he believes Cam is part of the big picture).....is enough to doubt him

Year 1 created a lot of hype for sure and I think rightfully so. Dave kept saying we are cap challenged and there will be growing pains but a lot of ppl didn't listen, myself included. Dave has never lied.

Could they have shaken things up a bit? Possibly signed some ps tackles, ps safeties, traded up in the draft? Maybe. It's all a crapshoot though. He has done fairly well in the draft and in two years he has signed some cheap talent that has played well.

Regarding cam, one year of poo shouldn't cloud your judgement on what he is trying to do for cam long term. It's cliche but you can blame hurney for that. This team needs an influx of talent. Hurney spent big money on positions that don't matter and overpayed on positions that do. I mean what is it 30% of our total cap is on players that aren't on the team anymore? Add in the rb money and you can see where were at financially and why some things were not options for us.

I don't believe a GM would come out and say yes he is the franchise, then strip away weapons and protections and then say welp he sucks not gonna pay him. That is borderline conspiracy theory.

We will see how this all plays out but I'm not gonna damn the man who inherited one of the worst cap situations in sports history and isn't trying to make it worse for the long term. I'll give him another year or two before I really decide because big decisions will be made this offseason. I think hardy is the ultimate reason we suck so bad. Everything was tied to the dline because of his first draft and hurney getting two baller DE's. Dave dodged a massive mistake by not signing him long term and just looking at him as a bridge.

I think you are being premature in saying he wants the Giants inconsistent model and a new qb

#3099840 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 12:35 PM

There are 32 teams, 32 practice squads, a draft, etc.

It isn't as simple as go back to a FA list and name someone. There are rosters all over this league with better backups than our starters. All kinds of deals can be made.

So naming someone just off a dated FA list.....pretty much ignores tons of options

I never liked the Dave move. Still don't. I still think his goal is to burn it down and build an inconstant NYG team. Which is mainly relying on a front 4 and his new QB. Talk is cheap....what he has done in his brief time for Newton speaks


and its also not as simple as saying 32 teams 32 practice squads and a draft.


you are all over the place. you say there's a draft to fix some needs but we drafted a nickel and say "we can't go in with a rookie and godfrey"


and no not all kinds of deals can be made.


but i know i wont change your mind and you think what you think. so have at it.

#3099832 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 12:24 PM

He looked great vs what was the worst starting nickel play in the NFL which was Godfrey (not just hate but true). Bene also didn't face the offenses Godfrey did. You go into the season....with a rookie and Godfrey as your nickel CBs competing. Regardless of how Bene turned out that is a weak plan in todays NFL

Nothing suggests much of a long term plan. I'd like to hear what long term plan we are doing. What we did to our OL, WRs and secondary doesn't show much vision. Hurney card doesn't hold that much weight with me.....doesn't excuse Dave.

Dave IMO is drastically overrated. He got oddly lucky with 3 cheap FA pickups and I think he bought into him being some genius. Dave's plan.....don't know what this. Looks to me like he wants to watch it all burn to the ground and built some clone of the NYG and long term I don't think that is ideal


who are these players we should have signed and where is the money


the cap is real.


please name players. but i've heard you before (thats not my job) well if you are gonna have this argument that he should have signed better players, you need to be able to name them. if not, your argument fails.


in a way he is burning this thing to the ground. hardy was a bridge that collapsed because of his court case for this year. we are a team in transition.


he's gonna decide who our core is, hand out contracts, draft, free up cap space and sign players to deals when space is free. it's not possible right now. you will see core players walk because we don't have the money to sign them.


i don't overrate dave, i just understand what is going on. he's trying to give us the biggest/longest window with our core players.

#3099693 A cap expert gives a little analysis on our RBs among other things (via Person)

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 11:06 AM

Ace it's like you think the more you post the same thing over and over it will somehow become factual.

#3099635 Got a raise that I have been negotiating on for a while...may buy a Jeep

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 10:43 AM

the first car i bought was a 2001 jeep my junior year of high school. rocked that bitch, grill guard, light guards, badass roof rack, 2 12 inch subs with a 100 watt amp and traveled all over the country with it and camped out in it a ton. 200k miles at the end, thing was a champ.


just upgraded to the subie world. i still miss the poo out of that jeep. best car evaaaaaa

#3099630 where the hell did googoodan go?

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 10:38 AM

kurb's still posting.


he is about done with the panthers though :-(


and psc is gone which i like and don't like at the same time

#3099621 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 10:27 AM

Signing players to multi-year deals does not mean they are back loaded. You can front load them, or back load them, or make the cap hit equal throughout the length of the contract.


Let's say there is a guy you really want. His agent says he won't sign for less than $12 million guaranteed, and he expects at least an additional $2 million per year average in base salary. If it's a 2 year deal that is spread equally, the cap charge per year is $7 million. If it's 3 years, the cap charge is $6 million. If it's 4 years, it's $5 million. If he's a good player, a guy you think is a fit in your system, paying $5 or $6 million a year is fair and workable.


Where Hurney fuged up was he both paid people too much, and at least in the case of Stewart, he heavily backloaded the deal. Without looking up the numbers, Stewart got something like $25 million in guaranteed money, but it wasn't all paid out when the deal was signed. Something like $9 million was signing bonus, but the rest of the guaranteed money hit in later years. So if you cut him in the early years of the deal, you still owe him the rest of the guaranteed money. If you want to see the firm numbers, you can check out a site like Spotrack.


You can also front load a deal if you are in a position to do so (we aren't right now). In that case, you pay the signing bonus up front, and make the salary higher in the early years of the deal and less in the later years.


So my original point was we could have used that $13 million spent on Hardy differently. Would 1 Hardy have a greater impact than say 3 decent players at other positions? Hard to say, but certainly debatable. Of course, you only go that route if you have players you like and feel they fit your system.


Just for the record, a guy like Anthony Collins carries a cap charge of $6 million per year. He may not be playing well in Tampa's scheme and he may not have for us either. The only reason I mention him is people see he signed a $30 million dollar deal and instantly think we could not have afforded him or any other player signing in that ballpark, and that's just not true.


it's still 15 million guaranteed money for a marginal at best player. Long term it wouldn't be beneficial to us.


I think the main thing here is what players on the market this past offseason should we have looked at long-term that fit into our long term goals? I don't know, i didn't see many. Could we or should we have resigned mitchell, munnerlyn and ginn?


Hurney's main problem was that he gave those contracts to a position group that you can get similar production out of lesser talent/cheaper cost.


I think some people look at hardy with 20/20 vision even if they don't mean to. Hardy is a top DE. he is a top talent in the entire league. That front 7 was arguable one of the best in the history of the NFL in 2013. Even Hardy said something along the lines of you take one of us out, the rest will suffer.


I honestly think the tag on Hardy was used because DG didn't see the talent in the market that was worth the price, the franchise desperately needed back to back winning seasons to heal some fans/players/organizations hearts, and it wouldn't fug us over long-term.


You could tell in the presser with DG when hardy was placed on the commissioners list that it was over. he knew it. Right now I think we will see Cam get locked up long term so that 15 million cap hit next year will be lessened. We will have removed a massive chunk of dead money off the books and we will start seeing some more breathing room to lock up Luke. My hope is there will be some decently priced talent this coming offseason, we hit very well in the draft and we can Mike Shula at the very least (hopefully Ron too).


#3099604 A cap expert gives a little analysis on our RBs among other things (via Person)

Posted by TheRumGone on 21 November 2014 - 10:10 AM

And knowing all that he rented Hardy for 13 million on a rebuilding year?

Oh my god dude. Guess how much money we owe hardy next year?

#3099345 current longest losing streak in the NFL!

Posted by TheRumGone on 20 November 2014 - 11:57 PM

Carr gonna be good

#3099337 Check out this movie - Coherence

Posted by TheRumGone on 20 November 2014 - 11:47 PM

Is this on Netflix

#3099257 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 20 November 2014 - 10:53 PM

I've seen this argument on here before and it's not really correct.

If they were all 1 year deals, then yes, we could have truly only spent $13 million. But there's nothing saying we can't sign guys to 2, 3, 4 or 5 year deals if they are players we want. That same $13 million goes a long way with multi-year deals.

And before everyone starts screaming "Yeah, that's what Hurney did and look what that got us", the problem wasn't signing people to multi-years deals. It was signing the wrong people and/or overpaying them.

Gettleman's strength is supposed to be scouting and player evaluation. If he doesn't have confidence enough to sign anyone to a multi-year deal then we're in trouble.

I don't think that's the problem. I think he's trying get all the dead cap removed from the team to sign his drafted players long term including cam and luke. From my understanding of your post you're meaning backload the contracts? We signed some players to two year deals but with very little gauranteed money. If you look at the market this year there were not a lot of quality players to sign that fit into that long term plan. Talent doesn't grow on trees and affordable talent that doesn't fug us in the future either. Collins is a name that gets thrown out a lot for OT. Bucs just paid him 15 million gauranteed and he sucks. Mikel was a top five safety the year before we signed him to that cheap deal. There was not talent at that price this year.

I would like to know names of players people were interested in that could got with out long term goals. Not because derp you're an idiot but because I lack knowledge of those players.

I think dg saw hardy as a bridge. Massive talent that could help mask a weak secondary. Which is cost saving in and of itself and also because the market didn't privide us with what we were looking for. Hardy would have allowed us to stay competitive. I truly believe that.

Offensive side I would like to know line players that wouldn't lock us in long term and were better options. The tackles that I saw were getting outrageous gauranteed money for completely average to below average players.

#3099000 Who to blame for Panthers' last ranked D

Posted by TheRumGone on 20 November 2014 - 07:09 PM


Even with Hardy....he downgraded too much. Even a dominant pass rush needs a certain level of consistent play behind it.

Who are some of the players you had in mind that would take the one year/two/three year deals adding up to 13 million in gauranteed money?

I'm just curious because I didn't see a top 5 safety like mikel that was cheap like last year. Corners are a wash from last year.

#3098650 Greg Olsen on first take tomorrow

Posted by TheRumGone on 20 November 2014 - 01:40 PM

well that was less PC then i thought.


greg is doing gods work

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