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#2584285 Chiefs/Colts Game Thread

Posted by TheRumGone on 04 January 2014 - 05:28 PM

oh how stupid was that trade now lol


and alex smith is a better qb than kaep by far.



#2583544 1st Round TE?

Posted by TheRumGone on 04 January 2014 - 03:22 AM

if we don't draft Cam weapons in either the first or second round im going to be fuging livid. The defense is elite. Time to get Cam some help.

#2582844 get ready for the ric flair Whoooo! during the game next week...

Posted by TheRumGone on 03 January 2014 - 05:22 PM

rayzor beat ya too it buddy.


but hell fugin yea

#2580860 Icon Entertainer and MEGA dangerous Cam has a Defense.oh ohh

Posted by TheRumGone on 02 January 2014 - 02:57 PM

this fuging poster makes no sense 60% of the time every time.

#2580534 Offense and O-line meetings sneak peek per Panthers.com

Posted by TheRumGone on 02 January 2014 - 11:37 AM

Some pretty cool stuff about Shula and John Matsko meetings before the ATL game.


Offense (qbs, tes, wrs):


CHARLOTTE – It's Thursday morning prior to the Panthers' division-clinching 21-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula holds a meeting for the quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends.

The team meeting room is spacious, but with only a few position groups in attendance, the players cluster in the front few rows. Head coach Ron Rivera sits in the middle of the last row.

Shula begins promptly at 9 a.m.

"We have a lot to prove," he says. "Let's close this thing out in the passing game."

In Week 16 against the New Orleans Saints, Carolina found it difficult to move the ball for the majority of the game. They went 0-for-9 on third downs. But with 55 seconds left in the game and no timeouts, the Panthers drove 65 yards in 32 seconds as wide receiver

Domenik Hixonicon-article-link.gif hauled in the game-winning, 14-yard touchdown.

Still, the third-down difficulties have the coaches' and players' attention this week, and third downs are a primary focus in this 37-minute meeting.

(The Panthers convert 7-of-15 third downs against the Falcons.)

When Shula meets with the media, he typically speaks softly and slowly. He's very relaxed and takes his time when answering questions.

But in the offensive meeting, Shula dramatically accelerates his pace. At times, it's like he doesn't even stop for a breath.

A slide flashes on the projector screen outlining the third-down coverages the Falcons typically use by distance. It's broken down into four parts: 2-to-4 yards, 5-to-7, 8-to-10 and 11-plus.

Shula then begins some film study and highlights third down and red zone plays that have worked against Atlanta.

Clips of the Falcons defense against Buffalo, Washington, New England and San Francisco are shown.

"Be ready to make tough catches against pressure," Shula says as the clips play. "Strong hands."

Shula occasionally asks the room to answer questions based on the looks they see on screen.

He discusses a play that is in this week's game plan– one that was used with success in the first meeting against Atlanta. But this time, Shula is changing the formation the play will run out of.

"We don't want to show them the same thing."

There was a lot of talk in the preseason about simplifying the offensive terminology, but still, some of the plays include as many as 10 code words.

Shula calls up a red zone play that he may use again. He believes wide receiver Brandon LaFellicon-article-link.gif's route will work as well as it did the last time, even though the ball didn't come his way.

"You were open on that," Shula says to LaFell. "Cam just decided to run that sucker in."

Shula looks at quarterback Cam Newtonicon-article-link.gif and talks with him about his progressions against a Falcons defense that consistently blitzes.

"Be quick with it Cam," Shula says.

Newton sits just in front of quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey, who leans in with some advice throughout the meeting.

Shula then has a specific message for the room: ball security.

In the first game against Atlanta, cornerback Asante Samuel stripped the ball away from LaFell at the tail end of a 23-yard gain early in the fourth quarter. The ball took a fortuitous bounce right into the hands of LaFell.

"They are going to try to strip it," Shula says. "They'll hold you up, and somebody else will try."

"Got to protect the football."

(Shula was disappointed to be proven right. At the end of Carolina's longest play of the game – a 56-yard swing pass to running back DeAngelo Williamsicon-article-link.gif – Falcons cornerback Robert Alford caught up with Williams and stripped the ball from behind. This time, the ball bounced into the hands of Atlanta cornerback Marcus Trufant.)

Toward the end of the meeting, Shula shows clips of successful passing plays against the Falcons' zone. The key to success on all of them is protection.

"There are big holes in the zone if we get these things picked up," he says.

(On what proved to be the game-winning touchdown in the third quarter, the Panthers exploited the Falcons' zone despite the fact they dropped eight into coverage. Newton had plenty of time to survey the field, and Greg Olsenicon-article-link.gif found a soft spot in the coverage over the middle. Newton fired a laser to the tight end for a 7-yard score.)


And O-line (kalil is a beast)


It's Friday morning prior to the regular season finale, and the Panthers' offensive line is getting ready for its position meeting.

This meeting room is a sight to behold. The rookies in the group are tasked with decorating the room for the holidays, and there are Christmas lights spread from wall to wall. There is also an elaborate coffee-making station in the back corner, complete with a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

The comforts of coffee and Christmas lights provide a stark contrast to the intense dialogue that takes place in this room.

Offensive line coach John Matsko – a man with 22 years of NFL coaching experience – sits in the back left corner of the room. Assistant offensive line coach Ray Brown is seated behind him.

With installation complete, this meeting is essentially a film review, and Matsko uses run plays from the Week 9 game against Atlanta exclusively.

"How did we do on power? Got to do better," Matsko says. "Have to sustain our blocks, men."

Each player on the unit gets critiqued. Matsko's assessments are blunt. He addresses hand placement, head placement and makes note of how effectively pullers adjusted to gap penetration.

Then he highlights center

Ryan Kalilicon-article-link.gif – a team captain who is selected to his fourth Pro Bowl later in the day.

On the first play, Kalil pancakes a Falcons defensive lineman.

"That's how we've got to play," Matsko says. "Just like that."

On the next play, Kalil reaches the second level but falls to the ground. He still manages to execute a block from his knees.

"That's want-to," Matsko says. "Blocking a guy on his knees. That's an All-Pro."

The attention shifts to right tackle Byron Bellicon-article-link.gif next. A pile of players forms after a run up the middle, and Matsko highlights Bell, who arrives at the pile and drives a Falcon into the ground.

"We need this," Matsko says as he points to the screen. "Get away now!"

The linemen laugh. That's a play they thoroughly enjoy watching.

Matsko then asks Bell to grade a block by left tackle Jordan Grossicon-article-link.gif. It's an isolated pinch block on the edge.

"B," Bell says.

"B?" Matsko replies. "That's an A. That's how you've got to play."

After some more film review, Matsko pauses and asks the players for their analysis of what they just watched.

"What did we see, Chris Scotticon-article-link.gif?"

"What did we see, Travelle (Wharton)?"

"What did we see, Geoff (Hangartner)?"

Hangartner offers a quick response.

"Kalil does some stuff that amazes me," he says.

The room fills with laughter, and Hangartner gets ribbed for being so complimentary. But everyone in the room agrees, especially after what they have just seen on film.

Then Matsko asks Gross – a five-time team captain and the leader of this tight-knit offensive line – what he sees. His response sums up the meeting well.

"Effort shows up on film," Gross replies. "That's not technique. That's a choice."

Matsko nods and offers a final remark before dismissing the players.

"It's in here, men. It's in this room," Matsko says. "Doesn't matter what the scoreboard says, we have to play to our level every snap.

"We'll know on Monday. It's in here if you want it bad enough."





#2580451 Great NFL AM Interview w/ Olsen

Posted by TheRumGone on 02 January 2014 - 10:33 AM

pretty much said the outside criticisms of Cam were flat out wrong. emphatically said he was the same guy he was when he first came here. And that people like to nitpick because of the kind of guy Cam is and the level of success he had previously. said Cam has not changed in the way he prepares, his leadership qualities and being a teammate.


said he loved playing for lovie smith.  Sad to see him in this division because he's a good coach but was excited about the opportunity to play against him 2 times a year.


said the something is happening in charlotte, a lot of buzz about this team. said this organization is top notch. players get treated professionally but also really well.


said he thought chud deserved more time in cleveland since it looked like they were setting up for the future this year.

#2579309 Hardy says he wouldn't mind franchise tag

Posted by TheRumGone on 01 January 2014 - 01:47 PM

this is going to be a crazy offseason

#2577979 McDermott to interview for Redskins HC this weekend...

Posted by TheRumGone on 31 December 2013 - 03:30 PM

how is it that I can already know which posters are going to overreact to this kind of news?


oh yea because they overreact about EVERYTHING.


this is literally nothing. I'm concerned that McDermott  won't be here next year though. that is the only concerning thing about these HC interviews.

#2576717 Guess what coveted WR by some Huddlers didn't have a TD catch in 2013

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 10:38 PM

so has his price tag dropped significantly because of this year?


#2576141 Greg Hardy vs. Steve Smith

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 05:19 PM

I hope we draft a stud playmaking elite WR next year who spends his time off field dissecting plush toys.


i laughed hard.

#2575694 Greg Hardy 15 Sacks

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 02:06 PM

what i love most about Hardy is he gives praise to everybody around him before himself even with his crazy proclamations before the season.


and did anybody else notice going around to every defensive player on the sidelines after that big stop?

#2575652 My dad's new good luck charm

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 01:50 PM

dude i got the same one for christmas!

#2575627 williams thanks white

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 01:43 PM

game-changing play.


rookie udfa wow.

#2575619 Not Allowed on the Bandwagon

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 01:41 PM

i really don't give a fug.


the more the merrier. and the more fans that sell out BOA. lets get this franchise fan base moving from generation to generation. built this bitch up from the bottom. we here now.


just think most of us were here from the beginning or close to it.


















































but that adam schein guy can suck it.

#2575590 Next year our division will not be a cake walk...

Posted by TheRumGone on 30 December 2013 - 01:33 PM

i can see the falcons being the bottom dwellers for a few years.


those lines need major upgrades. could miss in the draft and their salary cap isn't great with the matty melt signing.

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