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#2905652 Caption this Dex

Posted by BigBoss on 23 August 2014 - 05:21 PM

The ladies call me Danny 4 O's... And it has nothing to do with the alphabet...



#2904532 Should Bersin Start?

Posted by BigBoss on 22 August 2014 - 10:55 PM

If we can allow Haurki Nakumura to start for us, then I don't think it would hurt to let Bersin get some serious burn for a game or two.

#2904289 shula

Posted by BigBoss on 22 August 2014 - 09:44 PM

He helped Carolina have a 13-3 record as first year offensive coordinator of the panthers.

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#2903511 Official Panthers - Patriots Gameday Thread

Posted by BigBoss on 22 August 2014 - 07:53 PM

Lol seriously though, whens the last time we saw Jerrico catch something from Cam or anybody?

#2896857 There is one player I wish we had from KC

Posted by BigBoss on 18 August 2014 - 12:46 PM

I'm actually a big KC fan also and love a lot of the players they have on defense (Poe, Johnson, Berry). But if I could only take one player and add him, besides berry??



De'anthony Thomas. Good grief that boy has some speed huh? How nice would it be to have him returning our punts AND kickoffs?




Not too much speed for Brandon Williams tho I will add :)

#2888045 Panthers Training Camp - Final Thoughts

Posted by BigBoss on 12 August 2014 - 04:21 PM

Bit of a fluff piece honestly. That said, an effort was made to be present at every single camp session, capture pictures, learn about the team and share some of what was seen with others who did not make that same effort. Thank you for taking the time to do all of these, they were enjoyed, even if I'm a bit caucus towards your work at times. You honestly do a great job for your site.

#2887105 What are you most EXCITED for this season?!

Posted by BigBoss on 11 August 2014 - 09:47 PM

Our DT's, Kelvin and Cam. Luke also and hopefully plenty of AJ klein. That's what I'm excited for because I believe those will be very good for us.

#2883238 Pre-season Game 1: Winners and Losers

Posted by BigBoss on 08 August 2014 - 11:52 PM

A mixed bag for me. I'll start with the good.


Derek Anderson. No he was not the second coming of Steve Young. But, had a very efficient drive, sowed smart passes and managed the game well for a back up. He moved the chains with his feet, showing some good pocket awareness and keeping the drives alive, made good use of his tight ends, and gave the put the rookie in a position to look good (though I admit Kelvin did the hard part for sure!). We all know he's the back up and if Cam were to go down for a game or two, LORD IN HEAVEN FORBID, Derek showed he can at least manage the game well like a VET should. Nice to have that behind our superstar. For comparison, check Ryan Mallet's performance in place of Timmy Brady. Be thankful for Derek.


Kelvin Benji. We expected beast, we were told beast, we saw a beast. I really can't say much, because that touchdown really said it all. I'll just add thank you David for giving this weapon to Cam. I'm harsh on David, but I'll dish credit to him when he deserves it, and he chose wisely with Kelvin it would seem.


Tight Ends. What was there to not like about our tight butts, errr Tight ends? They were tough in blocking, sticking their faces into pads, they showed some sure hands and hey, we even had our favorite little (lol) project catch a TD. Every good offense needs efficient Tight ends. 


Pass blocking. Seemed alright from the first squad... emphasis on the first squad. A lot better than what we saw from last years Bills game.... ugh that nightmare.

KK Short. If you didn't already love this guy from last year, your a sorry panther fan I'm not sorry to say. Recap of last season; He was second on the team for QB pressures.... as a back up DT. He was a menace again tonight and no he didn't pick up the stats, but if you have two eyes, you know very well he was disrupting the Bills offense. After Fua and Mcclain failures, I can still remember just getting straight gashed in the run game. So Dave did well to draft two DT'S in a row. I know Star is the, well, star DT on the team. But I really believe Short is JUST as good and I simply love having him on our squad. EXCELLENT pick by David and I think he'll be even better this year. Great motor for a DT.


Chase Blackburn. We ask Chase to do a lot of things, sometimes things a lot guys with his talent would probably prefer not to do, but he shuts his mouth and puts the team first. He sticks his face into a pile, gets after ball carrier and works hard in coverage. Oh and he tries hard to help AJ in his coverage game, knowing that AJ will probably, sooner if not later take his spot. Our team is blessed to have Chase.


Now for the bad.


The running game. All of it. Our RB's picked up a GIGANTIC 29 yards on the ground today, including Mr. Barner he averaged 1 yard per carry. Look out San Fran, we've gotten better since our last play off game!!! Don't worry, I place plenty of this blame on the O-line. They were awful in the run tonight, getting very little push, if not completely beaten. Though our RB's did not help them much I would say, really it was 60-40 deal in my book. I'm a big believer in if you have a good enough line, even crappy RB's can look good, but not vice versa. I know D-will and stewy didn't play, but do we truly believe we'd have 60-70 more yards rushing if they had? Stewy would need 2 carries to be stuck on a bike for another year. A lot of work needed, and I don't know if it's gonna get right this season. Heaven help Cam.


The pass defense. I almost put the whole defense, because the rush d wasn't a shining star either honestly, but I'll let it slide for now because we held them for 4 straight downs. That said, EJ manuel looked pretty good against us today and had a lot of clean passes Thad Lewis wasn't horrible either. I thought Josh was just okay, I'm not gonna give him a complete pass, but not gonna ignore his effort either, but all in all here is the bottom line - We've gotta face a lot better QB's than EJ Manuel this season and they will get more than a quarter to go hard on us. We've got to be better. There was concern for this portion of our defense coming into this year and it still seems like one to me. We've still got 3 weeks left, so let's see.


Second string O-line: Lord help us, Zod was being generous in his reviews of this bunch for training camp. I'm not much on Training camp reviews usually because meh, so Zods comments on these things are usually w/e to me.... but the man was on the money on this one. Just as he was on money for Kelvin, he's also on money on this bunch. O-lines VERY rarely stay completely healthy for 16 games... so brace yourselves boys... and more importantly brace yourself Cam. Your move David G.


Matt Blanchard. I'm not gonna slam the kid at all. Look , he was a well known long shot and his best hope was practice squad, not even third string, so if you had expectations tonight for even slightly decent, stop it. This kid was interviewed and excited for his chance and just wanted to good tonight. That didn't happen. I know it's fun to put guys like him on the firing squad and treat him like Jimmy C, but this kid tried his best and just wants to make his dream come true. I will not defend his performance in anyway, but let's not act like we suppose to expect great things ever. I'm just say, let's not kick the little guy when he's already down. He'll likely be cut and may never get signed again. Not an easy pill to swallow.

All in all. Just a preseason game, and I think we all wish our man Cam could play, but what the hey!

#2882517 1st half impressions

Posted by BigBoss on 08 August 2014 - 08:37 PM

Yeah our Run game looks every bit as bad as it was last year... and it was horrible. I just have a hard time believing there wasn't a O-lineman in the second round that could not have been at least as good as what we already have on our team.

#2882215 The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

Posted by BigBoss on 08 August 2014 - 07:27 PM

I really, really love KK short. I love having him on our squad, so good.

#2879931 August 7 TC Wrap Up Tweets

Posted by BigBoss on 07 August 2014 - 10:28 AM

Psh, I've waited long enough, I wanna see Cam play!! I'll take one drive.

#2876605 Name one small tweak to make the game even better

Posted by BigBoss on 04 August 2014 - 05:47 PM

Remove the 5 yard limit for Pass Interference, it's unreal how the passing game as exploded in the last ten years thanks to that abomination of a rule.



Horse collar removed, I'm sorry but it's a freak injury, and that happens in our game.

#2856796 Panthers Training Camp Tips

Posted by BigBoss on 18 July 2014 - 11:20 AM

My advice. If you want an autograph, and you paid gas money to get there, do want you can to get one. Don't hit the children, but just remember, what did they sacrifice to get an autograph? You are older and will die sooner, therefore need to allowed these simple pleasures sooner than later so you can have some semblance of happiness to make up for all those hard hours you have worked through out the week (kids are on summer vacation, what work?) When I was 11, I had to tough my way next to some adults and I didn't complain, nor did they and we both got stuff signed.


Don't get me wrong, nothing against kids, I hope all end up getting some autographs. But why should they get it over you? Because their kids? psh. You've been standing out there in that blistering heat also, everybody deserves fair shot.

- Sincerely, somebody who is impartial

#2856246 Ranking the NFC South QBs

Posted by BigBoss on 17 July 2014 - 10:16 PM

lol no. I can tolerate people saying scum bag poo pees being better than Cam, even if I hate it, I'm at least honest.



But Ratt Myan is NOT better than Cam. He is more accurate and I will admit that. But cam has a stronger arm, far more athletic body and shall I state the obvious? 100% better mobile QB. The highlights of the run game last year? Our quarterback. The highlights of our passing game last year? Our quarterback?


The highlights of Falcons run game last year? Not Fatt Ryan, because they ranked 32nd and it can't possibly be that bad again this year. The highlights of Falcons Pass game last year? Occasionally Fatt Myan, but really the highlight was the revelation that without Julio paired with Roddy and Gonzo, he isn't half as good as he was and him losing his HOF safety valve TE so he still will not be as good.

Could you imagine if Cam had Gonzo, Roddy AND Julio? I'd dare say he'd look rather decent.

#2854419 Hornets sign Lance Stephenson to 3yr/27m contract.

Posted by BigBoss on 16 July 2014 - 05:01 PM

Wow what a great addition. Take a hike PJ, we have our wing! We might win a playoff game or two now! :) So cool!

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