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SI.COM redrafts first round - 4 panther rookies selected

20 January 2015 - 02:04 PM





I think that's a pretty big complemint to Dave G and our team that four of our rookies were considered worth drafting in the first after this season. You could make a great case that one could be a second rounder.



This isn't any perfect meter for the future or anything, but it's nice to see that our talented rookies are noticed.

So what is the expectation next year, NFCC game?

16 January 2015 - 04:32 PM

So what should we or even what do you expect the team to be next year? What do you think is reasonable?


I have to think absolutely playoffs, I mean we did finish with a losing record, so at least something like 10-6?



Playoff wise, it is time for the team to take the next step.

Duke VS wisky

04 December 2014 - 01:50 PM

Well, duke just went into their house and picked up a win.


Tyus Jones simply commands the game and solid contributions from many others led to a convincing win.


Wisky is a great team and boy they got some serious height.



We did our part in the ACC/BIG 10 challenge, how about UNC and State? Oh....

What kind of pie have you eaten today

27 November 2014 - 02:55 PM

Obviously as much free pie as you can get in this topic btw.

I had pumpkin pie and chocolate!!!

Go panthers!!

Duke in Coaches vs Cancer

23 November 2014 - 08:56 PM

Some tough games against temple and Stanford. Temple was pretty tough on defense and played us hard.


Pretty satisfied with our defense for the entire game. But most of all didn't shoot the three well nor shot in the post well, but still got convincing win. Nice to know we can still get the wins without shots falling.