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#2125865 After watching the Super Bowl, what position do we need to have most to win?

Posted by MDPanthersFan on 05 February 2013 - 03:00 PM

They had comparable stats to our WR in the regular season. And the only major difference is Both teams had better OLines, Better Running, and Better defense. This is my point their WR aren't that much better then our's. What took them over us is better Play calling, Better Oline and Better defense not WR talent.

You obviously dont watch many of the Raven's games... being that I live in the Bmore area, I have seen ALOT of Raven's games and their Oline was not that good until McKinney came in... not quite sure how their Oline was so much better than ours in the grand scheme of things... towards the end of the Ravens season, they were doing better, but not throughout... and their playcalling was terrible (just as our's was) under Cameron, hence why he got fired... just watch the end of the Ravens/Eagles game and tell me that was good playcalling...

As for WR comparisons...

Boldin = Smitty
T.Smith = Olsen
Pitta = LaFell
Rice = Murphy & J.Stew
J.Jones = Tolbert & D.Will

There is a good difference in the 4th and 5th spot within the Receiving numbers; if their receivers aren't that much better, than why does it take 2 of ours to equal their 4th and 5th? Not to mention, our TE should not be #2 on our receiving list, stats wise... that is what a #2 WR is supposed to be, just as the Ravens have... the actual stat number shouldnt matter as much as the position and where they fall... its sad if Cam's second read is our TE and not the 3rd (or checkdown) in most cases...

As for running the ball, why did the Panthers end up with more yards on the ground and a better YPC than the Ravens if they were the better running team? As I said, they didn't run the ball that well when you compare us and them

#2125555 After watching the Super Bowl, what position do we need to have most to win?

Posted by MDPanthersFan on 05 February 2013 - 09:31 AM

Coverage Corners, for how good the 49ers front 7 is, their corners were a liability and got abused all night long. We got a good front 7, but we lack playmakers in the secondary badly.

Both teams secondary looked terrible... Bmore's best Corner has been out most of the year, while there other 1st Rounder (Jimmy Smith) was benched... they have been playing with two relative unknowns in Graham and Williams. The 9ers were playing with some unknown and journeymen corners.

Neither had highly touted Corners.

The play of the Safeties wasn't all that good either.

With the way the league is going, moving towards passing-first with multiple receiver sets, high-drafted CBs are going to become less and less of value IMO. The reason I say that is because no matter how good the CB is, they can only cover for so long; their play is directly related to the pressure made up front. So if that isn't consistent, why spend a top pick on a CB rather than on a later round guy who can manage just as well? Norman, Thomas and Munn all did well (enough) as the season went on, when our pass rush was at our best.

So with all that said, a top-tier WR would go a long way. The more playmaking receivers you have on the field, the better the percentage will be that the offense will move the ball. All things aside, look at the teams who went to the Conference championships; they all have more than two receiving threats on the field. The panthers really only have 2 of them, those being Smitty and Olsen (LaFell is coming along, but probably won't quite get to the "playmaker" status).

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