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Say Hardy walks...

17 January 2014 - 01:03 PM

I want him to stay. He's good, crazy, and has an attitude that defenses cant have enough of. But… I just don't know how we can plan to pay him, Cam, and Luke in the future, and still have to fill like 20 spots? What I'm getting at is this. Getty loves "hog maulies" and I figure him to go after O-line early in the draft. By not signing hardy would we have enough cap to sign the likes of a Eric Decker if he was to hit the market? What kind of money would he cost? Couldn't be as bad as Hardy… I haven't seen much said about Decker. Its just so hard to get it right with WR in the draft. 

So what in the hell do I think of this team?

23 September 2013 - 07:08 AM

I was at the game, I saw that beautiful sight. I had forgotten that feeling. But how should I take it? Was that ass whooping we laid on Eli what we are capable of? Are the giants terrible? Did the football gods hear our screams? wtf? Yes we should of won the last two games but how many times have we said that? It usually just doesn't happen. Im sure some of you will take this as complaining but when you're so used to Sundays being a day of heart break and you witness what looks like a team that can do no wrong ( - that int) it's kind of just unbelievable. Oh I'm thrilled with that win. It brings hope back. I just hope it's not false hope. But... Good grief it was awesome to watch

Keep Pounding, bitches