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Round 2 big board

30 April 2015 - 10:53 PM


What does your round 2 big board look like?

Who do you hope we get at 57?

Hey Mr. Carter...tell me where you've been

22 January 2015 - 04:25 PM

Nice article on duron carter. I know is been said we haven't offered him anything but we still might have a chance.


Mike Wallace anyone

16 January 2015 - 03:59 PM

A lot of talk that he might be released. Signed a huge contract so he would still be getting paid quite a bit to play for another team. This could make him accept a lesser deal from another team like us. I know he quit on the dolphins a few times but was probably frustrated with Ryan tannehill. With his head on straight he is exactly what we need. Him and Cam could be magical

Mike Wallace | MIA

(January 16, 2015 3:00 PM EST)

Speaking Friday, owner Stephen Ross admitted Mike Wallace's Dolphins future is in doubt.

"I don't think anyone really knows," was Ross' exact response. Signed to a five-year, $60 million deal in March 2013, Wallace has averaged just 896 yards as a Dolphin, and reportedly quit on the team multiple times in 2014. He's due $9.85 million for 2015, $3 million of which is guaranteed. Due $32.7 million over the next three seasons, Wallace is untradeable. Releasing him would create $5.2 million in dead money.



Hornets vs Magic game thread

21 November 2014 - 08:39 PM

Come on man. How is there not a game thread? Have we giving up on this team already? So sad

The IamSoClutch "double dip" Mock Draft

17 November 2014 - 06:45 PM

At this point we are picking 8th. Honestly I would prefer to lose out this season, get a top 4 pick and trade it for a boatload of picks to a QB needy team. However I believe that idea is a long shot. The tie will hurt us in draft order to teams who finish with the same win-loss record as us. This Mock is not what i think Gettlemen would do but what I think needs to happen.


My strategy with this mock revolves around us extending Cam and him being the QB of our future.  In my eyes Cam struggles have to do with the lack of talent surrounding him. With this offensive line its almost impossible to set his feet. He may want to but is forced to be on the move, escaping the many falling olinemen flying towards him. I remember people wanting to upgrade Byron Bell in Mock drafts when we had Jordan Gross. Once we lost Gross i knew we were in for a terrible year at O-line and Cam along with the run game would suffer from it. Without a strong O-line we cant play Panther football which is run the ball, control the clock, set up play action, and keep the defense fresh and off the field with long drives. To do this we need to focus on the trenches. If were going to invest Big money in Cam over the next 5 years. we must invest him with affordable offensive talent over the next 4. I believe we should buy defense in FA and draft offense.


Free Agency


Defensive line has to the the number one position addressed in FA. The FA olinemen just don't look that good and to me going younger seems to be a smarter option. Many believe Hardy is done here and with our owner i can understand why. However he might want to stay if he cant get the big money elsewhere due to his guilty verdict. We have all seen the importance of having a dominant d-line and I want to have that again. There's no way we can cut CJ. He's our best DE and is receiving more attention due to the lack of DE on the other side of the line. I believe in Ealy but it takes time for DE's to become complete. It even took Hardy 3 years to become the factor he is today. The only other option I see to get a potentially dominant DE next to CJ is Jason Pierre Paul. He like Hardy my also have to take a "prove it" type of deal due to his injury history and lack of stats. He may accept the contract that Gettlemen offered Hardy. In any case despite injury concerns i feel JPP is our best shot to regain our dominant front seven. JPP, Short, Star, CJ and Ealy in rotation is a young and dominant line. If Ealy continues progress we can cut CJ next year and slide him right in to replacement giving us a strong d-line with an average age of 24.


Hopefully we can find some impact players for the secondary postions like we did in the 2013 FA.




1st Pick: Andrus Peat. Stanford




Love this Guy. 6ft 7in 315 pounds. Incredibly nimble and has great balance to be such a big dude. Very Great upside and come from a running team at Stanford. Here's our Left Tackle of the future.


                       * Amari Cooper- I would not be made if he was the pick. He would solidify our WR corps. The Big 3 of KB,

                                                 Cooper, and Olsen would be amazing. I just feel having cooper with having the time to get

                                                 him the ball would limit his  impact.



2nd Pick: Cameron Erving. Florida St




Thats right we double dip. Erving projects better as a RT and is no doubt better than Chandler. He is known for opening up run lanes which is exactly what is team needs. Him next to a stronger Trai Turner next year and we should be moving opponents defensive lines right out the way. Need refinement on pass protecting but better than anything we currently have.

Peat, Norwell, Kalil, Turner, Erving looks damn good to me. Also makes KB happy to have his championship buddy back on the same team.


3rd: Todd Gurley




That's right baby. Sometimes injuries can be a blessing in disguise. Gurley is a Eastern North Carolina born player which is where I'm from. He is what this team needs at the running back position. Forget a combination of Stewart, Dwill, Tolbert. This gives us a monster every down back behind our new assembly Oline. Gurley is without a doubt a top 10 talent but the way the running back position has been treated its hard to see any back go that high anymore. This injury puts him in attainable postion that we just couldnt pass on in the 3rd round. I honestly don't see him making it out the bottom of the 2nd and would be will to trade one of our complementary picks to make sure we get him. You will complain about his injury but i would take injured Gurley over any running back we have.


4th and beyond can go defensive BPA for now



* also mad i couldn't post pictures of players. Kept saying "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." Any help on this would be pied


Thanks for reading