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#2106630 What would be your reaction if Chud does better than Rivera next season?

Posted by 1bigdawg on 20 January 2013 - 05:19 PM

Just because a staff is notable doesn't necessarily make it the perfect combonation. They have an unproven QB, an unstable line, unproven running game, bad receivers, no tight end for Chud to have fun with right now. And that's just the offense. Needless to say, they're still the Browns.

I came on to read the different thoughts on chud since he was your O.C. and now our head coach. I seen this post and laughed and had to respond.
So when you say unstable line do you mean the one that sent 2 to the pro bowl 2 yeras ago, with center alex mack, and perenial probowler left tackle joe thomas? Plus schwartz that we drafted last year to sure up the R.T. spot. Btw I just looked up the best O-lines in the nfl and cleveland is 5th. We do need a gaurd too sure up the interior, but o line is not our problem. D line while not full of house hold names that is fine also. LB is a different story and i would give you that we need OLB, CB, and a passing down edge rusher.
I would take richardson over any RB on your roster in a heartbeat. The guy played with fractured ribs nearly all season missed all of training camp and still almost had 1000 yds. Has D.Williams lived up to the 40+ million contract yet?

I like what cleveland has for WR also. Gordon went through a stint in 2011 with the dropsies but turned that around this year. And Gordon who didnt even play football in 2011 looked very good all year. So with another year to gel and weeds getting away from the dreaded predictable Shurmer WCO, and having chud and turner I can see a big turn around this year for those guys.

Lets look at your cap space while Claytons numbers are said to be rough he has you almost 12 million in the red. not sure who you guys have for F.A. to sign, but cuts will be made. Steve Smith is set to make 6.25 million this year and turning 34 this spring do you keep him or Trade him while he still has value or cut him? (i would trade him). Or what about De. Williams? Is he going to live up to that 8.2million this year or get benched again for stewart? So i wouldnt be looking at Carolina making any big FA moves or signings.
Now the browns are set at 2nd best in cap space with over 48 million to spend and the only notable FA are cribbs and he may be back. He hasnt steped up in the wr position and may be too expensive to be soley a special team player after the new kickoff rules. And Dawson will be back. They are not going to find anyone that is money like he is.While I hope they don't go over board on FA there are some names that I would like to see the browns snag.
So is it out of the question that the browns will have a better record than Carolina while playing in a tougher division than you? I can see it.