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7 Round BPA Depth Chart

29 April 2015 - 03:33 PM

With less than 30 hours left until the NFL draft, here is one of my final posts regarding the draft. Mocks get boring, so here is a depth chart of who I would like to see selected in each round. Now before anyone gets upset because Player A is better than Player B, I'd like to say that I'm ranking these players by how big of an impact I believe they will have on the Panthers. NOT their overall talent. Secondly, I've left out many players that I do not believe will be there when we pick. Also, I realize Jake Fisher will most likely be gone by the time we are on the clock.... I'm holding out hope though.
Round 1
1. Shaq Thompson LB 
2. Landon Collins SS 
3. Ereck Flowers OT/OG 
4. Andrus Peat OT 
5. Melvin Gordon RB 
6. Byron Jones CB
7. Eddie Goldman DT 
8. Devin Smith WR 
9. DJ Humphries OT 
10. Kevin Johnson CB 
Round 2
1. Jake Fisher OT 
2. Jaelen Strong WR
3. Cedric Ogbuehi OT 
4. Donovan Smith OT 
5. Ameer Abdullah RB
Round 3
1. Chris Conley WR 
2. Tre Jackson OG 
3. Duke Johnson RB 
4. Tre McBride WR
5. Jacoby Glenn CB 
Round 4
1. Justin Hardy WR 
2. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB 
3. Jeff Huerman TE 
4. Tyler Lockett WR 
5. Ty Sambrailo OT 
Round 5
1. Jamil Douglas 
2. Nick Marshall CB/SS/QB 
3. James Sample SS
4. Andy Gallik C 
5. Za'Darius Smith DE 
Round 6
1. Derron Smith S 
2. Louis Trinca-Pasat DT 
3. Damian Swann CB 
4. Rob Crisp OT 
5. Corey Crawford DE
Round 7
1. Ray Drew DE 
2. Junior Salt OG 
3. Austin Hill WR 
4. Jordan Richards SS 
5. Brock Hekking LB 

Cam Nootin

24 April 2015 - 01:36 PM





Sir Purr needs your help 2.0 *Championship Round*

07 April 2015 - 01:58 PM

It's down to Sir Purr and Jaxson De Ville for greatest mascot of all time. Sir Purr currently has a near 100 vote lead at 3353 to 3258. Voting closes at 8 PM EST so there isn't much time left. All you have to do is have a twitter account and favorite this tweet.



Sir Purr needs your help!

05 April 2015 - 05:29 PM

Sir Purr is heated battle for greatest mascot of all time with Bernie Brewer. With only an hour and a half left both mascots are tied at 963 votes each. Milwaukee forums and social media hubs are trying their best to win this battle, so I figured this would be the perfect time for us to show some social media dominance like we did in the greatest uniform of all time fan vote. Sir Purr's official twitter page has been trying to spread this across Panther Nation, but apparently doesn't fully understand how it works.


All you have to do is favorite to vote for Sir Purr.





My Ultimate BPA Pipe-Dream 1-5 Round Mock Draft

30 March 2015 - 02:09 PM

I'm sure that you ladies and gentleman have been anxiously awaiting my mock, so here it is..  -_-



First Round: Todd Gurley, RB for Georgia 


Why draft Todd Gurley? The better question is why wouldn't we? I don't believe Peat or Collins will be there at #25 so this makes Gurley a need and BPA. When I see Todd Gurley play, I see a running back that has the abilities of both DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combined. (I expect to receive hate for this next statement, but..) Gurley's size, speed and athleticism makes me feel like he's the Cam Newton of running backs. Over the past two drafts the Panthers have drafted my favorite college athlete (Lotulelei, Benjamin) so hopefully I will be lucky enough to see my favorite athlete in this years draft play for the Panthers. 


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Rare blend of speed and power. Immense power in legs and shows balance through contact. Shreds arm tackles and has speed to house it. Very hard to tackle on an angle. Professional, decisive runner. Presses line of scrimmage to set up his cut-back runs. Gets downhill with knee bend and forward lean, staying small through the hole. Uses quick, tight steps to second level. Will sink and explode into tackler or side-step and jet, causing hesitation in downhill safeties with their approach. Converts "speed to power" between tackles and around corner. Rarely looks to run out of bounds and finishes his runs. Able to factor out of the backfield with soft hands and ability to adjust to throws. In 2014, churned out an amazing 61.9 percent of his rushing yardage after contact. Strong hands and carries ball tight to his body. Only three fumbles in 510 carries."




Second Round: Jake Fisher, OT for Oregon 

Looking for a Left Tackle not named Peat or Collins who can come in and compete with Michael Oher for the starting spot? This is the guy. Fisher has most of the attributes you look for in a starting caliber LT, including great footwork and the ability to use all of his 6'6 frame to his advantage. Fishers biggest concern is that he is one of the most penalized tackles in the draft. It's imperative we continue to bulk up the line because Newton will never grow as a Quarterback if he doesn't have a dependable offensive line.


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Former tight end who moves easily and naturally. Good initial quickness to reach cross-face blocks. Finisher in zone game. Can sustain blocks with proper hip roll and balance through contact. Keeps base wide and uses choppy, controlled steps in pass sets. Mirrors well and has feet to shut down stunts inside. Well-timed and effortless transition from initial block to second-level assignment. Adjusts with good change of direction. Fights back with resolution after losing a rep to defender. Understands how to create leverage advantages with angles and footwork."


Third Round: Phillip Dorsett, WR for Miami

I hear Dorsett described as a "one trick pony" Well, it's one helluva trick. Dorsett has the speed to blow the top off of any defense in the NFL. He ran a 4.33 in the combine and many speculate that he can run much faster. We need a speed receiver, cam needs weapons. It's a perfect fit.


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Takes the top off the defense and throws it in the trash. Elite explosiveness. Gets to top speed quickly and is a seamless glider on crossing routes, leaving man-to-man defenses in his wake. Can work outside and from the slot. Elevates and attacks contested catches. Outstanding body control and can adjust to the ball in mid-air. Mind-boggling big-play production with half of his catches going for 25-plus yards in 2014. More than just a vertical-only receiver and has the blazing feet and stop-start to beat zone coverage for big plays."


Fourth Round: Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, CB for Oregon

Ekpre-Olomu was widely viewed as having first round talent, until suffering a knee injury before the college football playoffs. Ekpre-Olomu is one of those players that could be devastating behind our front 7. He will undoubtedly get consideration from us as he falls into the later rounds.


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Very fluid mover. He can transition like his hips are on a swivel and he has the foot quickness in tight spaces to match. Instinctive and alert. Will transition from man or zone coverage and become a willing tackler against crossing routes that enter his side of the field. Not a robotic defender -- adjusts on the fly as plays unfold. Uses the boundary effectively. Doesn't shy away from tackling. Competitive and won't prematurely open up out of fear. Tracks the ball effectively and has plus ball skills. Mentally tough and twitchy. Playmaking tendencies. Aggressive for size in press coverage. Has experience outside and in the slot."


Another tidbit: "He's tough and has ball skills. He's just being asked to go play right now but he'll get the right technique work in our league and watch how good he becomes then. He's going to be great." -- AFC South area scout"


Fifth Round: Jamil Douglas, OG for Arizona State

Douglas is a big strong guard that will help fortify the offensive line. Watched all of his tape that I could find on youtube and liked what I saw. Could easily be one of Gettleman's late round diamond in the rough prospects.


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Athletic build with desired flexibility throughout lower body. Has recovery quickness to catch delayed blitzers and twists. Flashes promising quick-set that he will use to take early lead in protection. Can pull, turn corner and find targets. Effective blocker in screen game with ability to adjust to moving targets in space. Can punch and reset hands quickly to counter a spin move. Has bend and hips to win leverage battle early in the snap."


Fifth Round: Justin Hardy, WR for East Carolina


No reason to write anything about Justin Hardy because 95% of the forum has been debating him day and night for the past 4 months. We are all familiar. 


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Instinctive. Works back to the football and adjusts well to inaccurate passes. Good length for his height. Hand-catcher with above-average hand size. Smooth hips to weave and make tacklers miss on crossing routes. Aggressive demeanor on the field. Nasty blocker looking to dominate his foe. More than 70 percent of his catches as a senior went for first downs."


Fifth Round: Nick Marshall, CB/SS/QB/ST



This is definitely a headscratcher, but this pick actually makes a great deal of sense if you think about it. Marshall moved from QB to CB for the combine and is projected to play as  a Safety in the league. He possesses elite athleticism that allows him to play a number of positions. Worst case scenario, we blow a late 5th rounder on a guy who plays special teams that can fill in as emergency depth at multiple positions. When you factor in that Gettleman and Rivera love players that play multiple positions, it makes sense... Or maybe I just want to see you guys debate the thought of it.


NFL.com Draft Analysis: "Has desired size and frame for cornerback position. Played cornerback at Georgia and appeared in 13 games there in 2011. Has quick feet and is able to change direction quickly. Shows ability to plant and drive forward out of backpedal. Not a banger, but showed a willingness to hit and finish in Senior Bowl. Background as quarterback could benefit his defensive awareness and football intelligence. Strong competitive drive and showed confidence in his abilities in big games."


As for the last two picks? I wouldn't mind seeing us take a backup center.


Will update my mock a day or two before the draft as new info keeps pouring in.