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Full Ray Rice footage was available to the NFL in April.

10 September 2014 - 04:20 PM

Breaking news!

The NFL received a copy of the full Ray Rice footage in April!

10 September 2014 - 04:17 PM

This was brought up immediately by Mortensen on NFL Live (waning minutes of the show). Ruh-Roh, Goodell!


Kelvin Benjamin gifs

23 August 2014 - 01:23 AM

Post them freaking here!!! Come on men! I had to work. Where the hell are the gifs??? I need to see him beat Revis like a drum.

Interesting Development or Nothing (Saying Goodbye update)

09 June 2014 - 12:58 PM

To those who read my thread 'Saying Goodbye', I'm in need of minuscule advice.

I did not go with the golden necklace for my co-worker after all. I just gave her chocolate, a gift card and the Hallmark card (2-3 paragraphs of personal sentiments). She responded genuinely in great spirits as we parted ways at the end of the day.

About an hour later, she sent me a text stating how much she adored the card and suggested that we must have lunch together before she moves. She also expressed that she wants to drop by at my new workplace and say hello.

I didn't think much of it but apparently my brother and his buddy believe that this is not normal behavior and that she might have an interest in me despite having a boyfriend (who lives 3-4 hours away). I, of course, think otherwise.

So might dumb and dumber have a point? Or is this just guy talk/theories?

Saying Goodbye

29 May 2014 - 09:35 PM

I'm not a touchy-feely kind of guy (never have been; never will be) but next Thursday will mark an end to a job I've come to enjoy these past nine months. When I first arrived, I treated it like any other job but I've bonded with a few co-workers and much to my surprise I've become attached to my surroundings. This has never happened to me. We all realize after Thursday we'll probably never see each other again but it's a tough pill to swallow. We've basically become a family (seeing and talking to each other five days a week will do that).

My favorite co-worker is moving to another county to pursue college aspirations of her own. I'm going to miss her the most. I have already bought her a farewell/congrats gift package (chocolate, golden necklace, gift card, and hallmark card) despite only having limited conversations. That said, she's always flashed me a great smile everyday and referred to me as her 'favorite' there. I doubt there's anything romantic beneath the surface (especially since she's been in a long-term relationship) but I'm genuinely going to miss her. Any more suggestions to make the farewell more memorable?

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